Under the Docks in California

New Interview with Matt Brandon

Matt is a really nice guy, and I enjoyed our time together for the interview.  He runs a website called The Digital Trekker, and he has just recently posted the interview at that link.  His podcast is called “Depth of Field”, so be sure to check it out!

Want to know something really strange?  We were on the same flight from Tokyo to San Francisco a few weeks ago, and I didn’t even know it! 🙂 I found out about this later via Twitter — he walked by me, and I was deeply engrossed in something on my laptop!

Daily Photo – Under the Docks in California

Some of you remember the great photowalk we had down in San Clemente.  I really had a good time there.  On my photowalks, typically I stop from time to time and tell the assembled crowd what I am doing.  Well, I finally got a chance to process this quintet!

I felt fortunate to have a good friend that had an amazing condo that overlooked this same beach.  Frankly, after a long day and night of shooting, I felt spoiled and happy just taking a few more steps to my pad…  grabbing some cool drinks… opening the patio doors to listen to the surf… good times!

  • Great capture. Makes me look forward to going to California even more so later on this year.

  • too bad i missed the photo walk. looks like a great time!

  • i’ve been following this site for over a year now and finally decided to comment…this is probably atleast for me the most beautiful thing on the internet..I check your work everyday ..every piece here is a gem…i am an amateur myself and for people like me this is a gift…hats off to this marvel…thank you

  • This capture is amazing. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Love this photo of the dock by the sea!!! The colors are so vibrant, wonderful shade of brown on the dock!!!! Thanks for sharing, Trey, great job!!!

  • Linda Castellani

    Love this photo, Trey!

  • Richard

    I’d say this is a keeper. Great timing on the shot with the onrushing water climbing up the pilings in the foreground. Great color too.

  • Bob Minkus

    This subject would make a great tutorial: “Capturing motion in HDR”.

  • Awesome capture, Trey! I love HDR!

  • AO

    One of my favorites from you Trey! It’s these types of shots that make you want to go out and explore. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Lissa Rowan

    Trey, through your pictures I am not only inspired, I am treated to a mini vacation, of sorts! Love this as I do all of your work! Thank You for sharing.

  • Thanks everyone – very nice of you – glad you like this place as much as I do!

  • casusan

    Oh wow! What a glorious shot Trey! The water looks like a rainbow!

  • Nitin

    This is a fantastic piece of work, Trey. How many exposures did you use for this – the usual +- 2 ?

  • Art.

  • I like the complimentary colors. It also shows the power of the Ocean.
    Great shot for a world in HDR edition 1!!!

    Been a fan of your work since the beginning… Keep it up!

    Greetings from Dubai

  • Sirtuc

    Love this!! I am so ready to get into HDR… now all I have to do is go and DO IT!! Thanks Trey

  • Some gogeous,light,hues and processing Trey -;0)

  • Great shot! I assume this is HDR on a single NEF?

  • We belong to the sea
    Open wide being free
    A minute everlasting with you
    *inspired by Aqua

    Great photograph, still need much time for me to do so 🙂

  • Absolutely amazing! I got to get into this HDR thingy. Tried it 2 years ago but didn’t get the hang of it cause no one was into it so it was a failed project on my end. Now it’s time to get back into it after seeing your amazing shots! Thank you.


  • Alistair McNaughton

    Lovely shot. With an image that has the breaking wave and splashing water – do you bring that through from the best exposed shot with Layer masks?

  • Love the processing, light and colors Trey -;0)

    A repost, looks like your site took a hit as was resorted to a couple days ago!


    John E Adams

  • Love this one! Featured on my new blog.

  • My buddy recommended I might in this way web page. He / she was 100 PER-CENT right. This publish truly made our day. You cann’t imagine the amount of time I had spent just for this info! Bless people!

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