The Mysteries of Rodeo Drive

New Limited Edition Print – The Edges of the Flatiron

We have a new, wonderful print to announce! As with all, each is a unique numbered print that is part of a series. Once they are gone, they are gone.

This one today is a bit different than the usual lot. It’s a black and white image of one of the most famous buildings in New York City: the Flatiron Building. I’ve always wanted a photo of this building, so I went here, day after day, waiting for the light, traffic, and pedestrians to be just right.

Daily Photo – The Mysteries of Rodeo Drive

I have a long-format piece coming up about something very cool in California. While I was putting together that whole piece, I made some time to get out at night for some HDRs.

There’s one very strange and mysterious store right in the middle of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Who can figure out what is happening in this photo?

  • casusan

    umm….I don’t know – looks like lights make a heart on the wall? You are too tricky Trey with these puzzles! I just don’t know what this could be on Rodeo Drive!

  • I grew up in Los Angeles and this is the Prada Store!! It was built just a few years ago by the world renowned architect Rem Koolhaas who also did the famous Prada Soho store. It is a beautiful store and a destination for anyone visiting LA these days. Cool shot of it!

  • Although we don’t get to see much of your black and white images, which is a shame, this one is fantastic. Did you used Silver Effects Pro/ some other software or have you done it all in PS?

    Good local knowledge Rebecca – even to know the architect! Nice shot as always..

  • What, no picture of the Frank Lloyd Wright building? Used to be a jewelry store. Don’t know now.

  • Whats happened i dont know, but i know that the floor texture seems like a 3dstudio job! 🙂

  • Blake

    The photos looks like a space-age store front – maybe the store is below grade?

    On a different note, about your Flatiron Building photo, did you pull a permit for this? My wife and I are going to NYC in 2 weeks and I’m a little worried about the tripod police. I heard you need a permit for pretty much anything. What was your experience?

    Thanks for the help!


  • Very interesting photo, Trey. I would never has guessed what it was. Thanks Rebecca for informing us! It is very mysterious looking!!

  • Very cool spot! It looks like a window view to a mannequin display on the next lower level.



  • Thanks all!

    Rebecca – wow great get… I can’t believe how the community here always gets these little mysteries so fast!

    Daryl – hehe no no

    Ben – yes Silver Efex is the way to go!

  • Awesome pic and brings back memories! I grew up just south of Beverly Hills in Culver City, CA… Rebecca beat me to this! If you are still around LA, head to downtown Culver City – AKA “the heart of screenland!” Here you will find Culver Studios, which is actually the old DesiLu Studio – yes, Desi and Lucy’s studio from yesteryear. In that immediate area you will find a building much like the one you have pictured in the B&W which has been the set for many movies. Enjoy your time in LA!

  • Rimmer

    That black and white is fantastic.

  • That daily photo is just a bit bizarre. Some strange architect, eh?

    Love the black and white shot! Before falling into HDR, I was all black and white. In may ways I still prefer it even tho I rarely do it these days. That’s a wonderful shot. Love what you did to the sky.

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