Japan: Heartbeats of Time – A New Video

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5 Tips for Photographing People in Public

I’m working on an upcoming post that gives some practical and easy-to-follow-through-on advice on taking photos of people in public. I get a ton of questions about it in Twitter and whatnot, so I am happy to share these tips. You’ll notice a lot of this activity in the new video below…. and I know everyone enjoys and wants to take pictures of people in public, but are sometimes unsure of how to go about it.

Digital Workflow

New Video – Japan: Heartbeats of Time

I spend a lot of time thinking about the way memory and sight work together. I don’t think we remember in “pictures” or long videos… but something in between. Perhaps we also sense, at times, more than 30 fps, and unexpected parts of the brain fire when we are presented with certain objects and forms.

If you want to know more about how I did this, visit the “Stuck In Motion” section of the website. Good news – the best bits now only require a $200 camera!

Also, you may enjoy seeing my free HDR Tutorial, which describes how I accomplish some of the other favorite photos below, which were also shot around Japan.

A Few of my Favorite Photos from Japan





  • just watched it, lovely images and some great moments caught on film. Congrats.

  • I have been following your tutorial Trey…I like people like you who share their knowledge without have to pay any cents..Thanks Trey

  • Wow! Your videos just keep getting better and better. I love the mixture of slow-mo, time-lapse, and HD video. Great Stuff!

  • Very nice video and well put together. Nice scene with the snow monkeys around 4:30 into the vid.

  • Very well put together. Really appreciate the effort involved in something like this and it was all so well done.
    I look forward to seeing more.

  • Wow, I feel like this post was just made for me! Go Japan. Awesome video, Trey. I also like the mix of slow and fast motion. You really dig those onsen monkeys, huh? 😉 Great job! Thank you for sharing.

    (and the pics below.. the bamboo forest in Kyoto is still my fav)

  • Loved the video!!! Those snow monkeys are such characters. They remind me of “old men”, lol. Great photos of Japan. Guess folks are the same the world over, just different cultures and ways of living. Thanks for sharing, Trey!!!!

  • Trey, I will be back in Japan in July. Can you please tell me where you took the shot of the Bamboo?

    These are amazing by the way. You have certainly inspired me to try HDR, and my Japan trip will be my first serious attempt at using it.

  • Thanks all!

    Stephen – the Bamboo photo is from Kyoto – it is out near the lake district and the name of the place evades me at the moment

  • LOVE how you see the world.

  • AO

    Do you know what sport is being played on that rooftop Trey? It’s always nice to see a roof top being used for something usable. It makes looking down on a city more aesthetic and even more interesting.

  • I am amazed to come across this today. I just got back from breakfast where I saw a person I went to soccer camp with when I was young. It led me into a discussion with my fiancee about my memories of camp – I remember and visualize in short bursts of moments and flashes – often over saturated and with a glow to them.

    I think you hit the nail on the head with your short description and I am 150% this is why I am drawn here and why I shoot HDR Photography. I’m trying to get up and running (meaning trying to make some income to stay on my feet) and as soon as I make a tiny bit more, I’ll be looking into a camera that can allow me to experiment with this type of video.

    The images from Japan are mind blowing and I must visit this ‘other world.’

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  • casusan

    All your shots from Japan are awesome and the video is really great – it clearly shows you love it there!

  • Thanks!

    Ao – They are playing soccer!

    Scott – I agree! Thanks for the comments…

  • Frank

    awesome. The monkeys are very cool – especially the last one with the camera!

  • I love the juxtaposition of the monkeys looking so serene in their hot springs with the Japanese in virtual perpetual motion. Which group do you suppose is more content? Great work!

  • Jeremy

    Because of your recommendation I just got my first dslr, a D90, even though there is probably a new version coming out soon. I’ll have to look into getting a camera in the near future.

    Loved the video, I especially liked the shot of the woman getting out of the cab with the apple logo showing on the window when she opened the door. Did you intend for that to be that way? Congrats on a wonderfully inspiring website!

  • How did you get the monkey to look through the viewfinder?

  • Patrick M

    Just came back last week from a 3 years trip living in Japan. That video made me miss the place already! Great vid.

  • How on earth did you get that one in the middle of the road? Looks like scary stuff! I tried that once but not in the dark and not in a city as big as Tokyo!

  • @Stephen – The exact name of the area is Arashiyama I believe. The bamboo groves are near the historic zen temple Tenryuji. There s a train station nearby… can’t remember it offhand, but it’s pretty popular place (heh as if anywhere in Kyoto isn’t popular) and well known for the bamboo groves, so just ask for directions at the tourist guide center. I’ve been there many times and have photos of the same or a similar spot as Trey’s photo. But… I wish my shots looked as nice as his 🙂

    @Stewart – hear hear! How did you do that one in the middle of the road, Trey? Was there an island or something? Given how bad most drivers are around here, I woud be scared to death to try that.

  • Just stunning and wonderful – sound, color, monkeys! This is gonna end up costing me another trip back there – I’m totally in love with the place from the first time. Your work first makes me feel like such a total noob, photography-wise. But once that passes, it really inspires me to stay focused and learn more. (Watched your Google talk last night – loved the part about the Dunbar 150.)

  • you don’t know me from Adam – came upon your site via Japanorama – but just wanted to say that I thought the video was absolutely amazing. Has got me thinking from scratch about how to look at things. Cheers

  • Love these! Esp. the bamboo forest. Gorgeous!

  • Absolutely stunning work, Trey. Very much looking forward to your upcoming post on taking photos of people in public, as well.

  • Thanks everyone!

    Alex – thanks for stopping by! 🙂

    Andy – hehe cool thanks – you might be the only one that liked the dunbar bit !!!

    Stewart – I had to be quick for that one!

    David – you are exactly right – it is indeed Tenryuji

  • Trey, thanks for setting me on a new path of photography. I bought your book but I still have not been home to read it. I left home in early April been to London, Friuli – Italy, Slovenia, India, back to Italy and now on to Shanghai. I write this to show how much I appreciate your charity and talent because now I look at my compositions with a very new and exciting prospective. Your ensemble of pictures taken and transposed in Japan are brilliant. Thank you again.

  • The video is awesome and is just awesome !!

    I loved the part where you show the monkey screaming or yawning and then the next frame with the guy yawning as well. Its funny and philosphical reminding evolution and answering the very basic question, who were our ancestors ???

  • You have some really great pictures and your video was really good too. What was the music that was playing throughout it?

  • Zippi

    Very nice video, makes me want an Casio EX-FC100. Maybe I can save up a little bit for one. 😀

  • Thanks all! I have the music credited there at the end – that is a song called “Panning the Sands”

  • @David LaSpina
    THANK YOU. I have heard the name, but didn’t know it was that particular place. Thank you again, it’s on my list.

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  • Love the new video from Japan… great work!!

  • Incredible!

  • Trey, could you give away the secret how you shot the monkeys in the video? They look frozen while you move the camera in front of their faces.

    The movie is great. Great subjects and original ideas. You even took non-moving subjects to take movie from. Just very subtle details that tell you it’s a movie. The Mac Logo in the car door window also is a very nice shot.

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  • Trey, you know what? I’m IN LOVE with this video. Sometimes it comes back to my mind and I get here again to re-watch it. The music.. the picture.. the mood… I LOVE IT! you’re great man..

    Marco Famà photography

  • I love the last clip with the monkey looking at your viewfinder!  Really great video.  Thanks for sharing!

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