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Charity Update

We are up to $4,200 donated so far in our Stuck In Customs Kiva Team! Thanks everyone. I know that those of you that put money in are having a good time watching what happens to it… I know that most everything I put in gets paid back. What has been your experience? I’m curious!

Daily Photo – Your Road Ahead

While in New Zealand, we took a series of roads in the south island to go out into the country for an afternoon of archery. On the way there, the roads became less and less robust, and smaller roads would peel off in different directions. I spotted this road and pulled over to take a shot. This one called for the 70-200mm lens to get that interesting compression factor.

The archery was a lot of fun. We visited a little farm, and a 10-year-old girl was running the archery bit. My 9-year-old, Ethan, took a liking to her. So that she could better understand him, he did his best to put on his fake New Zealand accent.

At one point, she asked Ethan, with eyes wide, “Oh, I’ve always wanted to visit America. Tell me! What is it like?”

Ethan crinkled his brow, in deep concentration, and said, “You see, it’s rather booooteefull.”


  • I like how you used the focus to take the viewer down the road. Just posted a shot yesterday that uses bokeh to attempt to set off the subject. Busy at work on another night HDR. Love to take a break and view your evening posts!

  • Jon

    I like the use of selective focus to draw you into the image. Nicely done, Trey.

    Regarding Kiva… my experiences have all been positive thus far. The thing I like is when I can “reuse” money paid back from existing loans to fund new ones. This keeps the cycle moving along in order to help others. I know it’s only a small gesture, but as they say, every little helps!

  • Dude this shot is awesome. Love the compression from that lens. Nice blurred effects too. A very Kiwi road…

  • Kiva: we’ve been doing it for a while: – it’s rather fun, watching people paying it back and sometimes then coming back for more as they are able to expand their business or enterprise, or move into other areas and help others.

    We’ve had one default, I think, because of the organisation that it was lent thru. I think it was about $25, so not overly worried – it’s still under 5%, which is better than the default rate that banks get! Kiva as a whole is under 1%.

    I love the road – do you have a map reference for about where it is in the South Island? The road isn’t too bad by NZ standards – no rocks on it, the grass in the middle isn’t knee high 🙂 Could be someone I know’s driveway 🙂

  • Congrats on the Charity!

    This picture is awesome, makes me want to take that road just to see where it leads. Give a High Five to your mack daddy son for working the New Zealand accent, I remember trying to sound British to sound cool, the things we did to impress the ladies.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Thanks all!

    Nic – I am not sure I could find this place again if I tried…. maybe !! but not totally sure.

  • Very nice photo of the lonely road, Trey. Love the story of Ethan, so cute. Thanks for sharing that!!! Have a great Memorial weekend!!

  • casusan

    Cool shot Trey! I bet you had trouble clearing those trees! Super good news about Kiva!

  • Awesome story! Kids, as we all have heard more than once, are so free and judge-free for all that they do that it is awesome to hear and watch them doing this kind of thigs!

    Regarding the pic, I believe that you could get a better result if worked as non-HDR, maybe you tried that already, I am not the one to mess with your work or creative process though!

    Best regards, soon-to-be-kiwi-man!

  • Chris

    We all know your affinity for the impressionist painters – they would have been proud with this shot!

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