The Entrance

Daily Photo – The Entrance

Sorry all – short post today I’m afraid… it’s been a long day. Tired and drained, frankly. Hey, they can’t all be winners.

This is a great staircase and bar I found at the W Hotel in Atlanta. I got a lot of cool shots in there – quite the fab joint!

  • Dennis Franke

    Hey Trey! Don´t mind for the short post today. Every day is a great visit to your website. Nice shot! Reminds me of something:

    – What´s that?
    – It´s blue light.
    – What does it do?
    – It turns blue.


    As i have the first comment here, i remind you of the “problem” with the page jumping to the very top and i have to scroll down to come to the comment-box. With windows 7 and firefox now that happens again. Not a big deal, but maybe you´re interested.

    Keep on the good work!

  • This shot reminds me of a futuristic bowling alley for some reason. Very cool.

  • Cool shot, Trey. Hope you get some rest.

  • Wow, I love the way your eye is lead up the stairs to the doorway at the top, really cool!

  • Paul White

    This is truely a great shot. The composition and DOF really draw you into the image. I would love to know the techie stuff on how you achieved it.

  • casusan

    What a cool looking place – makes you want to march right up those stairs! Awesome shot!

  • Dennis – hehe thanks – yes I wanted to get something up at least!

  • Sara Jane Todd

    I love the line of blue lights. Great shot!

  • Downeym

    That bar is pretty swanky… too bad the drinks cost so much! 🙂

    I would love to see more shots from here though.

  • Joe

    Trey, do you mind sharing where you took this in Atlanta?

  • Thanks!

    Joe – this is in the W – I think the midtown one?

  • Dani G

    That’s a great shot for something so simple. Kudos

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