New Site, New Video, New eBook!

Leave a comment to Win My New eBook in celebration of the New Website Design!

Update: the random winners are commenter #40 Nora, #61 Gordon Brown, and #407 Lauren Blackwell! Congrats!

I have a new eBook that will pop sometime soon.  It’s called “Top 10 Mistakes in HDR Processing, and How to Fix Them“.  It’s 37 pages long and filled with all kinds of great info.  To win, just leave a comment here and I’ll pick three random people the day before release. Good luck!

All of this is in honor of the new site design!  Here’s a little rundown of what you are seeing:

  • New site design by the world-famous French designer Fabien Barral and coding by Bill Erickson
    • Visit his site at and see his famous movie posters, packaging designs, and other innovative works.
    • Bill Erickson is quite the WordPress genius – find out more about him at
  • The site is exactly as wide as before, optimized for people with big monitors and high resolution.
    • It is important to me that the daily photo is shown at 900 pixels across
    • Although this cuts out some people, according to Google Analytics, over 80% of people view this site at least over 1280×800 resolution – Wow!
  • We have a new rotating ad section there on the right, where I will be rotating in fresh stuff from time to time
  • A full new “Footer” area that contains some of the most common business/licensing questions we get
  • A new smart top nav bar that contains links to the most important bits
  • Site optimized to load 40-50% faster
    • Images more efficiently loaded
    • “Double-page-loading” problem fixed (some of you may remember this annoying one!)
    • Upgraded Apache to Lighttpd, which is a faster solution that is used by Wikipedia and many other sites
  • And, last but not least, The Biggest Header Ever On Any Website.  Hey, it’s a scrolling website anyway, right?  hehe….

New Video – Behind the Scenes in Iceland

Here is a bit of footage I took a few days ago.  I hope you enjoy it… and let me know if you’d like to see even more behind-the-scenes stuff.

Daily Photo – The Lonely Fishing Hut

Most of the details behind this photo can be ascertained from the photo below.  This place really was in the middle of nowhere…  It was my goal to make it look as lonely as it felt.  As hinted at in the video, I have a full how-to video inside The Clubhouse.


  • Dennis Franke

    Site looks great, BUT:

    When i press on the “comment” link below your latest entry, the site scrolls to the top of it. Ok, there is a new fine graphic, but i have to scroll manually down to the poped up comment-section below the entry. That is not that good. 😉

    I´m looking forward to the new eBook! Think this will have so many “Oh yeah, i know that, great i´m finally shown how to fix that s***!”-moments! 😉

    Have a nice day!

  • Great new site Trey !! Cant wait for new e-book and of course the DVD…Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Carrie Patterson

    How exciting another book! I found your other book in Borders randomly and had to get it. I had came across your photostream on Flickr quite a few times and loved your work. However, I didn’t know you had a book! It was a pleasant surprise!

  • Wow!! That was a sensory explosion of epic proportions! I like the direction you have taken the blog… bigger is better! Although there are probably some “Blog-Honks” out there who still think it is bad practice to upload images wider than 640 pixels…… Nuts to those people stuck back in 2002!

    Can’t wait for the Ebook and DVD!!!!

  • I like the new site. And it certainly does load faster!!
    That book sounds like it will be handy to many, many people!

  • Loved the behind the scenes video, music and all. Those birds were something else but the end result of the photo is truly spectacular.

  • Sharon Chandler

    Bought your book from B&N recently and could not put it down … so lovely, all of it! Excited to find your site and check out the eBooks & tutorials. Also, crossing my fingers that I could be one of your winners. Thanks for all your share – Sharon (in TX, too)

  • Thanks all!

    Dennis – thanks for the note – I will look into that. Do you mean when you click “comment” that the page reloads then goes to the very top? This is not the behavior I get – but will test on more brosers.

    Sharon – glad you liked the book so much! 🙂

  • Saw the video. Must of been pretty crazy with the birds trying to rip out hair. Great outcome though with the image.

  • It’s a great final image and I love seeing how you got it and what it looked like before the HDR processing. Thanks for sharing it all. New Ebook sounds great, looking forward to it!

  • William Zhao

    Congradulations, good job with the new site, looks much better now!

  • William Zhao

    Although I do agree with Dennis, the picture at the top is a little too big for us laptop users 🙂

  • Love your work, keep up your good work.

  • Great book ideea! Everybody is trying to show/teach everybody how to create high dynamic range images but the little steps in-between are the tricky ones nobody talks about.Some of the HDR “prophets” have actually no clear ideea of what they’re doing. I’m sure you’ll get some “why didn’t I think of that ?” or “that sure makes allot of sense” responses. About a year or so I was trying to make sence of HDR and found lots of scattered info on the web, untill I found your tutorial. It got me started and I thank you for it. I’m glad other people enjoy your work and words and that you’ve been mooving up !
    Best of wishes !

