My Nymph in the River

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Daily Photo – My Nymph in the River

Nestled deep inside this landscape is Irina. She is getting some fresh water for our camp. Irina took care of me night and day, making me all sorts of food, snacks, and drinks along the way. Over the entire trek, we went about 40km through the Andes, so I’m quite sure she helped keep me alive!

This beautiful location was near one of the many glacial rivers that flows out of the mountains. The air was cool and crisp, but not frigidly cold. You can see Irina has a little hoodie up to keep her nymph-ears warm. The air was just about perfect for the strenuous hike, because I ended up generating quite a bit of heat while carrying so much photography equipment.


  • Gr8Scot

    Wow………………..what a place.

    You totally captured it!

  • Let me say it the britt way: “bloody well done” Trey =)
    And certainly the newspaper is a superb “product”.
    Yes yes indeed, i agree with you, let´s continue photographing what we want, let´s no exert the worst and most miserable form of censorship, that is, self censorship. For a free photoworld!1
    Best regards.

  • Again – beautiful scenery! 🙂

  • nice sharp HDR

  • prosem

    Very nice display of how altitude affects climate. Nicely done!

  • Jamie Zartman

    It’s like nature rolled out a photo depicting both the transition from black and white to color and winter
    to autumn. Well captured.

  • Bonnie

    This is so great! Depth and contrast. It’s like you are right there. I love it.

  • Jamie Zartman

    Quick follow up, my iMac desktop photo of the week and did you get your boots wet
    taking this photo?

  • Trey. All your Iceland photos are beyond AMAZING. Next time you go can I come? I won’t bother you, promise! I would LOVE to go to Iceland, but would never ever know where to photograph and how to navigate on my own. Seriously, consider it! Please. 🙂

    Okay, I’m only sort of kidding.

    NEK Photography Blog

  • Thanks!

    Jamie – well, yes a bit wet… tried to stand on dry rocks, but that is always a scary proposition!

    Jen – Hehe sure! Well… actually I was half-considering planning a few adventure-photography outings!

  • casusan

    Such a beautiful shot Trey – it’s gorgeous there!

  • I bet this pic would look amazing LARGE! So much detail to look at. Thanks!

    Jen – FYI, the link attached to your name contains a comma instead of a period that makes it not work. But still enjoyed the nice HDRs in your gallery! Thanks.

  • Wonderful photo, Trey. As usual ^^

    Whoa, and site redesign. Looks nice! Even bigger than my screen now, and here I thought I had a big monitor. Did you scrap the custom fonts or are they returning later?

  • Thanks!
    David – yes – it is just as wide as before – with a taller header… custom fonts are gone for now and may return in a bit… not sure. it is faster this way for sure.

  • Wow!!!! Wow!!! amazing photo as usual. Your. Looking forward to learning from you at Like the new header to.

  • Trey wins the award for the largest header on a website. Congrats Trey!
    That is one crazy shot, thanks for sharing!

  • Kat

    This one makes me want to step into this picture! Stunning as usual…I look forward to your photos.

  • Jim Embury


    Which camera and lens? What tripod do you travel with?


    Jim E

  • Thanks all ! 🙂

    Jim – I have all my equipment and that info on the /hdr-camera/ page — more there than I can put here!

  • Ah I see. The new header graphic is bigger than my screen, but the main columns are the same as usual. Fooled me. Anyways, nice job. I like it.

  • Carrie Patterson

    Spot on as always! I bet the water tasted amazing!

  • Irina S. Russia

    It’s m-it’s me!!!:) Trey, that was a great trip, I hope we’ll have even more fun next time!!!

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