The Boiling Heavens

Daily Photo – The Boiling Heavens

The weather was wet and heavy. It had that feeling that it will rain any minute, and every minute it did not rain felt like a lucky break.

This church sat up high on a hill in NW Iceland and could not be seen from the street. I happened to turn up a little driveway and found it at the top. You can’t see it from this angle (it was impossible to compose), but those homes on the left have grass roofs. There’s another cool shot of that I will sprinkle in during a later post!

I made a point of randomly driving up and down different roads while there.  Sometimes it’s tough, because I got in the habit of driving straight down these highways and ignoring everything.  I occasionally have a rough destination, and the side roads seem like a strange distraction.  Anyway, it takes real discipline to be distracted!

  • casusan

    This is soooo beautiful – and yes, the sky is threatening! In all your Iceland shots I see your peace and joy – wonderful!

  • Backroads are how I “find” my photos. I simply get in my car, make sure I have gas (because I find that I end up never passing a gas station), and head in a random direction. With a trusty printed map book I simply look for a road that seems interesting. My turns are at random and I oh so often end up lost, but its awesome and I end up with great photos.

    Distraction is indeed an art form 🙂

  • What a curious little building – very nice indeed.

    I purchased the ebook and the top 10 HDR mistakes and must say i found it to be a great help. It was good how the mistakes were highlighted but didn’t go turn a mind-boggling tutorial on how to exactly how to fix it – finding out that for yourself is part of the adventure. As a result I’ve gone back and fixed some of my older efforts and managed to find my own techniques into the bargain. I’ll be adding my newer stuff to flickr soon.

    Thanks again Trey.

  • Those clouds are fantastic – love them! Will be purchasing your book on HDR mistakes and I’m sure I’m going to have to redo many of my old HDR shots. Who knows, after reading the book, maybe I’ll be able to get half the quality of your shots.. Maybe..

    Keep up the good work

  • Just Beautiful, Trey!!! We do that to, take the back roads while traveling around here or on a trip and find such beautiful treasures. Love this photo of the little church wrapped around with the white fence, the mountain in the background and the “boiling heavens”!! Just spectacular!!

  • I absolutely love the way you do your clouds (somewhere deep inside me is dying from envy. lol!).

  • Thanks y’all !

  • RogerT

    Awesome sky and great composition. I love everything about it except for the blue color cast in the entire image. It works well for the sky, but not the rest of the image IMHO. 🙂

  • my.

    Iceland is definitely on my list of Must Travel destinations. I’ve always imagined seeing scenes like this on the road, especially on random and “let’s check out this” type of roads. It looks peaceful and serene, untouchable by the doom and gloom in the background.

  • Great emphasis on the clouds without be manulipated! Looking forward to the photos of the houses with the grass roofs.

  • I really like this shot and unlike RogerT I like the blue colour cast, to me it makes the photo feel like a fresh cool morning shot. I like the composition and the way the clouds are hugging the hill in the background.

  • Danny

    Can’t you smell the fresh cut grass in the picture? I know I can!

  • A great shot! Agreeing with Anthony about the hugging of the hills by the cloud

  • Jason

    Beautiful!! I was just wondering… Do you ever get lost by making a wrong turn and then have a problem getting back?

  • It is a great reminder that only God has the power to remind you that God is God! Beautiful photograph!

  • Angi English

    Really neat shot Trey. Reminds me of a little church on the Big Island of Hawaii sans the grass roof on the other building. Peaceful shot.

  • my. – Yes it is in the Top Travel locations for sure – I hope it is on your list!

    Jason – no – never, really… since I can just turn around after failure (which is a bit painful!)

  • fantastic! this is up there on my favs!! the coulds are amazing

  • Cool shot. I love that “lonely” church. It is so beautiful and simple looking without any frills. My hobby is to photograph churches and now I have photographed 360 churches in my country.

    I just wonder how this church is looking like seen inside.

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