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Daily Photo – Into the Sea

I wonder what percentage of photographers live on the West Coast versus the East Coast. Of course, the west gets all the great sunsets over the ocean, and the east gets all the great sunrises. Given that most sane people are asleep at sunrise, and given that most photographers are insane — I am not sure! What do you think?

This one was taken at sunset on the beautiful San Clemente pier. The sunset was coming on, and it was a high-pressure time to get up onto the pier and find a good spot.

  • casusan

    Oh soooo beautiful Trey – so peaceful looking too – we all need this in our day!

  • I think I’d be part of the proportion of photographers that regularly photograph the sunset rather than the sun rise. I’m too lazy – a habit I’m trying to break. Great photo as always – what a lovely place to live..

  • Lovely, Trey, I want to walk right into your photo!! There is one place you can get sunrises and sunsets, Florida. My sis and hubby have a place on Englewood Beach, west coast of Florida, and they have beautiful sunsets. And it’s not very far across that state, lol. Not like yours and mine. Happy 4th of July, everyone in the USA, be safe!

  • Ben – I think I am too lazy too! 🙂

    Gail – thanks as always! 🙂

  • Love the sense of movement that the clouds have, like they are rushing at your. Great color, tone and comp… as always. Happy J4th!

  • Lets count the compositional guidelines at play in this mage: 1, 2, 3, 4, …

    Very well done!

  • Fabulous photo as always.

    I am a nut and keen on sunrises. Here in the South of France, i find the sunrises are so much clearer, particularly in the warmer months. Also, it can be such a peaceful and inspiring time of day.

  • Great shot Trey, had a blast with you in San Clemente. One of my images from that evening is in a local art gallery now! I have been craving that Pizza place ever since btw 🙂

  • Dave Newell

    Love the image Trey. People have called me insane for sitting on Cadillac Mt in Maine at 4am under my view camera dark cloth to keep the bats away just to get “THE” shot. I would agree we are an odd bunch. Being east coast early sunrises are the thing. Love a great sunset though and if you get just the right spot here in New England you can get some spectacular sunsets.

  • Perspective and horizon in the center..nice HDR

  • You definitely found a great shot! (and a wide angled lens? I really need to get myself one of those…)

    And the one place I can think of on the East coast where you can find spectacular sunrises over water is the Eastern Shore of Maryland overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. Its where I grew up. Not only that, but just on the other side of the Peninsula you’ll find the breathtaking Atlantic sunrises. Ahh, Delmarva.

  • Tom M.

    I suppose that a little later or earlier in the year the sun would set directly off the end of the pier, making it look like a boardwalk to the ‘other side’ or something. There’s your excuse to go back again, but this is a lovely shot as it is. Having seen the sun rise on Mt. Cadillac, and set in Tofino BC, I personally opt for the west coast. It’s where I belong.

  • Beautiful picture, it really draws your eye right into that awesome sunset. And by the way, if photographers knew what was good for them, it’d be the west coast!

  • Carl K.

    I was on that walk and didn’t end up with a single displayable pic. Trey’s published at least 3 great shots from San Clemente. Same time, same place, same angles, but totally different results. Uggh. So much to learn still.

  • Jared H

    Great shot – I really need to get my hands on photomatix soon. I tend to err on the sunset side of the scale. Though I have found Cape Town, South Africa is a great
    place for both sunsets and sunrises over the sea. And the best part is, the sunrise is only around 7am.

  • Awesome shot my friend. The best thing about living in Florida is we can shoot both with a 2.5hr drive.

  • i agree with beb, way to lazy to get a sunrise, but this one is fantastic!

  • And this is why those of us in Melbourne, Australia are so lucky… given that we live on the edge of Port Philip, we get both amazing sunrises and sunsets!

  • Josh B

    Beautiful. Glad the San Clemente Pier is getting so much attention!

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