The Spray of the Tasman Sea

Art Show in Austin

I arrived a little late to the show, and the girl that clicked us in said there were over 200 people there! Crazy! But it was really awesome to see this World’s Largest High Resolution Tiled Wall display. I enjoyed meeting a bunch of new people, seeing other artists, and checking out the whole scene.

A gentleman there named David Ingram (Dingatx on Flickr) grabbed this photo below to give you some idea of the scene.

Daily Photo – The Spray of the Tasman Sea

This was an incredibly difficult photo to achieve!

I did this one live, in front of my HDR Workshop in Tokyo. I like to tackle new photos in front of people so they can see how I struggle through the HDR process. It’s never easy… and I like to talk out loud and let people know my thinking process. I think this is a very interesting way to give a live tutorial, rather than go by some automated and predictable script. The way you think about all the unexpected problems, dodge and roll with the issues, and synthesize various tools to accomplish an end goal is an interesting process.

You’ll also see this on the upcoming HDR DVD. One night after an outing, I came back to process some brand new photos, and they all got to see me struggle through a few pieces to come up a satisfying work.

This was shot very recently when I was down on the extremely frigid coast of the Tasman Sea, on the southwest edge of New Zealand. With a wide-angle lens, you need to get in really close to this icy cold spray to get the splashes just right… I was completely soaked after this, and it felt (and smelled!) like I had just finished a multi-week crab hunt in the arctic!

Flashback Photo – I’ve Reached the End of the World

You can see the edge of this one from the giant wall display above… This one was also taken not too far from Antarctica…but on the opposite side of the globe down near the southern tip of Argentina and Chile. The huge display allowed my son and I to walk up very close to it… there is a little iceberg there, and he saw the two rocks. He asked me what they were, and I told him that I threw them out there while waiting around!

  • ignite

    Awww , sea water splash on unfiltered lens front elements is not good.. But, as always, GREAT HDR TREATMENT and FANTASTIC PHOTO !!!

  • Wow, Trey, thanks for sharing all three photos!! Looks like the art show was a lot of fun and interesting!! Love the Spray of the Tasman Sea photo, just beautiful, great capture!! Thanks for taking us to all this wonderful places. Loved the newsletter and watched some of the videos, wtg!!!!!

  • Richard

    Ig… I was thinking the same thing. You have to get really get close to be that wide. I’d be worried about my lens. Course, I wouldn’t have gotten this great shot either.

    Trey… this an HDR shot? Was wondering because of the drops. That seems like it would take some serious masking. Can’t wait to see that video and see how you actually did this one.

  • Is this a one photo HDR or multiple photos? Amazing if its more than one photo, must have taken hours to process. I recently picked up a 14-24mm, amazing lens, cant wait to use it more over the summer.

  • Thanks!

    It was a 7-exposure HDR. And yes… a lot of work… a LOT of work! hehe

  • 7 exposures, amazing! I love your photos, a lot of HDR have this unreal quality about them, they often look like they’re computerised models due to the overprocessing but yours look really natural with just a slight hint of surrealism that adds this kind of awe to them. Great stuff, cant wait for the london workshop!

  • nonymouse

    The Milford Sound link is broken?

  • This is insane. 7 shot HDR for a wave splash. Man.. You seem to have a lot of patience Trey. I am thrilled about your work and jealous of your patience. 🙂 Keep up the great work Trey. I am inspired.

  • casusan

    Wow this is fantastic! Love it Trey – and the wall tiles look neat too!

  • Great pics today. Any idea yet what you are going to charge for the HDR DVD?

  • Trey, thanks for the link to my Flickr Page! It was great to see your outstanding photographs in such a large format…David

  • zfred

    I made the time to drop by the Tiled Wall display; all of the displayed works looked good, but yours rocked the house. The details were amazing and the colors mesmerizing; the Taj Majal and fireworks shots were perfect for their display space as well. The oohs and ahhs and general buzz in the crowd was noticeable when your work was displayed.

    The buzz may have been enhanced by the brisk business at the cash bar, so Trey, to advance the art form, we’ll all be looking forward to the Stuck in Customs Tiled Wall and Brew Pub.

    (Let’s see, what will the background music be? 😉 )

  • John

    Nice photo. Picture looks a little underexposed, and the lens flare on the clouds really takes away a bit of the stun factor. Perhaps a crop of the sun and clouds would look a bit better.

  • Thx for the feedback

    Zfred – thanks! Hehe – that sounds fun!

    David – no prob mate!

    David Latour – we are not sure yet. It’ll be a good deal, and it will be many, many hours long.

  • Gr8Scot

    How’s the camera after the salt spray?

  • Jamiezeez

    HDR at it’s best. Did you notice how the water spot makes it look like the moon
    Or a planet near the sun or is my iPad smudgy?


  • Wow, that last photo looks otherworldly. Very stunning.

  • Linda Schenck

    the tasman sea image is other worldly. wonderful. when will you be in northern california for a walkabout or class?

  • Veronika

    Hello! I’ve been a follower for a while, but haven’t commented before. I am really inspired by your work and it has made me wish to pursue photography further. About this picture of the Tasman Sea, however, I would like to comment on that little drop of ocean spray near the sun. I don’t know if it was intended but it almost looks like the moon, and gives the photo an ethereal feel. Thank you for allowing these pictures to be viewed online!

  • Van Cruzio

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