Kea Campers in New Zealand

What Projects Am I Working On?

I am working on more cool stuff than I can talk about!

But, upcoming, I do have a full comparison of the new Photomatix (see the current Photomatix Review) and the Adobe CS5 Photoshop HDR stuff. I’ve been doing massive testing, as you might expect… and I am trying to put together something cogent for release soon. But, very briefly, so far Photomatix is faster and better with my recommended workflow.

Do you primarily use a Mac to edit your photos? If so, then check out Aurora HDR Pro! I worked with Macphun for over a year to build the ultimate HDR software!

Upcoming in the near future, I have a very long-form article about a wonderful adventure in Hollywood. It is taking forever to put together and is quite different from the usual post… but I think you will like it!

Besides all that, I’ve also been working on a huge new art project that I hope to display to you in the next few weeks. You guys may hate it… I dunno… I guess we’ll see. I’ve received too much rejection in life to worry about it, so I’ll just float it out there and see what you think!

Daily Photo – Kea Campers in New Zealand

While I was in New Zealand, I got up close and personal with my Kea Camper.  That thing was my home for almost a month, and my wife, two kids, and I lived the heck out of it.  Before the trip, I did a lot of research to find the best one… I wasn’t disappointed.  In fact, I liked it so much, I grabbed a bunch of pics of it!  I’ll add them to the New Zealand Campers page in a bit. I will also add a bunch more information on there about suggested routes, tips, tricks, and more. I’ve been meaning to do that for a while… can’t find the time.

Also, the Kea Campers people know about me and the site – they wanted to offer you a special deal. Just mention STUCKINCUSTOMS when you reserve, and you’ll get all free camping equipment! Cool deal, eh?

I put a few things about the “Camper Van” experience on that page… the good and the bad. The best part? The kids having a blast in their “Clubhouse” upstairs above the driver. The worst part? Getting that beast up curvy, tight, uphill mountains… that caused a bit of unnecessary stress!


  • New Photomatix eh? Sounds interesting. I’ve also been playing around with the CS5 HDR tools. I think they’re pretty cool. It produces a different style to Photomatix, I think CS5 one is a little sharper and less noise, but Photomatix has a bit more of a pop to it. They both have their pros and cons to me.
    Love the photo. The clarity on the van is awesome, and looks like beautiful scenery in the background.

  • Jeremy

    As great as all of your shots are, its cool to see some “behind” the scenes type shots every now and again. After seeing the original shot I never would have though it was a place you could drive right up to, hop out and take a beautiful shot like the original. Having never been to New Zealand you are making me realize just how much I’m missing out on.

  • That looks like a two page spread I’d expect to see on a high end brochure for Kea Campers! Were they interested in purchasing a commercial license for it?

  • Great picture and it would have made a great add for Kea Campers.

  • Charles: good point 🙂

    Trey: Making me very homesick. Lovely shot – I assume this is in the Nelson Lakes area again?

  • I agree this image does look like a high end commercial shot. How many exposures did you use on this one Trey?

    Do you homeschool your children?

    Thank you for sharing.

  • This is a neat shot, still very “Stuck in Customs,” but a bit of a departure from the type of shot you usually do! I like the placement of your son in the shot. In the mix of taking so many “artsy” photos on vacation, I try to remember to include family members in some of the shots too!

  • casusan

    Cool camper Trey – Can’t wait for all your upcoming ‘news’!

  • As always, awe-sum photography from a very unique area of the world. Even more awe-sum, Is the way you take, thought, time, love and inter-grate family into your passion.

  • Great shot. I like the composition.

  • Jeff Welker

    Interesting composition. Your son playing digital games inside the Kia; almost oblivious to the beauty lurking just outside the open door. Well done.

  • Thanks all!

    Jeff – yes… he saw many weeks of it…. and the video games were a welcome break from the beauty for him I think! hehe

    Nic – Yes this is by the Nelson Lakes

  • Deyson – sorry I missed your question – yes we do homeschool our kids…

    And all – yes Kea Campers loves these pics!

  • Like the shot, I’m interested to see what you think about CS5.

  • I love HDR that doesn’t look like HDR.

    If I had anything to do with Kea Campers I would make you an offer very soon.



  • Ali

    This shot is REALLY nice. But I have to say, I LOVE the second one of the Kea Camper you posted (on the New Zealand Campers page). It was just perfect in every way. Thanks for sharing.

  • Casper van Zyl

    As much as I love camping my family don’t.

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