The Driskill at Night

HDR DVD getting closer!

I know there is rampant demand for the HDR DVD, and I wanted to give you an update. The production is about to come to a close, and we can get it to everyone as soon as possible. I’ve been getting early cuts of some of the sections, and they look really sharp. They are filled with many, many examples of my exact workflow, showing how I make layers in Photoshop, how I do my settings in Photomatix, the best order of operations, how I “think through images”, and more. You’ll love it!

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Daily Photo – The Driskill at Night

Here is one of the photos that I process on the HDR DVD.

During the Austin Workshop, we had a professional team in place to make sure everything went off without a hitch. We started the weekend with a long photowalk through the streets of Austin. I stopped to take a photo of The Driskill hotel, which happened to be the same place we held the actual workshop. I talked through the shot a little bit and what I was trying to accomplish.

During the actual workshop, I did not process this photo. But I have since done so, and I recorded the whole session to be on the DVD as well. It’s one of those classic “problems” where there is a lot of ghosting from the car movement.


  • casusan

    Cool shot Trey – love the Driskill!! Will look forward to the dvd!!

  • Wow, great range of color.

  • Awesome shot Trey. I see you took this shot at F8 and ISO 100. That F8 number I find works real well on a few different situations to keep it all sharp. I’ve only just got my first DSLR (nikon D90 w/18-200mm) and still learning how to best set Apertures for a given seen. Would you say you use F8 alot and is it like a magic number for almost always getting a nice sharp exposure?

  • iWantnext

    I always wonder how you achieve those sharp sunrays, it’s amazing! And I think you’ve solved the ghosting problem real good in this one, it looks like a sweet fluent motion…

  • Looking forward to that DVD and seeing how you deal with the ghosting problem. Great photo!

    @Jason, I can’t speak for Nikon, but with Canon I find it depends on the lens. Now usually around f8 seems to be the sweet spot, but it does vary from lens to lens.

  • Thanks all!

    I kept it at f8 to get a good glow from the cars. I was really focused on infinity, and with the 14-24, 2.8 or 4.0 probably would have been good enough to keep it all in focus. It’s less temperamental than the zoom or prime lenses.

  • Great photo, Trey!!! Lovely night scene there in Austin!!! Thanks for sharing. Happy Memorial Day!

  • what a beautiful night HDR…nice Trey

  • Great photo if a fantastic place! LOVE having breakfast at The Driskill every time I’m in Austin. Can’t wait to get back down there!

  • Eduardo

    The best photo you had ever take!!! Im from mexico, sorry for my english

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