Trey in Hot Water

Strange Things I’ve Seen/Done so Far Here:

I like to do my best to give timely updates when I am off on a photo adventure…. so while I am here in Iceland for about two weeks, I wanted to pop in on occasion with some new stuff!

  • Got my metal tripod stuck in an electric fence for 11 seconds.  That was 11 long seconds of shocks…  (was meant to keep the sheep in and photographers out)
  • Received a wake-up call at 8 PM
  • Took photos behind a waterfall at 3 AM
  • Avoided a dive-bombing bird who was upset at me for some reason
  • Found two caves
  • Drove for 3 hours without seeing another car

Daily Photo – Trey in Hot Water

In some spots, this water is like a lukewarm bath.  In other places, it’s like falling in fresh magma.  I wish I could get some place that’s right in between…. you know… about the temperature of a molten lava cake.

The water is a strange, but natural, light-blue color.   Really, milky-white is a more apt desciption.  The edges of the water are black lava rock, and the water laps up on it, giving it a fine white stain all around the outside.

The whole time I was in here, I kept thinking this must be good for my skin…. removing toxins or something… that’s what they say, but who really knows.  Conceivably, it could be inserting more toxins into my body.

There is a fine silica there that you can spread all over to make a little mud mask. I didn’t really do a full mud mask since I’m not a woman.


  • Gr8Scot

    Wow! Sounds like a ton of fun! I have been considering visiting Iceland. How expensive does it seem?

  • That post made my day. I always enjoy your self-depreciating sense of humour! And I think about opening a flickr group called “spectacled men submerged in hot water wearing incomplete silica mud masks”

  • Wow Iceland. That’s my lifelong dream to go there. I’m so jealous right now >.<. Enjoy it Trey and I'm sure you'll haul us some wonderful captures from up there.

  • Thx!

    Gr8Scot – it is still pretty expensive…. I expected after the “collapse” of the economy that things would be cheap… but they are not! Standard Euro prices…

  • Did you forget to rub in the sunscreen? 😀

  • Why you don’t make HDR in this photo?

  • Are you planning to also visit CCP, the EVE Online Headquarters? If so, then of course we’d like to see some great photos! You know how it goes, it’s “pics or fake!” LOL. :D:D:D

  • Hell Trey,,a newbie here in your outstanding blog. Wow, everything is amazing. I see you are enjoying Iceland (expensive it is indeed,, but i think it is worth the expenses) waiting to see the wonderful pics of the journey,,as you already have many great pics from the land of Sagas. Regards, and how nice to have found such a blog. =)

  • You crack me up, man! That picture of you just tickles me for some reason. It was on the self timer? Maybe not… I mean too tricky I’d imagine. You know it would be cool to get someone to shoot a video of you on one of these trips; behind the scenes type of thing.

  • Love it!

  • LOL, Trey. You are having quite an adventure over there in Iceland! I would love to soak in that hot water!!!! Envious in Montana. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Trey, Isn’t that water wonderful? I visited Iceland two years ago. What an awesome place and so beautiful. I’d love to see the volcanic action but I’ll have to experience it through your photos. Thanks for your wonderful blog. (and your book).

  • Nice. How did you make it to keep you in focus and everything else a blur? I’d imagine you set camera on timer release with multiple shots taken, but then you have to get in the water and put your self right where the camera was prefocused, unless it can autofocus on the nearest object while taking timer shots.

  • I can’t wait to see the waterfall photos! In all my excurtions I have yet to be zapped by an electric fence, although I have come close! The other day I accidently found myself inside an electrified fence area while taking photos and it took me 45 minutes to get out. I had to crawl on the ground to get out. But it was worth it.

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

    NEK Photography

  • Iceland is such a beautiful country! I lived there for three years and actually never went to the Blue Lagoon.

  • Kat Miner

    I’ve been enjoying the website “ – they have 6 webcams, primarily around the capital. They are wondefully large and fill your screen and have very decent clarity. It’s much like being there. My favorite is of Tjornin, the lake in the center of Rekjakvik. Second to that is the BLue Lagoon – you can see people floating around in the water and the attendant in his bright colored safety vest and people using the shower – it’s a trip! It would be fun see someone you knew was over there pop up on the webcam waving to you – Perhaps I saw you in the Blue Lagoon?

  • Patrick

    I am thinking of – maybe – going to Iceland, too.
    Maybe you could share your opinion about what just is a MUST when in Iceland.
    Alternatively, you could just post your travel itinerary – I promise I will not start my
    journey right away and stalk you. 🙂

  • That place is cool! I was there last May. I however, did completely cover my face in that stuff. I still look the same though LOL!

    Have fun Trey. Can’t wait to get back there someday. When is the longest day by the way?

  • casusan

    Oh wow great shot of you Trey – that looks like such fun!

  • It’s a nice shot, who took it? Presumably you on a timer. How many tries?

    BTW, your last sentence is awesome “…because I’m not a woman”.

    Keep up the great work! you’re an inspiration!

  • Hi Trey, Thanks as always for all the great posts!! You’re an inspiration to us all. One question that I would be so grateful for an answer to. What equipment do you use when you shoot panoramic stitched images? Meaning what tripod/stitcher head are you using and what software? Thank you!

  • No full mask but must have had a couple of blemishes there up top.

    Looks like a good time. I’m sure it gave you a minute to relax.

  • Harbles

    Nice shot! Looks and sounds like you’re having a good time. The picture reminds me of some thing .. oh yeah×900.jpg

  • Hey Trey,

    jealous as hell, I loved the 10 days I spent there last year… here are some of the panoramics I took while I was there… see if you find the same locations… 🙂


  • Ooops, missed something…. for dive bombing birds, hold a stick above your head… it will dive bomb the stick instead… then you can take shots of the attack… as for the dive bombing itself, it’s breading season at the moment and you were probably stood near to a ground nest… 😀

  • Cracking up…”since I’m not a woman.” =)

  • thx everyone – will respond to comments soon – not enough internet time here I’m afraid!

  • Looking forward to the new book.

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  • Hey, love your blog!
    I just booked tickets to Iceland for this summer!
    Now, I’m wondering how you took this shot. I’ve been planning to go to the blue lagoon, and want to take a self portrait without looking too silly. Any suggestions?

  • You can take your camera in there with you… just be careful. I handed mine to some serious-looking Germans after I set it up to take my shot.

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