The Red Room, Revisited


For slow responses in comments and stuff.  I have very little internet connection time here in Iceland.  I’m out shooting constantly… seeing amazing things… just amazing.

Anyway, please accept my apologies… I still read all comments and will get to them soon.

Daily Photo – The Red Room, Revisited

Frequent visitors will recognize this amazing place in Chicago.

It is the Crimson Lounge, and this is where we had the big book party in Chicago.  Before the party, I brought my rig down here to take a few photos of this place when it was nice and empty.  I like it for many reasons…  a big part of me remembers it from David Lynch’s mind and those macabre scenes from Twin Peaks with the midget.  A midget that walks backwards and talks backwards and then is played back forwards is enough to unnerve the hardest man.


  • Great shot Trey – Just showed this to my boss who is a huge Lynch fan and the memories of the ‘Backwards’ midget has unnerved him!

  • Awesome shot 🙂

  • Beautiful room in that lounge!!! Makes it look like a comfy place to relax if you like red, lol. Red is not exactly a relaxing color, but truly a pretty one. Stay safe in Iceland. We enjoy your posts whenever you can do them.

  • Cool to see your version of the place we shot. Very nice. That was a great day. You were in “iceland” that day too. We just call it Chicago. Visiting Wisconsin now. They have the internet here and it works pretty good. 🙂

  • Whoa.. nice looking place!

  • casusan

    Wow – what a cool looking place Trey! Glad you are having fun in Iceland!

  • Trey is in the Black Lodge with Dale …

  • Is this shot with your 14-24?

    my god the detail is amazing.

  • It is how I would imagine Persian King backrooms or Ottoman Empire Pasha palace or maybe their harem interior

  • Love the reds and textures! Excited to see some of your new Iceland shots!

  • Angi English

    I was just in Chicago and sorry I missed visiting the Red Room. Looks like a very interesting place with such rich colors and retro furniture.

  • Neat photo Trey. Really captures the rich colors and textural elements of a relaxing place. It has a Victorian feel to it. Sorry I missed visiting the Crimson Lounge when I was in Chicago recently. A must stop next time.

  • Hehe – the black lodge – yes ! 🙂

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