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We posted a behind-the-scenes video a few days ago, and a new one is coming tomorrow. You can see previous ones on the Videos page.

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Daily Photo – Ripping Through the World

I know everyone has their own various tastes for HDR, and mine is all over the map! Sometimes I really feel artsy and go crazy with one, like this car below. It’s hard with awesome cars… because the reflectivity in HDR is so off the map.

I’ve been meaning to get to one of those high-end car shows and go crazy with my tripod. I’ve heard the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach is really one of the best in the world… but maybe you all know of some other stellar car shows you can recommend?

  • wow great shot. This really makes it pop. nice work

  • Lil too Hdr’ed for me. But thats just me.

  • Yes, Pebble beach is outstanding. And you can also do the walking tour of Carmel. Up the beach are time-shares right in the dunes that are a nice place to stay and get beach pictures. Usually, at the same time there are the vintage races at Laguna Seca so you can shoot a lot of old race cars. I drove four laps of Laguna Seca in our ’35 RR in ’79 (RR Diamond Jubilee) and was on the track at the same time as Phil Hill driving a ’28 Blower Bentley. Fun.

    The Father’s Day show sponsored by LA Roadsters is at the Pomona Fairgrounds. Lots of hot rods.

    In the winter the Grand National Roadster show at the fairgounds is indoors with LOTS of reflections and highlights.

    Be prepared to walk two or three miles to see everything.

    Tour guide service available. I seldom miss the shows at Pomona.

  • casusan

    Oh wow! What a cool shot and car!! Thank goodness your site is up again – I was having serious withdrawal symptoms!

  • Here is another comment to show up on your Woopra! 🙂

  • Anthony W

    Pebble Beach is awesome, if you’re ever in NYC and wanna shoot some cars let me know, I hang out with a bunch of the car clubs here, and can arrange shoots and the like as well.

  • went will u return to malaysia again??

  • jajaja

    photo looks nice but completely destroys the looks of the car,maybe try shooting in blac and white and from the distance,or even cars in the motion on the track.

  • Satia

    Nice pic (lambogini in HDR) please do a BUGGATTI veron in HDR too.

  • Awesome, Trey! Here is a classic car show that isn’t too far from your neck of the woods. It’s called “Keels & Wheels” in Seabrook, Texas. Located on Galveston Bay, between Galveston & Houston. FANTASTIC photo opportunity, and if you still reside in central/south central Texas it’s only about a 3 hour drive.

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