Meet me at OpenCamp!

The Powers That Be talked me into speaking at OpenCa.mp, which is Aug 27-29 in Dallas. Who is OpenCamp for? As the website says, “Webmasters and web developers, bloggers, podcasters, social media enthusiasts and anyone interested in web content creation!” This is put together by the same people who did WordCamp Dallas and DrupalCamp Dallas. This should be one of the biggest events for bloggers this year – so I hope you can come out!

Cali Lewis, one of the organizers, recently mentioned OpenCamp in her recent Geekbrief video. You can get a full list of the speakers on the OpenCamp Page… along with me will be Chris Pirillo, John P, and many others.  I’ve heard Leo Laporte may even join the festivities… that would be a lot of fun to hang out with him again!

Right after OpenCamp, I’ll be heading out to Burning Man in the middle of the Black Rock Desert. That will be a wild time!

Exclusive! Video to be released on Abduzeedo!

The crew over at Abduzeedo.com grabbed the Exclusive of my new video release on Friday. It’s a bit different than anything I have ever done… I hope you like it. I’ll link over there on Friday so you can be among the first to see it.

New Prints Available

If you go over to the Prints area of the site, you can get links to all the latest prints to be released. I only release about 1% or 2% of the works as Limited Edition Numbered Prints. One of them is featured today over in a new video over at OneMansBlog.com. That print should come available soon.

Daily Photo – Univac

I’m such a nerd and I love this computer.

My background is computer science and math, so I’ve always been into computers. This UNIVAC was just hitting its stride around the time I was born, and Moore’s Law was kind enough to keep the doublings at a manageable rate so it wasn’t a whole lot faster when I got my own first computer! I think I started with the Timex Sinclair 99 before getting into the C-64, then a whole host of Amigas before getting into the world of PCs (see these old vintage ads of computer stuff I tweeted about yesterday). Anyway, I’ll try not to geek out too much here!

This photo was taken at the new Air and Space Museum in DC. There is an area in the back with all the rockets that also had the computers that were used alongside them at mission control. So, if you have any geek in you at all, I really recommend it.


  • Sweet photo, Trey. I was comp sci too. Funny how a lot of comp sci people end up getting into photography.

  • Your recent DC shots make me want to take a trip back… especially the Lincoln shot from a view days ago!

  • Lars

    “…I started with the Timex Sinclair 99 before getting into the C-64…”->same here!

  • Great place to visit! Interesting, how “simple” computer technology (from todays point of technology) was used for space program.
    You made me wish my old C=64 back, or to unpack my last A4000, only to make some photos from it.

  • that sounds like another place where you had to sneak the tripod in ;D Beautiful, beautiful shot. I’m headed there this summer, I’ll have to check it out.

  • This is cool, nicely done. did they allow the use of your tripod here or not?

  • I love the glow you get on your photos, Trey. In this one it makes it look “other wordly”. Were you able to use a tripod in there? How high did you need to crank-up the ISO?

  • My Life:

    Vic 20
    Commodore 64>
    Amiga (the best eva)

  • Thanks all!

    Boris – I think it might be easier just to get one of those emulators – all those c-64 games should be easy to nab!

    Jonathan – no tripod here -all handheld

    Thomas – close to mine! I had that c-128 too… it was so huge and white and cool… but they never made much that was JUST good for the 128 !

  • Wow, Amazing photo of old style computer set up at the museum!!! Interesting how the life of the computer has evolved. I know when I worked at the phone company, they had a centralized “brain” and we just had our computer stations at our desks. We used menus to do our work. We all hated it when it first came out, lol. And I said I would never have a computer at home, but alas, I found out PC’s weren’t so bad when I was Village Clerk at a small town in Michigan. Thus we bought a small computer from our friend when he was updating his system. And that’s the beginning of our computer life. Even my hubby is on the old computer now that I have my nice new laptop. He’s kicking and screaming all the way as he enters the the 21st century 😉

  • It’s not often that Computer Programming and Photography meet. As a long time programmer, I have to love this.

  • Richard

    Agreed. Excellent shot and the lighting gives it an ethereal look. Was wondering about tripods in there too.

    LOL.. I started out on the Sinclair ZX-81. I splurged and got the 64k memory pack! I actually wrote a little space invaders game for it in Sinclair Basic. Really fun.

  • Trey, how do you get so clear shots handheld in low light! when i do this i get really bad blur and it’s not sharp at all.

  • casusan

    Cool shot Trey! Yes, computers are a wonderous thing aren’t they!

  • Thanks all –

    No tripods inside I am afraid… I tried my hardest too !

  • Linda Castellani

    I started with a Kaypro running CP/M, no hard drive, 64K RAM, and dual 8-inch floppy drives. It was portable, doncha know!

    Trey, have you had a chance to visit the Computer History Museum in Mountain View on any of your visits to the San Francisco Bay Area? My favorites were the consoles with the built-in ashtrays, and the one that was full of bullet holes. I’m sure we can all relate to that. %^)

  • Kaz Ochi

    Trey, You should also give credit to the CDC 3800 (Control Data Corp.) to the left of the Univac. I went to a programming trade school run by CDC and learned to program these products.

  • My wife and I LOVE this shot, being early space nuts (Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, etc.) and being computer geeks as well! Awesome image!

  • Super! I love this one.

  • John K.

    Trey, in the closing shot, did you not feel it risky to have the monkey with your camera? They have a reputation of being quite stealthy thieves. Am guessing the tripod would slow them down a bit though. Am now re-inspired to make a trip to Japan.

  • John – no worries there… my camera was way too heavy for that little guy… was not too worried!

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