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  • Hejsan Trey!

    Bought your book and like the first one “A world in HDR” this one is a great support for my work as well. Thanks for share your experiences with all of us. I see forward to the next books.

    Once again thanks for your work! Tack så mycket – like we say in Sweden

    Regards Marcel

  • Damien

    Trey, bough the book during the weekend when I received the newsletter. I bought the book with the bonus and I love it. It’s well thought out and well presented.
    Looking forward to the next version already.
    Keep it up

  • Kaz

    Hi Trey, I bought the book, but misspelled the email address to send it to. Please ask someone to contact me to straighten things out. I have the paid receipt to prove the purchase. Thanks

  • Sure thing – we’ll get someone to attend to this! 🙂

  • Ina


    Is the e-book DRM free and in PDF format so it can be loaded on an iPad?

  • Vernon Britton

    Thanks for your hard work as I have learned a lot (a whole lot). I do think part of the “workflow” discussion needed to include managing both a laptop and desktop (or aux hard drive). Many, if not most, serious photographers carry a laptop and download to that from the CF. How do you manage that part of the workflow? Laptops don’t have the hard drive capability to manage tens of thousands of photos.

    I have just converted to a MacBook Pro and, unfortunately, still have a PC desktop (only so much money available). I have Lightroom 2 but have not really used it yet (only so much brain power available). Thanks again for the book. I enjoyed it

  • Jim


    You refer to Photomatrix Pro 4 in your above discussion, however, there is no version 4 yet. I checked their website and found 3.2.9 for both Windows and Macs. Do you know something the rest of us don’t?

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