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Video on YouTube – Japan: Heartbeats of Time

A little tweety birdy told me that smooth operator Frederick Van mentioned this video on This Week in Photography. So, I thought I would use the YouTube occasion to bump it back to the top!

If you want to know how I did this, visit the Stuck In Motion page.

So, I have a dumb question for all you video-smarties out there! I first put this video on Vimeo. By default, it has HD and seems to produce a smooth, HD signal. YouTube, on the other hand, has a more tricky HD Embed option. When I choose it, YouTube tries to force it to 1300 pixels wide, which is wider than this page. I’d be happy with 900 across. Any ideas?

Daily Photo – Traditional Japanese Woman in Tokyo

A few weeks ago I said I was working on some tips and tricks for taking photos of people. I haven’t forgotten about that promise! I’ve just been super-busy. And now I will be in Iceland for about two weeks… but it is still on my to-do list!

Japan is of course a great place to take photos of people… and, if you are like me (I suspect you are, since you are a regular), you like watching people. It’s especially nice to watch people when they look a little different and their mannerisms vary slightly from what we expect. Making that whole experience even more intense is the pure fun of trying to capture a whole person with a single photo.

Tokyo was full of all sorts of pedestrians. Most of them are modern — or, rather, neo-modern. They sport the latest fashions and are as flamboyant as any nation that is comfortable with itself. But, on occasion, you see a traditional Japanese woman gliding through the streets. These sorts of anachronisms are wonderful subjects.

You may also notice her traditional two-toed shoes.  I wore these a lot inside ryokan — the big toe goes into the first slot and the rest of your nonsense toes go into the other part.  They’re a bit like mittens… strange but quite comfy.  How she kept hers dry and clean in the wet streets remains a mystery!


  • Chris

    I’m glad that video went on YouTube. Because often I only my iPhone and the Vimeo version has not yet been converted to work on the iPhone.

    (Sorry I don’t have an answer on the video width question.)

  • That’s a great shot. Even in her traditional kimono, she has a modern purse and umbrella. That’s what I love about Japan: This wonderful mix of old and new. The old is amazing of course. Shrines, temples, torii gates, so on so on, but it’s when the old pops into and mixes with the modern, predominantly Western culture, that is when magic happens.

  • Hola Trey, what I do for the You Tube Trick is grab the HD code, and then change the HTML code manually inside of your post to the size that you want it to display.

    The image of the lady is wonderful. Thank you

  • Deyson is right. Inside the HTML code you have “width=1300” and “height=whatever” just change those to the dimensions you prefer. There are two instances of this you will need to change. Make sure you get both of them or your code could bug out.

    Looks something like this:

    … more code here
    … and here
    … and here too
    … width=”660″ height=”525″>

  • Sorry, my above post didn’t like my putting HTML code in it and it only displayed half of my text.

    Here is a link to what I am talking about:

    Hope that helps. Awesome photo by the way, the women really stands out and makes a statement in the picture.

  • Thanks all.

    That trick seemed to work pretty good.

    Does the playback seem jerky to you compared to the Vimeo version? Or are both equally smooth/jerky?

  • casusan

    Wonderful shot of her Trey – yes, I do wonder how she keeps those feet dry too!

  • Nice capture. What kind of lens do you usually use when you are mostly taking pictures of people? I’ve been thinking of getting a Canon 85mm for this purpose, could it be too long?

  • I told you this on facebook but I’ll repeat it here: Absolutely mesmerizing. Excellent job, Trey.

  • Thanks all – very much!

    Zippi – I like the 50 or 85 prime! 🙂 the 85 is just great – you will love it

  • Linda Castellani

    Is it the lens that creates the depth of field so that she is sharp and detailed and everything else is varying degrees of fuzzy?

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  • Yamaplos

    on keeping foot mittens dry…

    some people just have that – “quality” – you can see it in the rest of her demeanor, on how she stands, how she holds the umbrella. It is *her* quality that gives quality to the picture…

    Many years ago I guided a bunch of kids from a church group to visit a wall-to-wall bat-guano cave. One of them had white pants – I sort of was looking forward to see how he’d end up p-). Fact is, by the end of the tour I had mud even in my hair. The kid? not a dot. That got me to reflect, some of us don’t have that ‘jeito’, some others do….

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