In the Rain in Tokyo & Big Release on May 21

Big Video Event on May 21

I posted a new photo from the streets of Tokyo tonight in celebration of the completion of a new video work (which is Japan-centric).  The video will be released on May 21.  Stay tuned here and we’ll all have a good time together!

Daily Photo – In the Rain in Tokyo

Most of my walks around the city streets had me carrying two cameras.  I keep the D3X on my tripod, and have that ready to go for serious HDR work.  But over my right shoulder, I carry the D3S with a fast lens.  In this case, I was using the 50mm prime (see my Nikon 50mm Review) to capture quick scenes in the streets.

I carry two cameras because it takes much too long to change lenses.  Also, it’s a real pain to do that sort of thing in the rain.

There are often questions about how I go about taking photos of strangers.  I have a post coming up in the future with five great tips for this sort of thing… I’ll try to get everything into one spot for you, since I know we all want to be able to better capture interesting people here and there as they pass through our worlds.


  • Did you shoot this one with Alfie? Do you use the same idea of locking off the focus at 3m etc? I know it is a lot easier shooting in Japan as they are not so afraid of people being up to no good just because they have a camera, but how do you feel when pointing the camera at them when they can see you? When living in Japan, I felt (almost) comfortable pointing the camera at people as it was obvious I was a foreigner, however I still find this a little difficult. Sometimes I just go for it and show them a big smile. It works sometimes. Looking forward to your tips.

  • great street photography !

  • Simon

    Hi Trey,
    You mention here, shooting in the rain.
    What do you use to protect your equipment from the rain ?
    I would really appreciate your advise on this one.

  • Sweet, another Japan shot. My favorite kind 🙂

    I’m with you @Stephen — I find it difficult to just point and shoot. It may be different in Tokyo or the big city, but here in countryside, people tend to seem less than happy with it. Being the only foreigner around, all eyes go to me anyways as soon as I enter an area. When I have a camera with me, those eyes are almost always above huge frowns, and my smile doesn’t help any.

  • Great shot in the rain!!! Thanks for sharing, happy Sunday!!

  • Hi Trey,
    Will you please post two side by side picture of a same subject with both D3S, and D3X at the highest practical ISO setting of each camera.
    Thanks for all the things you do for this site

  • Thanks all – glad you like it.

    Fariborz – I should probably do that, but it takes too much time and a bit of a “lab” approach. There are SO many variables. A high ISO in the day time is totally different than one at dusk and one at night… So, I am afraid I can’t really do a good scientific side-by-side justice without spending weeks upon weeks.

    David – I hope my upcoming tips help !

    Simon – I don’t do much to protect them – you’ll see a shot of my stuff covered in rain in the upcoming video!

    Stephen – no, I shot this one alone… I did not go out for night street photography with Alfie, even though I would have enjoyed that! Alfie is great at what he does – I can only hope to emulate.

  • casusan

    Cool shot Trey – love how you can see her shadow in the umbrella!

  • Vivek

    Amazing work! This is an outstanding shot!

  • Absolutely awesome. I really like the composition and double shadow of the lady’s head. Well done.

  • I really like this one. I like how you can see the silhouette of the person through the umbrella, and the beautiful Bokeh too.

  • Nice shot, Trey. To add my thoughts on weatherproofing for my D700 and the D300 before it; they are superbly weatherproofed bodies. I shoot a lot in the rain and in the snow and have had both bodies dripping wet and freezing cold and have had, touch wood, no problems so far. I usually tend to go out shooting with a prime in these conditions. Zooms suck in air and, therefore, probably moisture too, My choice of prime is usually one of my older Ai or AiS manual-focus ones. I tend to hardly use AF at all these days anyway [needing an AF point on something compromises my ability to frame the way I want to] and the older MF lenses have hardly anything to go wrong when they get wet.

    Set here of Tokyo in the rain:

    …and these shots got me very wet and cold back in February:

  • Alistair McNaughton

    A really interestlingly composed shot. Is this tone mapped off a single exposure?

  • Thanks — this one is not HDR at all…

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