  • Stephen Larsen

    Very exciting… a new book. The perfect topic for me as I have a lot to learn about HDR processing. Congratulations Trey.

  • congrats on the new book, hoping to win 😉

  • Great new site, definitely faster and has a nice fresh clean feel.

  • Congratulations for the new all. The book, well, the world was deserving a guide like that, for HDR´s health sake =)

  • Great, should be useful for HDR newbie. The site is very good looking, and load much faster!

  • hello,
    nice theme, but with a big BUT: the header is way to tall;
    i’m viewing this at 1680×1050 and still I can’t see the begining of the content 🙁
    it’s you decision but I say that the previous design was better…

  • Guy

    Great video and I empathize with the dive bombing, having been subjected to similar attacks myself. I have found that birds often dive towards humans with the sun in their backs, so that when you look up you’re facing the sun and are quite disoriented. You were lucky, it didn’t appear to be have been a problem in this case – ;). It looks like the birds might be Arctic terns (the cloud of possibilities for bad puns suddenly expands) – were there nests around? Enough of ornithological comments, I am really looking forward for the new book. Take care.

  • Looks great Trey! Love the video too. Keep it up!


  • Piraz

    You should create a facebook page for the new design!! It’s perfect for your style of picture, it throws you into adventure! Red dominant is cool too, red is passion and energy: exactly what I feel while looking at your images. Congrats Trey! I will enjoy much much more my virtual travels in all those damn far places you share with us.

  • Fred

    Looking forward to learn something new from your book!

  • It looks pretty nice on my iPad. Although the image in the header doesn’t load up 🙁

  • Peter Durk

    Look forward to the e book. Maybe I’ll find out where I go wrong and how to correct.
    Thanks for all your posts.

  • Very nice redesign ! The header though…is a screen too large !
    Footer is cool !
    And yeah ! A new ebook ! Cant wait !

  • Hey,
    looks great, but even on my big screen I have to scroll a lot ^^ But I am also one of the people that just reads your feed and doesn’t visit the website everytime.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Burt

    Congrats on the new book! I love your prior HDR book — it resolved several of the mysteries that had bothered me prior to reading it. Betting your new book will now tell me why my images aren’t as good as yours — right? 🙂

  • Steven L

    The book sounds awesome! Can’t wait to read it 🙂

  • Like the new site – Really enjoyed the video – could have been called Revenge of the Squawking Birds… your reaction to them was great, got a good chuckle… wondered what it was like when you were out driving… really neat experience and really great that you give us a little window into it… looking forward to the E-book.

  • Yes the infamous double load! Glad to see that gone! Thanks for the quick vid in Iceland, you know so many of us are jealous of you! I think I’m gonna have nightmares of those bird sounds now that I’m about to pass out lol. Can’t wait for the new E-Book!

  • James

    Hello, there, Trey!

    I stare at your hdr images for long moments of time and as a result I feel I can also create wonderful hdr pictures like yours. When I take shots I’d think, “What’s Trey gonna think about this composition?”. When I sit at my pc and attempt to churn out images I think, “What needs to be done so my images won’t turn out like terrible nightmares?”, and I realize I really don’t know. Hehe. When I read that you have a book about mistakes in hdr processing I believe my questions will now be answered. I look forward to improving my hdr processing with your book! Good day there…

  • The new design is great! The width is good for me (1280 px) but the horizontal scrollbar still shows up. I wonder why? I prefer no horizontal scrollbar 😀

  • Woah that header is giant! Got to be some sort of record!

    Perfect photography and hilarious commentary as always Trey.


  • Hey Nice site as always !
    Your video is great hope to see more like this soon.

  • I get the feeling that you would have been in trouble if you were seen driving along that treacherous track, whilst filming at the same time. But somethings, just have to be done!
    The headers linking to other parts of the site look quite tidy now.

  • Great redesign. I used to dread the double-page loading problem. Looking forward to the HD DVD. Should go nice with your book which I already own.

  • Slah

    I like the new look for the website!! it loads faster than before :D…
    these birds were not happy!! you may break one of their eggs there :s:s

    btw the facebook Connect sames not working!!

  • I had so much fun reading your first book that I know I’m going to get this one, even if I don’t get hand picked!! I think more than anything, your photos give even us non-pros a glimmer of hope that everyone, as long as they try, is capable of creating pretty extraordinary things. As always, keep them coming!!

    PS: It’s my birthday today! And this is great news!

  • What a change! Very nice Trey. Your work inspires many people.

  • i like the new design, guess i’ll just have to get a bigger monitor!

  • Great new design, looks fantastic on a nice big monitor.

