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Amazing Time with the Wounded Warriors

Last night I had the chance to meet and present to a group of wounded soldiers that have recently returned from combat.

I’m still here at this ranch in Yellowstone, and we had some recent arrivals. There is a program called the Wounded Warrior Project, and many groups of soldiers come out to Montana to do a bit of fly fishing.

I sat by Dave Kumlien at dinner tonight (read about Dave here), who helps lead the Warriors & Quiet Waters program. He’s a master fly-fisherman (we call him the “Trout Whisperer” around here). He told me a bunch of different stories about this program over the last four years. He’s worked with over 150 vets and has 150 stories about how they have changed. I’m trying to convince him to write a book about it!

Anyway, after the big dinner, we all retired to the Great Room, and I gave a little half-hour presentation on photography. We had a great time during and afterward — and I was happy to meet and talk to them all.

Daily Photo – The Gentle Eye of the Beast

I gave a little impromptu workshop a few days ago.  I took a group of friends for the afternoon and we went out for an instructional photowalk, followed by a hardcore critique.

On the short walk, we visited a barn and a stable.  I gave assignments to people to all gather photos of the same subjects, find unique bits, and then submit a few photos for critique.  I’ve done this sort of thing many times before, and I’m always surprised at what I see.  Everything from the mundane to the stunning.  However, I am always impressed at what people find that I did not see.  I sometimes like to think that I can find many of the cool tidbits and angles, but then I am humbled when “newbies” find things that I completely missed!

Anyway, we had a great time milling about and comparing notes.  I did the whole assignment myself, and submitted this one into my own critique.

  • Isaac

    Love the new shot. Not that im stalking, but FB informed me its your birthday, so HAPPY Birthday. Thank you for all of your great photos day after day.

  • Trevor Driscoll

    You and those horses, I love that eye though. Happy Birthday I hope its a great one!

  • well happy birthday! and wonderful shot, love the dof it really adds to the photo. The detail is amazing love it!

  • Love the detail and how sharp it is… Looked at the original sized image and I think i can see half of you in the reflection… just amazing detail… love depth of field using the f/1.4 lens. Great shot!

  • I absolutely love when someone comes up with a new way to photograph “the same old thing”. That’s one of the reasons I scour other people’s work to see what and how they are shooting, not necessarily “how good” it is. Inspiration knows no boundaries such as professional/amateur.

    And I love the idea of your photo walk! It sounds like so much fun. I very much wish you could do one in my neck of the woods.

  • Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!!! This one is going on my wall! …when I get back home in 3 months that is 😉 I like the emotion captured in this one. Amazing.

  • Patrick

    Oh, if that’s the case:
    Happy Birthday!
    My best wishes for the coming year of your life!
    Hope you can celebrate with your loved ones.

    STUNNING picture!
    Incredible depth-of-field effect.
    (Is it a single picture HDR or no HDR at all?)

  • Happy Birthday, Trey!! May the Lord grant you many more years of taking great HDR photos.
    Does your friend have a ranch on Rock Creek. It’s really a famous spot out here for fly fishing. How neat that you know someone who is active in the Wounded Warriors program. That is a wonderful organization. My hubby belongs to the VVA and American Legion and I’m in the AL Auxiliary, so these are things near and dear to my heart. So glad you know some one who takes those vets fishing, that’s wonderful!!!! Our claim to fame in our valley is Huey Lewis, who had a birthday recently. It was on the news, lol. He is quite a controversial character out here. I haven’t met him personally, but he makes the news once in a while.
    Anyway, love the photo of the horse. I grew up on a small farm in Michigan, and we had a team of white work horses when I was younger, Lady and Beauty. I grew up wanting a horse I never had, still wish I had one, lol. But, alas, an acre isn’t enough to have a horse. Even out at our log home with 5 acres, that would be stretching it. Our neighbors had horses over there and we got to see them with their babies. That was 12 miles NE of where we are now. I miss that log home we designed, but not the three stories!! I have photos of it on facebook if you ever have time to look.
    Anyway, this isn’t about me, have a great birthday, enjoy your special day where ever you are!!! 🙂

  • Thanks all – for everything and the birthday wishes! 🙂

  • Thanks for all the wonderful work you keep posting here.. you are an inspiration Trey 🙂 please don’t stop the great work.
    I’ve never had a chance to shoot horses.. but that’s something I should remedy really soon … especially after seeing this wonderful shot!

    Happy b’day … God bless!

  • Erik

    Happy Birthday Trey! I really like the detail and warmness in your photo, but I’m curious about the shots the others took too..

  • Cindy Williams

    And what is your Birthday Wish!

  • I notice you step out of what you call HDR once in a while and I was wondering if you do that only on good photos or bad ones. Which ones do you decide is worthy of High ToneMapping?

  • casusan

    Happy Birthday Trey!! Wonderful shot here and the ranch sounds like it was fun and rewarding!

  • Hey Trey, Happy Birthday!
    I love seeing your posts in my google reader, super inspiring stuff and such eye candy! I don’t normally comment, but at the mention of the WWP I felt I must. 3 West Point graduates (2 of whom I know personally) are currently cycling across the country to raise money for WWP. They are about halfway there, and it’s a very interesting read, I thought you might like to check it out 🙂
    Have a great day!

  • I love shooting details also. Horses are great subjects. I love the warmth of your image.
    I recently posted a photo on my blog title “Equine Eye” which you can see here:

    Hhave a happy birthday!

  • People need an eye for photography, I think. Thats why I don’t really believe in terms like “newbie”. Happy Birthday Trey!

  • Love the highlight detail on the edge of the hair, would love to see some of the students work!

  • Richard (Oldhickory)

    “…the cool tidbits and angles.”

    That’s what it comes down to. You can put people in the same environment and they’ll spot different things. I think that’s probably 90% of the battle.

    Cool shot and interesting framing.

  • Billy

    Happy Birthday,

    If You are ever in Jackson Hole WY Let me know My Family has a Ranch 30 miles out in Swan Valley, ID. And you are more than welcome there.

  • looking forward…always.

  • I’ve been following your photostream on flickr in awww..wondering when and if I’ll come to this level. I just wanted to say this is a beautiful shot and perspective of a horse. You can see so much through their eyes and their ears. I miss horses…

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