Sunset at Hearst Castle

New Book on Book List!

As some of you know, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Matt Ridley and his wife, Anya Hurlbert. I knew of Matt previously because I’ve always been a fan of his unique science/genetics books; these have delightful and unexpected hooks into economics, anthropology, history, and critical thinking. And then I found out his wife was also of a different sort of scientist, with a concentration in Visual Neuroscience. If you saw my Google Talk, then you’ll know that is also a big interest area for me! Follow her link above if you want to read more.

Matt has a new book that just came out called “The Rational Optimist“. If you want a taste of it, read Matt’s recent Wall Street Journal article.

Anyway, here on the site, I have “Trey’s Book List“, that has all sorts of suggestions. There is surely something for everyone in there!

Bonus Book Suggestion!

I just finished listening to the Audio Book of Daemon. You gotta get it! I haven’t heard anything this good in a while… and, as opposed to most books, I really do recommend the audio version. Jeff Gurner does an amazing job with the voices, and hearing the computer voices talk is more than entertaining! The author, Daniel Suarez, really knows his stuff. And, I would not be surprised if he has read some of Matt Ridley’s books — particularly “The Red Queen”.

Daily Photo – Sunset at Hearst Castle

Maybe people in California get spoiled by good sunsets. Not living there, I don’t know! But, when you are sitting up high on a mountain, in a castle-mansion, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, how could you not get spoiled?

And this isn’t even the main castle. This is just one of the guest-houses. Hearst had several guest houses there, each one as stunning as the next.

If you are enjoying these Hearst photos, I’ve now published six so far. You can see all the Hearst Castle Photos. Note: These are also accessible via the “Categories” down on the right side of the page.


  • I suppose you woud eventually be spoiled by good sunsets, but it’d take awhile! Even without my camera, I love sunsets (like the little prince!)

  • Beautiful picture, WOW!
    You keep out doing yourself Trey.

    We have great Sunrises in Florida, they just take more work to get to 🙂

  • terrific, great atmosphere in this shot

  • Great Shot! Really an amazing place – glad you got the okay to photograph it so you can share it with all of us. Love the warm glow of the sun in the palm leaves…

  • Absolutely one of my fav shots from you, Trey. Perfectly natural and warm.

  • Very Nice, you got the sun at the right time of day.

  • Thanks — Glad you like this sunset as much as I do! 🙂

  • Paul Long

    Beeeee… yutiful!

  • Trey, Daemon was great, but wait until you read the sequel, “Freedom (TM).” It’s one of those rare cases where the sequel is better than the first book, and in the case of Daemon, that’s saying a lot!

    As always, your photos make my day. Thanks for posting them!

  • Great photo, Trey. Just like Paul said!!!! I saw this very view last week while I was watching CBS Sunday Morning show, which was broadcast from there. Was nice seeing some of the places you shared with us on a bright sunny Sunday morning. I look forward to that show every Sunday!! Of course, my favorite scene is usually the nature place that is featured at the very end!! Thanks again for taking us places we wouldn’t otherwise go!!!!

  • Beautiful~~!

  • This is simply beautiful… Looks like a perfect day, very inviting.

  • This is paradise!!

  • casusan

    Absolutely gorgeous – I’d like to stay about a month there! Super shot Trey!

  • Beautiful shot Trey! Nice view to have everyday isn’t it?

  • Linda Schenck


  • Great shot as always. I have driven past the turnoff for Hearst Castle many times, but have never visited. You have convinced me that I should visit!

    Have most of your photos been from areas that the general public can get to?

  • Wonderful photo trey. I had a question for you. Do you ever use any type of filters on your lenses? (not to speak of the cheap ones which gives the ghosting effects. But does B+w kinda brand really effective?)

  • Thanks!

    Daniel – yes these are public places!

    Sathya – no – I never use any filters at all… I go commando

  • breath-taking!

  • Trey – Looking at all the places you have posted photos of, I notice there is none of the Pacific Northwest variety. Have you never been to Seattle or that area? There are so many amazing things to see there if you haven’t. I would love to see what would do with some of the cityscape shots from Seattle.

    Just an opinion!

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