  • Great that you know someone like Monsieur Barral, would you like to tell us the story of how you met him? Or did you just ask him like any other business would do (since we all know that you’re no conventional guy, that’s more of a rhetorical question ;))?

  • Liking the new site! Have snuck on the internet in work here so can’t type a big comment. Sure you’re worth the hit to my work surf stats…. 😉

  • Pol

    That fishing hut is gorgeous 🙂

  • WOW! I´m working with a 24″ monitor so it´s amazing. Trey and all the other involved – GREAT JOB! This is a really funny site. Like it! 😉

  • Scott Frye

    Very nice redesign. I like the footer. Very handy. However, viewing this on the iPad, I can not see the top banner. I understand the optimization for large monitors, but it would be nice to see something other than a blank space at the top of the screen. Good luck on the new ebook and looking forward to the new DVD!

  • Woah, the new site looks awesome! And great picture there too, I love the little hut. Not trying to annoy, but do you have any idea when we could get them tips for capturing random people? I remember you promising something like that once. 😛

  • ngai

    Hi Trey,
    Yet another amazing HDR book ! I just bought your last, waiting for the post to deliver it…
    Want to be in the three !

  • font is too big for me

  • Sounds like a book to have 🙂

  • Awesome photo Trey. I love the new website design. The video was a laugh with the birds swooping in on you! I had a similar experience to you about driving out on sketchy roads. I look forward to the ebook. I really want a copy to fuel my passion in HDR.

    Thanks for inspiring,

    – J

  • I love the new site and the book titel sounds really interesting. 🙂

  • Love the new site mate. Looking better than ever

  • New site looks great, Trey….I didn’t like the huge header at first, but it grows on you…Whatever happened to your bludomain site? Did you get rid of it for smug mug?

    Keep up the great work!!


  • Joseph Vernuccio

    Always excited by new Trey related reading material.

    New site + Daily HDR Uploads = gorgeous

  • Looking really good Trey. And as a HDR newbie with enthusiasm maybe a book about the mistakes I’m making would be really handy!

  • Kris

    The new header with that monkey is sooo awesome 🙂 and whole new design is great 😉

  • Wow!! Great new design! Love it!

  • Hey Trey,

    Your making a fortune from me!* Bought the HDR book, Bought the Digital workflow ebook (with bonus section!) and now ill be buying the HDR mistakes ebook just as soon as its released.

    It’s a testiment to you and the quality work you produce to be able to get money out of a Scotsman so easily!

    Looking forward to the HDR DVD as well, but will this be available in the UK?.


    *Fortune is subjective and may not be a vast fortune…..

  • Trey, love the new site design – and improved performance! Look forward to the new ebook!

    Best, Scott

  • Jon Smolenski

    More Greatness from TR. Can’t wait to read this one!!

  • Gwendolyn Day

    Love this site. Your pictures are outstanding. I learn a lot just reading about your adventures. Keep it up.

  • Awesome site design Trey, of course we can count on you for something different. Crazy header!

  • Love the new design! It always cracks me up whenever I see those Japanese snow monkeys. Love it! Congratulations on the new ebook!

  • Justin

    Gotta say, the gigantic header means that when I look at all my most common websites on safari, I can’t get a sneak peak of what I’m about to look at. A little disappointing. Beyond that, though, things look great.

  • I mostly like the new layout, but the giant header does take a little bit away from the page.

    I am not a big fan of e-books, but I am considering yours.

  • Great idea on an eBook of mistakes. Brilliant even. Can’t wait to read it!

  • A new ebook? Wow! Something to look forward to. Great job!
    I love the new design.

  • Hi Trey. The new site design looks great. I may just be my imagination, but the images look sharper than before. Is this possible? Could it have something to do with the new way in which you are serving them?

  • Would love to have your e-book! Still using an old 17″ iMac here but running at 1440×900 and good ol’ Safai allows me to shrink the size a bit with command-minus keycombo! Nice!
    Thanks Trey.

  • Amanda S

    LOVE your pictures and the new website looks great too!

  • Great new website, Trey. Adding your Ebook to my “must read” list. Keep up the really fine work.

  • James

    Sounds great! I look forward to it 😀

  • Gwendolyn Johnson

    New site looks wonderful. Loving the Portfolio and favorite images at the footer also. I stumbled upon your HRD tutorial a few weeks back (thank you, btw) and I’m looking forward to the new book.

  • Nathan

    Whoa! I need this book. I love HDRs ever since I took the first try following your tutorial. I need to get better!

  • Love the new site….keep up the great work…..Cheers, T

  • Looking forward to your book! Really enjoy your blog, your generous sharing and your wonderful photos! My favorite is the bamboo walkway, awesome!


