The Edge of Chile

Abduzeedo Gets the Exclusive!

I have released a new video today that you just gotta see.  The Exclusive rights to show it were nabbed up by and the amazing team of Fabio, Gisele, and all the other from that Brazilian Design Powerhouse!  Fabio actually came to my Google Talk on HDR Photography in Mountain View, so it was really cool to meet him in person.

We will be showing the video here on StuckInCustoms tomorrow, but you should head over to Abduzeedo in the meantime.  That site is a constant source of artistic inspiration for me…  I think you will dig it too.

New Shot from the Textures Tutorial

Today’s photo below was made with a few of my 150 Textures from the popular Textures Tutorial.  The downloads on this thing have been crazy…  There is even an illegal site out there that shows over 30,000 downloads.  Pirates!  Anyway, I know none of you nice people would do such a thing… so I appreciate the support you give your friendly internet artists! 🙂

William Beem recently put up a review on the aptly named – I can tell from that photo that he is really getting the hang of it – cool!

Daily Photo – The Edge of Chile

Today’s photo comes from the from the very southern tip of the Americas. It is a bitterly cold place, even in the summer. I believe that the glaciation period is relatively recent, so the peaks are extra jagged and everything feels fresh and raw.

I can’t believe there are actually people that climb this thing! It was hard enough getting myself up high enough on a distant peak to take this shot. Then again, I’m not exactly in mountain-climbing shape. I’ve heard the old answer to the question, “Why do you climb the mountain?” The answer is always, “Because it’s there”. Funny — that is my same answer when people ask my why I don’t want to climb the mountain.


  • I don’t see the video there yet. Maybe they won’t post it till morning US time? The time difference between here and the US throws me off sometimes. At any rate, I’m looking forward to watching it.

    I really want to get your texture videos! It’s a bit beyond my means right now, unless you will accept the little white moths flying out of my wallet as payment 🙂 If I can make this photography thing or my blog turn a profit, your texture tutorial is the first thing I get. I have played around with textures a little, but haven’t really been that happy with my results — which is why I’ve only posted one textures image in with my daily shots. I want to learn more.

    Anyways, great photo there. It looks like a negative. Actually, a little like a woodblock carving. I’d love to see how you did that!

    (oh, and I agree with you on the mountain climbing thing. Mt Fuji will remain the only one for me. The rest.. I can enjoy them fine from the distance :))

  • I am looking forward to the video as well. The mystery!

    I agree with your mountain quote and also the fact that there are no mountains in Florida, except for the landfill with grass on top, which I have no desire to climb.

  • Excited for the video! This shot is amazing! Probably one of my favorites… it seems to have a different depth – not sure if it’s the colors or textures or what… just grabs you. Amazing! Love checking the shots out each evening. I really must give the textures a try!

  • That’s very interesting, the night sky is very black there must be almost no light pollution. great stuff.

  • Trey,
    The video is AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL! I love the combination of techniques. It truly give us a peek at your experiences overseas. Thank you for letting us view the world through your third eye.

  • Wonderful job with the textures, Trey. That would make a beautiful tapestry! I’m with you on mountain climbing. I’ve never had a desire to “climb” any tall mountains. Not even when I was younger. When you are more or less afraid of heights, that’s just not on your life list, lol. That’s what’s really nice about the mountains out here, you can drive to the top of some of them. We are straight across from St. Mary’s Peak. You can drive to within 5 miles from the top, then hike the rest of the way up to the old fire tower. I wish I were in good enough shape to do that. But seeing these mountains everyday is such a great blessing, I’m not complaining!! Keep up the good work, we so enjoy all your photos!! 🙂

  • pirate

    theres no point to pay 100$ for few pics when the internet is full of free textures.for commercial use you may charge that but for a person who uses textures at home to buy it,shows how ridiculous he is.just my 2c here 🙂

  • Thanks all.

    Pirate – no problem you feel that way. The tutorial also comes with a long video where I show various ways to layer interlocking textures with various photoshop settings and tricks, so it’s not just textures. Those are the bonus.

    Gail – Thanks – yes I’ve heard that St. Mary’s area is very pretty – heard it is one of the prettiest roads int he worlds

    Cliff – thanks – I knew you would love it!

    Jonathan – yeah – SUPER dark there at night

    Chris – Thanks

    And the video is now up!

  • The whole video is awesome!
    The first part with the Snow Monkeys is totally Baraka worthy… amazing!

  • casusan

    Love this photo Trey -excellent! The video was so great – loved all the scenes and the traffic and especially the snow monkeys!!

  • Oh my goodness! What an amazing shot and blog! Found you by way of pixelatedimage and will be back for sure!

  • I’m sorry to hear the pirates have your Textures tutorial out there, but I really found it useful and I’m looking forward to more practice until I can get it right.

    It looks like David duChemin is giving your Textures some love on his site today, too. Well deserved, because it’s a quality product.

  • Max

    Video is brilliant. Nothing more to say. More of those please mate. Seriously!

  • Mike Diblicek

    Excellent vid trey, really superb work, love the music, and also the effects (flashing) in some parts of the vid, really cool.
    Love the last 5 sec’s you really ned to get a razor : ) lol

  • Trey…the video is fantastic! Love the mixture of frame speeds and the feel! Outstanding job!

  • Richard

    Loved the video, although I have to say, the shot of the camera and the 14-24 getting soaked in the rain was a little unsettling.

    Also, the shot at the end with the snow monkey inspecting the camera is priceless.

  • Thanks everyone!

  • Giovanni Gabrieli

    Reminds me of Gustav Dore’s work for Dante’s Divine Comedy.

  • Trey, I just looked at this photo, and it’s very interesting. I mean that in a completely good way. Have you read about Cochamo Valley? I think you could take some awesome photos there. I just read that you like climbing. They have some big wall climbing there and a ton of trekking. It’s called the little Yosemite.

  • I’m excited to see that texture blending is getting some face time. I’ve been working at that art for a while now and it’s pretty much my favorite thing to do with my photography.

    Please check out my textured work and let me know what you think.

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