The Last Pier

New Video Soon

I made a quick video as I was going from one fjord to the next in Iceland just two days ago. I’m editing it now and hope to upload soon… so stay tuned!

Daily Photo – The Last Pier

I made two long drives to Milford Sound. Actually, on the first one I didn’t quite make it all the way because it got too dark. These are the perils of stopping a lot to take photos… but no matter, really, when you see stuff like this. How can you not stop for a photo?

It’s tempting to go out on the dock to take photos, but tiny ones like this tend to shift around with the waves. That can cause all the photos to be misaligned and can cause quite a processing mess. I spend enough time post-processing as it is, so I can’t imagine purposefully setting myself up for more!


  • I love how you can see how the sunlight is breaking through the clouds at the top of the image. Though, I feel like the whole pic is a little dark.

    I don’t know if you got this question already/answered it: Have you ever thought about geotagging your pics so we can all know exactly where the photo is taken? I know some cameras save the geo-info and I’m sure there are devices you can hook up to your camera so that you can save information about your location. Do you think of using any?
    You know, maybe somebody will explore your blog 100 years from now, recognize how awesome it is and try to take pictures at all the exact same positions you have taken pictures at as a part of “historical research” or something like that πŸ˜‰

  • I agree with iWantnext, the cloud in the middle with the sunrays shooting out from it is very very nice.

    I hear you completely on the dock thing, Trey. I went to take some long exposure shots from one of those walking bridges over a busy highway. When I got home, I was dismayed to find them blurry messes even tho I used a tripod. I hadn’t realized just how much the bridge shook from all that passing traffic below. Even if I had done very fast exposures, they would have been completely unaligned. I can only imagine the situation on a dock would be even worse.

    Looking forward to your video!

  • iwantnext – That is a very interesting question!!! I have a surprise coming up in the next few months that you will love, based on that question!!! In the meantime, I am looking for a good geo-tagging device to add to my Nikon system so it is automatic.

    David – I’ve had that problem too… those dang trucks can really move the bridge!

  • Personally I like the darkness, it’s nice to have that contrast.

    As for geotagging with Nikon, unless you’re willing to bet on some obscure and hard to buy chinese imported products, your only REAL choice is the GP-1. Seems to me the biggest complaint is the battery drain as it’s only really practical to use if you have it in the always-on mode, so it keeps a lock on the GPS.

    Personally, I just use a separate geo tracking device, and let tools like Aperture or Houdahgeo merge the data onto my photos at import time.

  • Bonnie

    I, too, believe the photo may be a little dark. However, I tend to shoot my photos a little dark. Though I am only a novice, my opinion is that it allows me to see a little more depth and drama most times. I love landscapes & sun shots! This one of the pier gives you all that. I love the light in the water from the sun and how it peeks from the clouds.

  • casusan

    Beautiful shot Trey! I love that cloud formation – awesome!

  • Trey, Promote systems have a slick GPS system for Nikon. I have their PromoteControl on my Canon to deliver as many exposures as I want since the Canon cameras in my budget ranges don’t offer bracketing more than 3 exposures. Of course their GPS device isn’t offered for Canon yet *sigh* … Good Shooting up there in the wilds of Iceland! Later, Paul

  • That photo would make an awesome HDR, but you’re right. The post processing would be a nightmare. Too bad. But it still looks wonderful.

    One of the reasons I always carry my camera with me EVERYWHERE is that you never know when a good shot will appear. The feeling of being prepared and capturing an unexpected shot is pretty nice too!

  • Michele

    Terry White from Adobe tested several GPS devices for the Nikon range. They can be found in various posts at this link:

  • Biscuit_Chucker

    I believe you can find some Compact Flash Cards nows that have geotagging abilities built in? I can’t provide any brand names off the top of my head but I seem to remember reading about them recently.

  • Biscuit_Chucker
  • Biscuit_Chucker

    Until I read the last paragraph PROPERLY! D’oh! Sorry! πŸ™‚

  • On the geo-tagging thing, there’s this interesting thing in Aperture 3 where it will use geo info from “nearby” in pictures and apply this to no tagged ones. By nearby, I mean ones that were taken in the same time period. So… what I do is import an iPhone picture from the same time/place and it will use that on the RAW images. Yikes, that is a bad explanation! Have a look at the online help πŸ™‚ Not sure if Lightroom has the same feature.
    As always – thanks for capturing the beauty of this place we call “home”.

  • Very nice photo, Trey!!! Here we are in Snohomish, Washington, visiting our son before he deploys to Kuate. We left home a little after 6 a.m. this morning and got here in time for 4:00 traffic, lol. We took Hwy 2 and came over Stevens Pass, which is something we can’t do at Christmas!!! Beautiful day and drive. So, thus I am posting this late. Brought my new laptop with me and it works great here to ;-)!! It’s nice to be mobile.
    Looking forward to your video!!! Is your time in Iceland coming to an end?? Seems like it’s been 2 weeks. I loose track of time anymore with so much going on lately. Hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads that post on here!!!

  • Thanks all!

    Gail – yes – trip is finally over… just getting re-organized here… still out of sorts

    Everyone else – thanks for the GPS feedback…. some new stuff in there for me to see! πŸ™‚

  • Graham Breeze

    I bought an EasyTagger GPS for my Nikon and have been very happy with it.

    Instant Geotagging as well as having a compass to record heading, barometric pressure for altituide, and GPS logging functionality to a built-in micro SD card. Battery life has been pretty good, and aquisition time is usually under a minute from a cold start. Only downside so far has been that it took a bit of time for it to get to me from China.

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