  • Camilla

    Wow, I love the new design. I just got your “A world in HDR” in the mail yesterday, and I’m nearly done with it! It took forever for it to be mailed from The US to Norway, and I regret that I didn’t buy it a lot sooner. Either way, I’m looking forward to taking tons of HDRs, I’m starting this weekend.

  • Ronstadt

    fabulous!!!!! waaaaay cooler and simply delicious! lol i hope i get the freebie ;-p

  • Kay B


    like the new web site design. Looks much more livelier and attractive. I’m new to HDR and have picked up some tips from your site. Congrats on the launch of your new book. Look forward to reading it to improve on my skills and technique.

  • Patrick

    I really liked the old design and it never occurred to me that it needed to be updated.
    It did not look old to me.

    However, the new design is really great, with a new “warmer” touch due to the colors used.
    And the changes behind the scene (Lighttpd, faster loading) are always welcome 🙂

    But you really need to re-think that HUGE Header! I’m using a Macbook pro 15″ that has
    1440×900 pixels and I have to scroll down before I can view the beginning of the first
    Post. And I think that this website should be about your photos, not a static header.
    But it’s your decision, of course, and it probably really is a world record.
    I just hope it doesn’t start a new trend… 🙂

    I am looking forward to that new ebook, the last one looked a bit pricey for what it seemed
    to offer (maybe not in terms of content but in terms of pages offered for the price).
    Hope the new one will offer a better price/content-ratio.
    (Please note that this is my opinion based purely on the preview of your first ebook, so I
    could be wrong and it could offer more that what is obvious to me based on the preview.)

    Also, do you have a new release estimate for the HDR DVD?
    And have you thought about offering it for download as well? On iTunes or otherwise?
    That would be so much better, I think. Could even be cheaper for you.

  • The site looks great!

  • Congrats Trey. I follow your site for a long time and for me your website is one of those heavy images site that I love. Usually I keep away from a heavy image web site the moment I see it because I think it wastes my connection time. But your website is the one that worth my bandwidth and net time. Looking forward for the next journey. And don’t forget to visit my country again 🙂

  • Jay

    Nice redesign and can’t wait for the e-book to hit the virtual shelves… thanks Trey!

  • What an entertaining video. My son (thewagonboy)and I have followed you for yrs on Flickr. We’ve both learned to improve our photography from you. Thanks for the help with photomatix over the yrs.

  • Cool changes … though red seems to be a bit dominating .. overall a nice change and I think its best compatible for widescreen viewing!

  • Bonnie

    I always enjoy seeing your photos. This one sure captured the sense of loneliness, for sure. Great work.

  • Julie

    Like the new design. The photos look terrific on my 24-inch Mac screen. One thing, though – I couldn’t find an easy way to go to the previous post. Previous/next buttons would be a nice enhancement, I think.

    Thanks for the great tutorial and recommendations, by the way!

  • James H.

    Trey, looks like your offer resulted in a lot of posts! You got me to post finally… Every day at work I start the day off by coming to this site to get my head in the right place for a long day at work. Thanks for all of the great pictures. It really is a great start to the day!

  • ok, now that looks perfect after reducing the font size, but I still feel something missing .. I think header is too big 😛 well thats just my personal opinion 🙂

  • Looking good Trey.

  • Very cool site. You’re always on the cutting edge.

  • Marco

    Beautiful and inspiring. Thanks a lot for sharing. You made me discover something to be passionate about. Thanks again.

  • Hey Trey, change is good. Are you going to use typekit fonts? it was a nice touch on the old site.


  • Site looks great! Love to see what you’re doing.

  • Great work mate. Those same type of birds swooped me like crazy on Lord Howe Island in Australia. Turns out it was my bright red hat that unsettled them. Maybe it was the colour of your clothing.

    Nice new website design mate. Looks great on my 1900 x 1080.

  • Hi Trey

    First comment on your blog however been a follower for some time. Using a 13inch Macbook Pro and the new site looks great.

    Keep up the good work you brighten up many peoples inbox each morning.


  • Shaun

    Liking the new site, looking forward to reading the new book!

  • Hi Trey. Big fan of the site and the work you’re doing. I tend to visit the site on my iPad, and I love the new site design. It loads a heck of a lot faster than the old version. Also looking forward to the new ebook and DVD.


  • Great site….look forward to the e-book!!!!

  • Everyone seems to be selling ebooks now. Popping up everywhere. Best of luck and I look forward to reading another.

  • Great site, look forward to more insider videos, your eBook. Will the book be out before the DVD?

  • Can’t wait to get the new ebook. I’m also patiently waiting for the new HDR DVD and like Patrick above I’d like to see it available for download as well.

  • Krista Payne

    Loved the surprise this morning with the new layout. Looking forward to the new e-book.

  • Another great book Trey. Congratulations.

