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In the fray of the new servers, I missed a week’s announcement of new prints that are now available. They are two of my favorites, of course. As always, each of them is a Limited Edition Numbered Print, so each one is unique and collectible.

The first one, “A Razor to the Sky” nearly killed me to capture… even if I accidentally shattered my camera into a million pieces whilst climbing that icy cliffside in the Andes at 4 AM in the pitch black — I would have been happy just to see the morning sun hit these mountains. It was so lucky to see the mystical peaks of Fitz Roy without them being covered in clouds… but I felt happy enough to survive!

The second one, “The Skeletons at Sunrise“, is a different sort of photo.  These are the old dead trees from the fires of Yellowstone back in 1998, just as the morning fog is beginning to burn off.



Daily Photo – The Galaxy Cafe

When I was recently at Universal Orlando, Ethan and I made a late night getaway to do some exploration. We were staying at the Portofino, and they have a wonderful boat system that skirts you down to the main park. We jumped on the boat after dark to go down and visit this little area of shops, restaurants, and dozens of other interesting things to see and experience. I’ve gotten him used to the idea of roaming aimlessly, taking photos of this and that, with no real goal other than exploration and noticing little things.

Ethan and I stopped at a tiny trinket store and bought a few necklaces and bracelets for ourselves and the girls. After that, we grabbed a few hot cocoas, got on the boat, and drifted back home. We took our time, drank our hot cocoas, and helped each other put on our bracelets.

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  • Very cool 🙂
    Congrats! My son is developing a huge interest in photography, he is always taking pictures with his imaginary camera, soon it will be time to get him his first camera. It is awesome when your best friend is your child.

    Very nice picture.

  • A razor to the sky – I think you can see the efforts a photographer is willing to put in a photograph – either if it is getting up that early, or walking a great distance or coping will a sorts of difficult things. I can clearly see your efforts Trey in getting this shot. This makes is unique. If it was that easy to take a shot like that it would not be special. But it becomes special because you have taken up the hard work to get out there and be there when the magic appeared. Well done!

  • nice colors

  • Sheila

    Wow… beautiful.

  • Thanks for sharing, Trey!!! Great job. I’m slowly adding your photos to my laptop for the screen saver. When I have time, I’ll have to click all the places on the right in Montana and add them. And I’m back to adding your daily photo to facebook, which wouldn’t connect this morning for some reason. Maybe I’m already there, lol. but if I don’t fill in my name and email, then I have to repost. Anyway, wonderful photo of The Galaxy!!

  • These are greatness

  • casusan

    Oh wow – the Galaxy looks cool – sounds like fun with you and Ethan!

  • Thanks everyone ! 🙂

  • What an amazing trio here Trey – just off the scale!!!!

  • Robert

    Hi Trey, I follow you on Twitter on my iPhone but when I click on links that go to your page it is frustratingly slow. I’m sure many people feel this way so I was wondering if you’ve considered making a mobile version of your site (

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