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eBook – Top 10 HDR Mistakes in HDR Processing and How to Fix Them

It’s finally available! I think you will love it… as with everything around here, if you don’t like it, we get you a 100% money back deal. So, no risk at all.

You can nab it here, or on our growing eBook page.

Add to Cart $9.97- Top 10 Mistakes in HDR Processing, and How to Fix Them

  • How to spot and correct the most common mistakes in HDR processing
  • 37 pages long
  • To show the 10 most common mistakes, I use 10 of my very fist photos in which I made horrible mistakes
  • Will save you years of headaches and searching for answers!
  • As always, full money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied
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Top 10 HDR Mistakes Top 10 HDR Mistakes Top 10 HDR Mistakes Top 10 HDR Mistakes
  • Last book was quite a good read, so will give this one a try πŸ™‚

  • Hi trey
    Thanks for this wonderful book, i am sure it will be great
    The cost is great too and i think fair.
    Thanks for being such a inspiration in my life, no money could ever buy that
    Kindest Regards
    Maurice from Australia

  • Really enjoyed the new eBook – some great help re: spotting/fixing HDR’s most overdone issues.

    Will be heading back to look at some of my earliest HDR photos soon – with a new “eye”!

  • Patrick

    Looking forward to buy this one tomorrow, won’t have time to enjoy it earlier.
    Since you state that this book has 37 pages, could you tell us about the previous book(s)?
    How many pages do those have?
    If they have less or an equal number of pages, can we expect a price drop? πŸ™‚

  • Trey great ebook. It has a pretty layout making it an enjoyable read! I’ve paid attention to your blogs, tutorials and photos over time so some of the info was a good reminder to keep you on the straight and narrow. Great idea to show your early work! Shows we all start somewhere and it takes time. Personally, my favs are mistake 10 and 6 – Something for me to work on. Anyway the ebook is excellent value.

  • When a cart asks for a discount code and I don’t have one, I feel left out. πŸ˜‰ Should I stop the checkout and go look for one?

  • Thanks for the new book Trey! I’ll be nabbing myself a copy in the next few days.

  • Great book Trey! It’s great to see you illustrate your own mistakes from the past. It would have been intuitive to reprocess your successful photos in a poor manner to illustrate each of the mistakes so that the reader could see a side-by-side of the same photo done well and done poorly.

    There is a very basic theme behind the book. You can use HDR but never use it too much. I’ve always looked at HDR as a tool that I use to help tweak my photos. Most of the time I find myself conflicted as to whether to label my photos as “HDR” or not.

  • By the way, it would be nice to see the editors over at HDR Spotting apply these rules to their selection process πŸ™‚

  • casusan

    Congrats on the ebook Trey!

  • Patrick

    Just noticed that the ebooks page now gives the amount of pages for the other books.
    Don’t think I saw that before but I just might have missed it.
    I am still wondering why they are still more expensive than the new book while having fewer pages…

    Can anyone who bough the previous book comment on it? Is it worth the money?

    I am especially concerned because I use Aperture and not Lightroom.
    I know Trey said one probaby could adapt the techniques but I am still unsure.
    Also I would feel a bit like a cheater if I’d buy the book and used the money-back guarantee
    when it is too troublesome to adapt to Aperture.
    (Is that guarantee granted for the ebooks as well or just for the textures tutorial, Trey?)

  • Patrick

    Okay. I should have my eyes tested I think.
    Trey himself mentions the money-back guarantee in todays post.
    I just couldn’t find it on the ebooks page.
    My eyes are probably really tired right now (have been learning for too long…)
    so I might just have overlooked it there as well.
    Sorry for any trouble I caused.

  • Very cool. Decent price and worth looking into. Thank you!

  • Michael Baldwin


    I realise I’m doing this backwards, that is, buying the “fix mistakes” book before the “How to HDR” book but the distributor in Australia has had it listed as “out of stock” for a number of weeks and haven’t responded to requests for an ETA.

    Is there any reason why I cannot order it from Amazon or do non-USA purchasers have to use the alternative provider(s).


  • Thanks for the note…

    Patrick – yes – money back guarantee of course! No worries… It’s more expensive mostly because of what is inside — most of what I say is applicable to Aperture – collections and whatnot have their counterparts I think

    Michael – as for the A World in HDR – I don’t know why

  • beautox

    In the e-book, you mention “Wow Landscape” tool from Nik Software, when in fact this tool is in the OnOne suite, as far as I can tell (it’s mentioned in your review of OnOne, but I can’t find any Nik Software tool called Wow Landscape)…..

  • So, Trey, do I get a prize for spotting that mistake?

  • You also mention the DVD is that in the very near future?

  • Jeff Fisher

    love the book! but i have one question – how do you use the ghosting tool in Photomatix to actually select an area of the shot and infuse data from another exposure? i don’t see that anywhere…. I see ghosting as an option but not to how focus on a specific area.

    thanks trey!!! great stuff!

  • Yay!!! Thank you Trey (Master Trey?) and the many Bothans that gave their lives. This is a great book and articulates the issues so well (with awesome visual examples, of course!). Truly, I’ve been encountering every issue. Understanding them and finding solutions takes so much time and a good memory (and mine isn’t that good, heh-heh). So, I’m very grateful, indeed!

  • Burt

    Small typo in press above:

    “my very fist photos”

    Going to use my ‘fist’ to punch the keys and go buy the book now… πŸ™‚

  • Very nice ebook, Trey! I enjoy it very much!

    Kah Wai

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