  • Looking good so far. But I’ve got to disagree with you when you say it’s no wider than before. With your prior site, I never had scroll bars on the bottom. Now I do. It seems to have to do with the extra wide brown columns on the left and right, you know, the ones with no content! I’m at 1280px, and on Safari 5.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work.

  • Tommy B.

    Great new look Trey! Keep the videos coming. I enjoy getting to take part in your adventures. By the way, you should make your way out to east Tennessee sometime. The Smokey Mountains are waiting for you!

  • Leonardo

    Sorry to say this, but I prefered the previous layout! I had to resize this one to remove the horizontal scroll bar!

  • Love the new site and looking forward to the DVD!

  • Mike

    I like the redesign but I’m having the same problem as Fajar. Even with my monitor set at 1280×1024 I still have a horizontal scroll bar and it causes part of the right column to be cut off forcing me to scroll over to see all of it. A minor fix I’m sure. Great site!

  • TimC

    Loved the first book Trey. Can’t wait to read the new one.

  • New site looks great Trey!

  • I want to know what happened when you got to the top of the sketchy cliff and how on earth did you turn around??? I love your photos and videos and congrats on the new ebook. I especially enjoy Iceland, since I was able to visit there 2 years ago. It’s like visiting again. Are you heading toward the volcano?

  • hi there, nice new look!

  • Great look Trey! I would love to have the book being that I likely make some (or all) of these mistakes and would like to learn more!

  • Mitch Sacks

    Great site redesign!

  • Love the new design! Congrats on the launch. Can’t wait to read the eBook.

  • Hey Trey. Wow, new site is pretty sweet and considering I already have one book of yours, thought I might as well try and add to the collection 🙂
    Come for a photowalk in Sydney! Australia could do with some Trey-ness

  • Wow, Trey. Watched the video. Looks like the gulls and terns didn’t like you at all, yikes. But you did achieve your goal and took this marvelous photo of the lonely fishing hut. Boy, sure are a lot of posts today!!! I think your fans are increasing in number!! WTG!! Thanks for sharing the video and photo! Safe travels.

  • Cool looking new site for sure. I can’t decide which is more hilarious, birds in Iceland or mosquitoes in Yellowstone.

  • Marsa

    I liked the previous site – but I do love this one, as well! : ) Lonely Fishing Hut photo is beautiful.. as is all your work. Love the video – thanks for sharing!

  • Wow! I love the new site. I love all of your pictures they’re amazing. Your teaching is awesome too, it’s nice to have someone willing to pass on their knowledge without being all stuck up and really try to teach. Thanks Trey! 🙂

  • Shabnam

    Like it a lot!!

  • That is, indeed, the biggest header ever. Let’s just call it “bold” 🙂
    The only issue I noticed is that the Categories list text in the right nav is messed up/inconsistent with the rest of the right nav links.

  • exciting stuff.

  • Eric C

    I’m pretty certain that I’ve made all of those mistakes 😛

  • Haha those birds will indeed test your patience!

  • I dig the site redesign, but i am using a 24 inch monitor…

  • Keith G

    Site looks nice. Not too big of a change from the previous, so nice transition to this design. Still looks great!

  • Great site. Always loved the pics. 🙂

  • Frank Sammut

    I always enjoy coming to your site Trey, new design or not.
    But the new look is awesome.

  • Niklas

    Wonderful new appearance.
    I wish all the best. Even more people thanks to your tutorials will come to the wonderful world of HDR photography.
    As for the new book it will help many,many people (i hope i’ll be one of them)

  • Jeff S

    Sorry, don’t like the new design. I have to scroll all over the place on my notebook system. Virtually all content is “below the fold”. At first I thought the page was scrambled. Guess I won’t be visiting the site anymore.

  • Great work Trey, can not wait to see your new e-book.

  • Congrats on the new site Trey.
    When it began to load I saw the biggest header ever (which you explain on this post).
    It loads faster and without errors for me.

  • Marc

    Awesome, pick me, pick me!

  • I like the new graphics and new colors. Can’t wait to check out the new Ebook. Any extra help in the HDR processing is always a good thing. It’s still pretty new for me.

  • Azita

    Love the new website and can’t wait for the new e-book!

  • Very nice improvements to the site. I’m also looking forward to the new eBook. I’m hoping it covers some of the problems I’ve been having, too.

  • Sebastian Vieira

    Tray, I really like the new design, the footer is quite nice to see!

  • newelly

    love the new look.great site..paul

  • Holy moly that’s a giant header! All the info in it just barely squeezes onto my 1440×900 monitor but it looks GREAT! The site loads nice and fast so that’s even better ^^

  • Awesome video, keep ’em coming…I would have freaked out by the birds too 🙂

  • congratulations to your new design

  • REW

    Oooh! Oooh! Pick me!

    I really like the little note about the cover photo on the new book 🙂

  • Love the new website ! Waiting for the second book !

