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Daily Photo – Over the Top of Iceland

When I am by myself for weeks on end, I think I probably make bad decisions. I lose all sense of perspective and what is “normal”. I can’t decide if this is a good or bad thing… I guess some of both.

Anyway, I was driving along the coast in NE Iceland along the fjords. It was about 11 PM and the sun was setting. I was about to lose it behind the mountains, and then I saw a dirt road that went right up one of the mountains. So, I decided to take it for a bit to see if I could get a good photo of the sun.

So, I went up a few miles, and then a few more, and then even more. I could not stop and was chasing the sun across the highlands. I was getting higher and higher into the ice layer.  And then I found this little snowy river and stopped over to take this photo a few minutes after midnight.  What did I find next?  You’ll find out in the next few Iceland shots perhaps!

  • Damien

    Excellent Sky Trey.Incredible to believe this was taken at midnight.

  • Damien’s right, excellent shot. From how you captured the sunrays over the light’s reflection on the snow in front of you all the way to the different shades of all the sky colors, everything just looks stunning.

    Sports fans would say: You’re on a rrrrrrroll these days!

  • Love the sky Trey. I never liked that it was always light out so late at night over there. When I went to N. Ireland I think that was the hardest thing to get used to. Well, that and the fact that I had to pay for napkins. Great shot! Can’t wait to see more.

  • Wowee, I’m sure glad you kept chasing the sun up that mountain, Trey!!! That was sure worth the drive and your time. It’s just beautiful!!!!! Thanks for sharing some more of your Iceland adventure. BTW, did you get hit with the horific T-storms last night. We had a doozy here, branches down all over our yard, constant light show, and loud boomers for quite a while. The worst storm we’ve had here ever!! Let me know on facebook, please, ty. Might get some more today and tomorrow, but probably not as bad. (I hope).

  • I know what that is like, to just head off on a chase on a hunch with your camera and end up on an awesome adventure with some awesome photos! Nothing beats an adventurous spirit and an incredible landscape. Can’t wait to see what you fine 🙂

  • I don’t like it

  • Bonnie

    I just love horizon shots. You have captured this in an awesome way! I love the rays of the sun pointing downward over the snowy river and rocks. I always look forward to what is next.

  • casusan

    Oh wow! You did catch the sun!! This is beautiful – all glowing!

  • I didn’t like this one 🙁
    There is something strange on it =/

  • Killer. Montana is not the only Big Sky.

  • George G

    Very nice! I have been inspired and you have a fan. Do you refer to your adventures as “work”?
    Not sure my wife would believe me…but worth a try!

  • This is not only a lovely pic (even on my Nexus One phone), but a fine story to go with. Thanks!

  • Rose May

    It was well worth the chase! The rays from the sun is awesome! The color in the sky and the reflections of the sun on the snow and water is beautiful! Can’t wait to see more!

  • Hmm… Never really shot a sunset photo in Aperture Priority mode. But I guess your in Iceland where you have the reflection of the stream and snow. Nicely done.

  • Um. You are quite amazing, albiet normal, as you say. Please friend me on Facebook so I’ll have a famous person on my list…and quite frankly, you are seriously the most cool and incredibly talented and (normal) ….no you can’t be normal and crazy talented at the same time…ack….send me back to my den…

  • nice horizon…looking forward to the next Iceland shots

  • Beautiful shot Trey!

    One comment: I like the new site layout but the large “header image” with the monkey, the taj mahal, “Welcome to the #1…” etc takes up my ENTIRE laptop screen (it’s a 15″ laptop running at 1440×900). I have to scroll an entire page’s worth just to see your first post; that’s a lot of scrolling to do just to get to some text on your page! Is there a reason you decided to go with such a large photo?

  • I LOVE sunrise/sunset photos and this one is so awesome!!

    I do agree with Aaron (#17), the large “header image” on my 1600×900 laptop monitor makes me scroll down a lot before I see any content.

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  • One of my favorites from you. I really like the feeling of serenity.

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