The Mighty Castle

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Daily Photo – The Mighty Castle

The beautiful castle shifts and changes its color every few minutes. The way the light cycles and changes on it is mysterious. If you just watch it steadily, the light never seems to change, but after a short while, upon reflection, you’ll realize there is a whole new color splashed onto the surface. It’s quite mesmerizing!

I set up here at the base with a 12-24 lens. I felt sorry for everyone else with their cell phone cameras that were trying to get a proper shot of the place from nearby! Whenever I set up and take a while, sometimes it draws a smallish crowd. This crowd, in turn, pulls out cameras and starts shooting from my same perspective. I often turn about and give people a knowing nod.


  • That’s a pretty cool image. I want to go back there sometime this year or the next for sure. I wasn’t into photography back then so once I get back I’ll have plenty to photograph.

  • Just a word to to say i love the new site trey, wow that headers pretty cool.
    As you might know from previous posts i’m an Englishman living in France, and the living in France part might not be relevant, but i’m still getting the page loading twice as before, i live with it (no choice) but darned annoying.

    On a lighter note more vids like in your last post in Iceland, i really liked that.

  • The perspective on the castle is great, although the ghosting people on the lower right and the bush on the lower left distract from the main subject.

  • Nice photo, Trey. It is very colorful!! I’m getting used to the new look πŸ˜‰ . As for loading the page twice, that happens to me when I click on your site from my Yahoo home page. The first time I get a feed burner error, have to click back and then it comes up. I don’t know the reason that it’s happening everytime now. Used to be just once in a while. But as long as I end up here, it’s ok.

  • Thanks you guys…

    Mike- I wonder what that problem is… I will disable Tweetboard for a bit – maybe that is causing it!

    Daron – I agree… it was too much work to clone-stamp them out…!! Darn

  • Great work Trey! As always. I actually think the ghosting people give the picture a more real effect. From the top it looks so magical (as this castle should be) but more cartoon-like. As the image cascades down it brings the picture back to reality. Keep up the good work!

  • Nice angle here. Cinderella’s Royal Table Restaurant is what is illuminating those tall windows. They are quite beautiful from here and from the inside.

  • It would be cool to see the “Pirates” ride in HDR, although I imagine more light would be desired for that purpose.

  • Another outstanding perspective and mix of intensity and composition. I was tempted to squeeze an HDR piece into the 940×198 header image of Twenty Ten, WordPresses new default theme but couldn’t arrange a proper link back.

    More links coming, but I can’t keep up with your relentless enthusiasm for spectacular HDR shots.

    Keep going sir, you’re an inspiration

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Cool shot of the castle – it’s beautiful Trey!

  • Mitch Sacks

    What, no Disney tripod police?

  • ooooo…. In a long time this is one of the best pictures I’ve seen Trey. Now Trey’s followers will know why he is the number 1 in HDR photos. Well I do not want to classify you as a HDR photo specialist.. coz you have a great eye for angles and different POV.

    Truly Fantabulous….. (some new made up word… πŸ™‚ )

  • Tom Martinson

    LOL @ Mitch! This was my very first thought also… Disnazis.

  • I’m using Google Chrome and I also still get the double load. Love the POV. The 14-24mm lens really allows you to get close.

  • Very nice, I like castles and this one looks fantastic. Got more? :p

  • Thanks everyone!

    Mitch- no – they are cool in the parks… downtown disney is a different beast.

    Sathya – thanks so much ! hehe very nice of you…

    Chad – The double load!!! Let me turn off a few plugins… keep the feedback comin’ Thanks!

  • Sara

    I came here via facebook using Chrome and the site works fine (and fast). Tried using the link from my iGoogle page and no double load from there either…just thought i’d let you know.

  • Nice image, nice contest! Thanks

  • Hi Trey,

    Just come back via Safari 5.0 then had a look in FF 3.6.4 and Google Chrome and all sems ok now.

    All the best


  • Very nice image. So crisp and clear!

    No double-load here, btw. Using the latest Safari in the latest OSX

  • I’ve taken a number of shots of this castle, none quite so fine as this.

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  • Hi Trey! Have to admit… your comment about setting up and then having a bunch of people with small digital cameras and camera phones take pictures from the same angle was hilarious πŸ™‚ I set up my tripod–Canon Rebel XT–and was playing with taking some bracketed shots towards a rock formation in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, down the street where I live. I had someone come over and ask me if the people who were in the shot (you could see them from the angle) were supposed to be in it. And a whole bunch more came and took pictures in the exact same direction πŸ™‚ Just tickled me that it felt like the people were deferring to my judgement πŸ™‚

  • I really like how brilliant the colors are! Not dull, not subdued, just perfect. Well done!!

  • Tisha H

    Wow. As heavily photographed as the castle is, I thought I’d seen it all. Nice new take!

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