The Gentle Grasses of New Zealand

New Textures Tips From Vanelli

Back when I moved my portfolio to Smugmug (See my Smugmug Review), we did a little promotion where a winner got to go on a Vacation with Vanelli. Remember that guy? Well, here comes Vanelli blowing back onto the scene with something new – a video. He has made a cool variation of techniques with my textures, and he wanted to share this “grouping” trick with everyone.

See Vanelli’s New Texture Video there on his site. You will be able to tell very quickly that Vanelli really gets a kick out of all this stuff, and he loves teaching people. You might want to surf around his site a bit more for even more goodies.

New Zealand Images Groweth!

By now, we have posted 17 images of New Zealand! Cool. It’s a beautiful place, and surely you can see why I plan on moving the family (and there. In fact, today I got a little email from Roy Furgeson, New Zealand Ambassador to the US (and former ambassador to North Korea)! I was so excited. In HUGE red letters on it, the email said, “UNCLASSIFIED“, which I suppose means that I can mention it without any untoward Kiwi repercussions.

I went to the official New Zealand website for these sorts of diplomatic matters to see what else has been happening of late. This week, besides the historic occasion of emailing me, the Ambassador has been quite busy.  A Kiwi bird was born, and Mr. Ferguson had the honor of naming it “Hiri”.  Hiri is a Maori word that means, “Kiwi Egg Was Not Eaten By A Dirty Drunken Aussie Possum”.

Daily Photo – The Gentle Grasses of New Zealand

As we moved from the North to the South Island (by grinding our Kea Camper onto a moaning ferry), we expected the terrain to change dramatically. Everyone in the north told us how different things were in the south!

But right after we arrived in Picton and started making our way to Nelson, the terrain still had the soft hills and flowing greens of the north. Not that there is anything wrong with that, mind you. But, for a while (until we made it further south), I thought that the whole North Island was playing a huge practical joke on me, and the South Island was actually a perfect replica of the north. After ravenously consuming the comedy stylings of The Flight of the Conchords, I thought I would be able to scry every type of Kiwi humor.  While driving through this bit, I thought perhaps I had fallen prey to old Country-Wide-Giant-Practical-Joke.


  • I have been enjoying the New Zealand images immensely. I will be in New Zealand for six month next year. Photography and fly fishing is my main purpose. Maybe we will run into each other on the side of a craggy mountain!

  • Great work as always
    is this a single hdr photo or bracketed images?>

  • Beautiful, Trey. What I love is that you’re not just all technique but you see the possibilities in what others would think is just ordinary. We’re looking forward to you guys moving down here 🙂

  • Beautiful work as always! Have you chosen what part of New Zealand you are moving to?

    Hope all is well.

  • Thanks!

    Deyson, we are thinking about the south!

  • I have the same dream. Personnally, I would probably choose Queenstown area for moving

  • I can see why you want to move to New Zealand, Trey! It is a beautiful place. Your Mom told me you were thinking of going there. Used to have an online friend that lived in Auckland. But she is gone now. We wanted so very badly to visit her. She and my hubby used to kibbitz through me, lol. Back to today’s photo, I love it!!! And I guess it doesn’t matter where you live in this old world, there are always dangers of some sort. Just glad we don’t have tornadoes, or hurricanes here, just wildland fires and earthquakes. And we live not far from one of the world’s largest calderas, Yellowstone. And to the west is Mt Ranier, Baker, Mt St. Helens, and Mt Olympia. But we can’t worry about that stuff, what will be, will be. A word from the “wise” today, lol!! Maybe that should say wisegal, lol 😉

  • superb work again Trey!

  • Simply amazing Trey. It is amazing seeing a daily photo. You have so much amazing work. I agree with Stewart also with how you can pull some amazing shots from locations I would have over looked. I definitely look at things and locations with a second pass. Trying to develop my own version of the Trey Eye. New Zealand is now on my list of places to visit. That is awesome about the email from the ambassador. That is HUGE.

  • casusan

    This is beautiful Trey! I can’t believe you’ve posted that many photos from NZ – it doesn’t seem like it – I am ready to see more! That’s cool about the ambassador!

  • green color in HDR..nice. this is lead in lines photography

  • Bruce

    The link to Vanelli’s texture tutorial is broken. The new link is:

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