10 Amazing, Incredible, and Remarkable Adjectives

10 Amazing, Incredible, and Remarkable Adjectives

1. Amazing

2. Incredible

3. Remarkable

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4. Mind-Blowing

5.  Obamariffic

6.  Redonkulous

7.  Jaw Shattering

8.  H1n1ilicious

9.  Pants-Smelling

10.  Adjectival

Daily Photo – My Adventure Buddy in Argentina

I’m relatively picky when it comes to travel partners.  #1 rule:  Don’t annoy me.  Is that too much to ask?

So, I choose my travel partners with care… and I did not make any mistakes with my Russian friends in Argentina.  They were perfectly affable and enjoyable travel-buddies.  There when you needed them and gone when you didn’t…  it’s hard to explain, but maybe some of you know what I mean.

Below is Vulva, a wonderful guy with a gentle spirit.  He’s tall, somewhat severe-looking, and has a booming Russian voice, but he has a tiny Buddha inside of him… a really great guy.  One morning, we woke up and went out to shoot in fresh snow.  I grabbed this one of him in the woods before taking a little hike to the glacier below.

The Textures Tutorial video, which is always a popular thing, shows how I edited the second photo below… I recorded a screencast and talked through my steps in its creation.



  • Damen Stephens

    OK – so I know this is incredibly immature of me, but did anyone else titter a little at the mention of a gentle “Vulva” ?? 🙂

  • Wow what amazing scenery – that’s something we have PLENTY of here in Scotland which makes up for our lack of cool motorbikes! Reflections work so well in this type of photography…..

  • Great list, Trey. How very Aspergian of you! 😉

  • What the heck is number 8 on the list….? haha.

    And of course, your photo is amazing. Looks like a painting. I always hear that about my own work.

  • OK, where did that come from, Trey. Did someone annoy you??? Not to sure about Obamarific, but will keep my comments to myself, lol. I’ve seen both of these photos before, I think. Not sure if that is the same one of Vulva or not. I’m used to his name, so it doesn’t bother me, 😉 . Great photos anyway!! Hope the rest of your time in Iceland is good and you don’t have any annoying hosts!

  • hehe thanks all… Gail – the reference is because everyone on the internet makes a top 10 list, and they use an adjective to describe the list – like “Top 10 Incredible Underwater Photos”.

    Damen – yes – hehe – but it is pronounced with a “W” sound, like Chekov saying “Nuclear Wessel”.

  • casusan

    Wonderful shots Trey – liked you adjectives too!

  • top 7 best, most awesome, coolest, magical ways to open your mail!

    Yes…Right. I’m glad I’m not the only one annoyed by the top X (insert adjective) lists.

    At any rate, very nice photo. I have played with textures many times, even gotten some compliments for my texture HDRs on my blog, but I am never happy with how it turns out. I just can’t figure them out. One of these days when I have more cash, I’m gonna have to invest in your textures tutorial. I would love to use them as well as you do.

  • I love the subtle use of textures on this one. I bought your video on textures; at first glance you might think its kind of expensive but then I figured… I’m getting the “jewels”. 🙂 Certainly worth the $$ to my mind!

  • Can’t quite say why, but your picture of your adventure buddy Vulva in the snow has to be one of my all time favorites on your site. He has a very engaging presence.

  • Hehe. You said vulva. Damen, a gentle vulva with a “tiny Buddha inside!” That’s not something you see everyday.

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