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After I drove through Nelson, I was ripping along the highway and noticed an old farmhouse. I’m not sure how I noticed it, but the area was so different, I just had to stop. I spent 90% of my time taking photos of the farmhouse, and on the way back, I saw this tree. It stood solitary and wonderful; I had to grab a shot.

  • Ali

    Great shot, Trey! I really like the composition. Out of curiosity, how long did it take you to develop ‘the eye’ for a well-composed photo? I’m slowly improving, but it seems to be a lot more fail than success.

  • Thanks! Did you know that I grew up blind in one eye? I think this is part of the reason… I’ve always naturally composed things.

  • One part I love about this are the pointy trees in the background. And the way the clouds point down towards the center. And the forward shadow. The blue and gold with green accents. The folds in the hills. It is similar but different than the landscapes I grew up with in Northern California. More sky. And the tree is of course grand.

  • rakhmindyarto

    hey trey, you shoot in 5 different exposure or not? I mean is it a HDR picture or one shot picture?

  • I love your processing but the real strength in many of your photographs is the composition. It is getting easier for me to process photos and get the look that i want but the composition is what really comes only with experience and practice and natural ability. Always a pleasure to check your posts before turning in… this one takes a simple, albeit beautiful scene, and transforms it into a real work of art.

  • I like the natural look of the clouds – I missed the point with clouds when I started processing HDR and something I always try to keep realistic now.

  • fantastic shot! i agree with andy the clouds are mint

  • I reckon the best part is the light from the sun shinning down on the tree – like its super special or got some divine properties.. Wouldn’t mind sitting under the tree myself…

  • Oh yeah Ben – great light is what makes HDR so cool!

  • Great composition of that photo!

    I can’t wait to see the farmhouse photos (please) because that is right up my alley when it comes to a photography subject.

  • Thanks very much. It is a simple photo, but it came out well.

  • This looks so beautiful. Very nicely done. I love this. thanks

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photo, Trey!!! Just plain beautiful! Is Nelson out here somewhere. Looks like a big old cottonwood tree. Lovely, thanks for sharing!!

  • Gail in Montana

    LOL, I see it was in New Zealand. Amazing how other parts of the world look so much like places here!!!

  • Michele

    Gail: it’s a Macrocarpa tree – Cupressus Macrocarpa, to give it its full name. A native of Monterey, California, but found in large quantities in New Zealand. ;.)

  • Richard (Oldhickory)

    This is an especially great one today. With the sun that high, I might not have even bothered to try for a shot, but this really works. Excellent!

  • Fantastic shot Trey! You really captured the scene well. The lighting and details are amazing!

  • casusan

    Oh wow! This is beautiful Trey – the clouds and the sky are fantastic with that great tree!

  • You always found the right tree to make the photo interesting….

  • AWESOME!! How are you getting such amazing blue pop with those perfectly white clouds. In other words what are you using in post processing to add that to your sky’s?

  • Trees make some of my favorite subjects. Love how you’ve captured the essence of this one!

  • I love the way the light hits the top of the trees. Looks like you CAN take a great HDR while the sun is still pretty high 🙂

  • Thanks all

    Scott – well – mostly it is simply remixing the original raw — on pg 3 of my hdr tutorial here on the site! 🙂

  • Daniel

    I’m from Nelson. Saw the thumbnail for this on my Flickr homepage and I felt a connection… nearly fell out of my chair when I read where it is!

  • Wow Trey, you always make something out of nothing, at least quite a bit of people would see nothing. great eye! I remember you were quite tired a couple posts ago and it seems like you haven’t gotten any rest with everything you’ve been sharing with us, which we appreciate! 🙂

    If you need an extra photoshopper hit me up! Those power lines you tried to hide are still there! haha

  • shedeep

    Site Checking

  • Thanks Trey!!

  • absolutely smashing your photos!
    have heard little and seen HDR pictures
    but your pics really blew my mind!
    keepn a blog to fool around with
    pencil and stuff so yes inspiring to
    se people like mr Aspevig.
    and he truly is an amazing artist
    Mr Aspevig

  • Martha

    Discovered you thru weblink [teroforma].
    Love your amazing body of work! When next
    in Nelson, NZ, would love having you
    photograph [from] our cliffside home…
    Thank you for your creativity!

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