  • Hi Trey!

    Congrats for the new Website!
    I like it, but I must also say that the header is a bit too large for my taste.
    Although I have no difficulties at home and my 22″ monitor, this might be different on my laptop or netbook…



  • This kind of book will really help me — I’ve made so many mistakes, I haven’t had a successful HDR photo yet. Keep posting these great images, very inspiring.

  • Dave

    Great new design. Book sounds great 🙂

  • Marie

    love love the new site…..don’t even need my reading glasses!!

  • Love the new site design Trey. More than that though, I love your work; it’s a constant inspiration to me. Thank you for the daily dose of HDR beauty!

  • I love the fishing hut photo! Absolutely gorgeous!

    Can’t wait for your new eBook release; you always put out great stuff!

  • Ray

    Will be waiting to see this one.

  • nice new design 🙂

  • Steve

    Pick me, pick me! Seriously, the new ebook looks like its going to be great.

  • The blog looks great….nice work.

  • Just_Josie

    Hey Trey, Loved the old site, so was surprised to see on Twitter that you’d re-done it, but now I can see why – looks even more fabulous than before. Enjoying the pics, though still haven’t taken the plunge and tried out HDR… maybe if I win the new book 😉 it will inspire me even more…!

  • Randy

    Hi Trey, the site looks great!

  • Enjoyed the video. Just shows that you need to constantly be on the look-out for photo ops. enjoyable site and appreciate you sharing your HDR knowledge.

  • Rob

    Nice going, Trey. Congrats on the new ebook and new design!

  • Misty

    How exciting! When I first had the opportunity to see a HDR photo, I fell completely in love. Needless to say, yours are some of the best that I have seen. I come to the site regularly to see the beautiful photos and to learn how to make my own better.

  • I like the new look and it does load faster, but you need some help with that header. I run 1680×1050 and nothing but the header shows up. I think you could reduce this by 300% and still get the look you are going for. Here is an article on “above the fold” for reference. . People come to your sight looking for your images and your commentary so shouldn’t those be the most important things?

  • Nice upgrade Tray. Looks Great!

  • Cool revamped site! Links definitely are faster. The video reminded me of that ‘Hitchcock’-movie classic, lol!

    Keep up the amazing work!

  • The header does not show up on my iPad FYI. Liking the new design though.

  • Hola Trey, great video and well worth the end result. I love the behind the scenes video, it reminds us that everything is not easy. I will be looking for the secret clubhouse link, I am assuming it is hidden somewhere in the site.

    I hope all is well

  • Hi Trey, I like the new site, but not great on my laptop. Anyway, looking forward to the new book.


  • PawelM

    The new site looks great, but the header is IMHO way too big;)

  • Thanks for the opportunity to share in your HDR wisdom. Please add me to the ever growing list of people looking for free advice…except yours is worth much more than we pay for!

  • Billy

    i continue to read your blog everyday! love learning new tricks and cannot wait to read your book!! hope i can get lucky 🙂

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    I would..

    The end result was worth it. The picture is fantastic!

    Anyway, Looking forward to the new ebook and clubhouse.

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    Thanks for the inspiration Trey!

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    Here am i, hope that you choose me to send the eBook! 🙂

    I liked the new site layout!
    It fits good in my 24″ iMac!


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    New site looks great. I’ll admit that the header at the top is HUGE, but you were one of the pioneers in HDR, maybe you’ll be a trailblazer with insanely huge webpage headers. ?

    Do you (or anyone else who is board enough to be reading these 235+ comments) know the name of the songs that were playing in the background of the Iceland video? I’m “Googleing” the lyrics that I can make out, but not much luck.

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    Already getting stunning results … so … Thanks!

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    The new E-book looks nice as well, I’m sure I’ve made all 1o mistakes but I look forward to seeing what you have to say about them.

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  • Hi Trey,

    Somone forwarded me a link to your site, I think after a press release for your Japan video went out, and I was blown away by the photos as I had never heard of HDR before. That was a week ago and I have already gotten Photomatix, Noiseware for my Photoshop CS3, and have a tripod in the mail to me right now! Thank you so much for opening my eyes to a whole new way of looking at photography and the world.

    Here is my first “decent” HDR image, which I put together after carefully following the tutorial on your website:

    I would love feedback from you or anyone else who runs across this and has too much time on their hands or whatever, but really I just wanted to thank you for giving me a new vision of what my photos can be.

    Thanks again,

    Alex D

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  • Wowee, look at all these comments. I usually try to read thru what others say on here, but 300 is a bit much… Just promise people free stuff, eh? haha.

