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@TreyRatcliff This guy traveled the world in the early 1900s & captured it all in COLOR

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Daily Photo – Aerophilia

Is aerophilia a word? Probably not. People that are really into planes probably have a very specific word for this, and the “wrong” word probably really irritates them… so I apologize in advance.

This wondrous place is the new Air and Space Museum in DC. I thought I knew a lot about planes until I got here. I would recognize this and that, but the whole gestalt of the place was completely overwhelming. Overwhelming in an awesome way, of course.

I only took the Nikon D3S in here (see my Nikon D3S Review) because they would not allow tripods. The D3S is so much better at quick shots with low noise. All of my HDRs in here were handheld, so I had to be sure that I took the photos quickly and with very little noise.


  • One of my favorite places!

  • Great shot! One of my favorites, especially in terms of composition and color palette. The muted red and yellow tones of the biplane and jet look great in that huge expanse of industrial white. Really pops on my iPad. Thanks!

  • All I know about airplanes I learned from The Aviator and my multiple trips across the Pacific. In other words, not much. I’d love to visit here and learn more!

  • Great photo, Trey!!! My husband would like this one as he’s quite knowledgeable on airplanes. There is a huge museum in Tillamook, Oregon full of aircraft. I sat in the car while he went in as I couldn’t do that much walking. I think you might enjoy going there someday. Since I lost weight, I could probably walk through there now, lol. Thanks for sharing, WTG!!

  • I really think that should be one of your gallery editions, it would be just amazing on metal. While im not really into airplanes, i think those who are would love to have this printed for themselves.


  • what a perfect subject for HDR- all metallic, shiny, and glowy… beautiful shot Trey!

  • Amazing work, Trey. It looks fantastic!

  • your work never ceases to amaze me Trey. handheld HDR…wow. great shot. were you on some kind of walkway above the floor?

  • Great shot Trey! The colors are amazing and that museum looks fantastic.

  • casusan

    Super shot – I too like how it just seems to glow!

  • Ali


    That photo is fantastic. As an aerospace engineer, it has always been one of my aspirations to go to the DC Air and Space museum. You really did a great job capturing those aircrafts. A place I love going to is the airplane junkyard in Tucson, AZ. There are a myriad of photo opportunities, not to mention that it’s a ton of fun for a nerd like me.

    I really enjoyed your photo!

    – Ali

  • Outstanding image as usual Trey.Have you tried using a monopod for situations like this?They are easily hidden and quick to collapse down when you have taken your shot!!!

  • Thanks all –

    Martin – no, I don’t have a monopod… I need a lot more stability + I don’t want to carry around another solution for this sort of thing…

  • Well done Trey. You make it look like that Grumman Gulfhawk wants to fly again…

  • Hi Trey

    Say did you ever have a chance to shoot the Spruce Goose when it was in Long Beach? I just visited it’s new home in McMinnville Oregon a few weeks back. (Evergreen Avation Museum) Take a look at my panoramic if you like

    Also have you seen this monopod that becomes a tripod?
    TrekPod XL Carbon Fiber Monopod with MagMount Pro Head.
    You might be able to get away with using it in places that don’t allow them.

    B&H has them at.

  • Awesome image! What noise removal software would you recommend? I use Photomatix Pro for my HDR but there is still too much noise…

  • Thanks!

    Michael – no – never saw it… have seen that tripod, but that would still require carrying a 2nd “tripod” like unit on trips… too much for me!

    Valerie – I recommend Noiseware – see my review here:

  • Epic…

  • Great image . . I wish I had access to a big museum like that!
    We only have little ones!

  • The copper hue of the center biplane creates a warm and wonderful contrast to the rest of the image. I’ve always wanted to visit Air and Space Museum in DC – this photo has me planning a trip.

  • Very nice HDR. I like the contrast you created in it.

  • Wow great shot Trey! Fantastic detail and light and shadow work

  • Isn’t it funny, I recognize what subject of this photo because I visited this museum when I was in DC, but this amazing photo creates a completely different feeling. Nice work.

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