New Behind-The-Scenes Video and Manhattan Living

Behind-the-Scenes in New Zealand

I recently edited together and posted this scene from the south island of NZ, when I was out in this beautiful meadow at sunset. I was using a 70-200mm lens, so I used this to add to my Nikon 70-200 Review.

If you’d also like to see the resulting photo, check out the Video on the Valley of Abundance page.

Daily Photo – Manhattan Living

When I was in New York City, I had the good fortune to spend time with Steve Simon. We had breakfast at this great little French place and then went around to do a bit of shooting. We stopped at his place and went up to the roof. Peering over the side, I saw this and thought it was kinda nice… so I grabbed a quick one.

Be sure to visit Steve’s site on the link above. He has amazing work and I am sure you will get a kick out of it!

  • Awesome video Trey… think I’ll do something similar when I head for Cambodia and Thailand in a few days. New Zealand looks like such a beautiful place.

  • Neat photo, Trey. Nice that your friend took you up on his roof to have this view!!!! Great job 🙂

  • Awesome video Trey! Thanks for sharing this behind-the scenes video. Helps a lot. As Captain Kimo said, New Zealand looks like a beautiful place. Looking forward to more photos from NZ.

  • Mitch Sacks

    We need to get Trey a steadicam mount for these videos, I’m a little dizzy after watching this one. Either that or I need to volunteer to be Trey’s personal traveling video assistant. Trey are you hiring? 😉

    All kidding aside, great video, thanks as always for sharing your images and tips!

  • hehe thanks….

    Mitch – yes – This would be a good thing for an assistant to do… ! 🙂

  • Trey, the behind-the-scenes video was really helpful! I know this was pretty basic, but seeing that you could set a timed interval of bracketed exposures and that it didn’t require a manual trigger of the shutter was eye opening for me. Having joined the DSLR ranks recently, it’s great to see even a basic function like this…now I can look for it on my camera! BTW – I’ve recommended that our local library pick up a copy of your book, too…

  • casusan

    Cool shot Trey! Really enjoyed the video too!

  • Haven’t commented in an age, but been some really great stuff over the past weeks. These videos are really excellent and interesting, more of them would be real winner. Also good to hear that contempary photographers are meeting, sharing ideas and the like, great stuff.

    Just feel the need to add a little edit note; using the 70-100mm? Judging from the link and video, I’m thinking it may be the 70-200?

  • Thanks! Yes this is the 70-200mm – the first one.

  • Totally awesome image. I LOVE the post processing!!!

  • OMG, Im Really Love Manhattan!!
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