    I’m looking forward to this book, Trey. Of course, I hope I win it ^^ but I’ll probably spring for it if not. I get lots of compliments on my HDR, but when I compare it to yours, something just seems to be missing. Composition, processing, something else? It seems flatter somehow, but contrast isn’t the problem (or at least adding more doesn’t help) So I’m always excited to learn more of your secrets 😉

    Nice video and wonderful photo, by the way. You have more patience that I, sir. Those birds would have chased me away before I got the shot, I think, visions of Alfred Hitchcock’s film dancing in my head.

  • Lise Lacroix

    I love the new site, and today’s photo of the day is amazing just like all your work. I really want to try HDR using my new DSRL. You have inspired me and I now subscribe to your newsletter. Keep your inspiring images coming!!!

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    Love de new design and I love your work too. Always!
    Can’t wait to read the new eBook!

    Olá, Trey!!!
    Adorei o novo design e eu adoro o seu trabalho também. Sempre!
    Mal posso esperar para ler o novo eBook!

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    I can’t wait for the new ebook, i’m sure it will be really useful!

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    Nice new design for the website btw

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    Having to scroll down everytime sucks.
    You already have high visibility and established image so the new HUGE colorful header is overkill that from my point of view hurts.
    I love to see a beautiful picture each day in my feed reader but recently I get greeted by and ape…
    Come on!

  • Yeah, besides the huge font, header is waaaaaay too big!

  • Andreas

    I really love your work. I made my first tries in creating HDR photos, but the don’t looke really awesome yet. I hope I’ll get better in time, maybe with the help of the ebook, who knows? 🙂

    Keep up your great work!

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  • Congratulations! Great new website! I wish you never lose the ability to surprise us!! 🙂
    Beijos from Lisbon, Portugal. [by the way, you should visit us :))]

  • The website was great and now, with the new design, it is outstanding. Congratulations, Trey ! Please let me Fabien to create a website for me ;-). Regards from Spain,


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  • Love the new design, Trey – looking forward to your new ebook!

  • I am a random person. I even kinda feel a little random at this very moment! Wow… it’s a nice feeling. 🙂 Was it the Trey? Yes, I think it was the Trey. Definitely the Trey!

  • wow that’s a lot of comments :@P wonder wow will win the book? The sit redesign is good. it fits very well on my huge resolution screen. the pictures fit so well inside it. I’m looking forward to the new book. It be interesting to see how many of your top 10 mistakes in HDR processing I do. lol anyway thanks for your wonderful pictures and keep up the great work.

  • You never end to amaze me with your ideas, Trey. Mistakes when making hdr are very common, and it is fine, to show them over and over, to get better in processing with this delicate photography brange.

  • Kerry

    Wow, that header is indeed huge! But nice looking. And the site does load pretty fast for being so image-heavy. Kudos to all involved.

  • Paul

    Congrats, Trey on the new site design. I really have enjoyed reading A World in HDR and am looking forward to the new ebook and video.

    Can you comment on your focus strategy for landscapes? Do you do the hyperfocal thing, or do you have a different way of approaching focus when the background is far away, and there is also something closer that should be in focus as well. (like this image…)

  • Harris

    Wonderful work on the site has made it work faster than a short stay in customs!

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    New to your site but absolutely beautiful work. I look forward to coming back often!

  • Well for me it’s too big or maybe too much scroll :/ (so boring this huge scroll)
    My advice : find a way to shorten your page. Maybe a pager for comment that’s maybe what i will do if i was you.
    And accessibility/navigation is not good enough !
    Well for me they are many few thing that can be better than now 🙂

  • Ana

    Very excited about your new book and the new site is great. What a nice surprise when I pulled up and saw the big banner. I’m such a fan of your work… I have my screensaver in my imac set to change every 30 minutes to one of your photos (I downloaded a bunch of them). Everytime I need a break, I just go for a few seconds to the desktop and take a breath (or two). It’s the best relaxing therapy I’ve found 🙂

  • Looks great Trey. Sounds like the SmugMug hosting didn’t work out?

  • I’m new to the world of HDR. Found your site after watching I’m looking forward to following your HDR tutorial. Also been reading Mastering HDR Photography by Michael Freeman, courtesy of my local free County Library. Your new site is great…I find it easier to navigate and find all of your wonderful content. Keep up the good work.

  • Really looking forward to your new book. Love coming to the site for inspiration and tips.

  • Looks great Trey!

  • jona

    great. 🙂

  • a pleasure to view…bright and clear and colourful….looking forward to learning good stuff to go with my new camera..(.arriving tomorrow.)..thank you for all the info !

  • Congrats on the new look


  • Overall, the new site looks great. And I even like the the emphasis placed on your ebooks and tools as before they were actually hard to find sometimes. The site is much faster too.

    The large banner threw me at first but I knew to scroll down. After I see that banner twenty times I bet I get tired of it. Remember; this is more about the beauty of your images than about you.

    Thanks again for inspiration and your art!

    Btw, I bought your Workflow ebook and it was well worth it — excellent material.

  • Gladwin Johnson

    Great work!!! and its going to be an amazing book again…

  • Love the occasional on-location videos. Looking forward to the new e-book!

  • I have to say, seeing Trey say “DANGIT” repeatedly cracked me up.

    New site looks great! Much faster for me on this old PC.

  • Hi Trey!
    The new look of the site is just fantastic.
    Cheers from your pupil!

  • Ryan

    Wow!…..and not one bird in the image, impressive!

  • I’m still trying to find your first book in Malaysia. Can someone tell me where I can get both the new and first book? Thanks.

  • Peter Griffiths

    Site loads pretty quick. Viewing on a 24.5 inch monitor at 1920 X 1080 but agree with the others that the header takes up the entire 1st page and is a little big. I forget everything is bigger in Texas ha ha. Cant wait for more HDR related videos. “I’m just down the road from you” which in Texas translates to a couple of hundred miles away lol.

  • Love the new design! Biggest improvement in my mind is the loading speed. The last one was so slooooooow especially in the iPhone. Nice work!! Hope I win the eBook;-)

  • Derek Jensen

    New site looks great. Looking forward to the book!

  • theKyle

    I encountered the double-loading problem EVERY TIME in Firefox, but that certainly never kept me away. Still, the fix is much appreciated 🙂 Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents, from one Texan to another. And speaking of Texas, I’d love to see your take on the Dallas skyline at night sometime…

  • Loving your work – it is your HDR’s which inspired me to try some of my own. I tend not to process mine very much (lack of skill & time mostly I expect) – however having the bar set so high leaves me room to improve 🙂

  • Matt Sullivan

    Great job on the site, but yes that is one giant header!

  • Jason

    Trey… I clicked on the lonley fishing hut to see the bigger picture, but it was linked to your “Top 10 Mistakes” photo. Just an FYI.

  • delladolittle

    Hi Trey, I really like the new site!! Can’t wait to see your new ebook.

  • Dan

    First glance (only a glance) reminded me of one I took up along the Utah / Idaho border. I just looked in my flickr postings and can’t find it now. Maybe I haven’t made mine public…

  • Hey Trey, love your stuff and for the life of me I can’t get my HDRs to look anything like yours. I *need* this ebook!

  • wow great book and it would help alot for my studies if i can get hold of one.
    Thanks for your offer!

  • Hmm, not sure about the new look. Way too much scrolling needed. And the smart top nav bar? Where’s the smart part? It’s just sitting there at the top of the page! 😉 I guess you mean a “constant in view nav bar”? Well, it ain’t! The speed increase is good, though!

  • Carl Tucker

    Good job Trey, I have enjoyed your work for a couple of years now. I am looking forward to the e-book. Many people in Chile are getting interested in your technique. Like your new look a lot. Now that I know that B & N has your book, while I’m in the states I will pick it up. Great work, keep it up. Carl in Chile

  • haveacupoftea

    New Zealand village for sale! Not exactly on topic, granted, but I immediately thought about you when reading this. An entire village, with railway station, hotel and all, albeit on the smallish side.
    You could make it your own Main Street DisneyWorld-like if you want, or any picturesque idea you long for.

  • Thanks for the endless inspiration Trey….I pass it on to my photography students. Your site has evolved nicely and artistically.

  • Michael

    Site looks great!

  • Love the new site Trey.. looks great…

  • GREAT new look! Awesome! And for the record, I wanna win the book :)!

  • I look forward to figuring out all the mistakes i’ve been making!

  • Trey, awesome shot! I’m glad to see that you are getting into info products like your ebook. I remember when we talked on the phone about it over a year ago. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

    Terry in DC

  • I mentioned this elsewhere on your site, but wanted to post here as well that I’m kinda diggin your new site, the more and more I come back to it. I had really like your previous one, also designed by the same design genius you used. Really looking forward to picking this new ebook up once it is released, as I have previously enjoyed your other ebook, as well as the other things you have put out for us to enjoy.

  • Sheena

    I would love it!

  • Jim

    Sounds like a helpful book!

  • Morten Scheel

    Can’t wait to learn from your mistakes. In case you read this, I was wondering if you could provide some technical insight into what goes on behind the scenes of a tonemapping process? I love working intuitively, fumbling my way through, and I do learn a lot. But I suspect that my left brain might be more useful if it knew what the heck was going on.
    Love your work my man.

  • I like the new website. Very interactive! Thanks Trey and friends!

  • rakhmindyarto

    i like to learn from mistakes, this book will inspire me to be a better man.

  • Loving the new site! Looking forward to the new book as well.

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    KEEP ‘EM COMIN’!!!!!


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