Akihabara Street – Geek Heaven

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Daily Photo – Akihabara Street

It took me many days in Tokyo before I finally made it over to one of my favorite areas – Ahikabara. This district is famous for its pure technology insanity! If you are a geek, then this is geek heaven!

Every street is filled with huge towers, each one flowing over with all sorts of technology, gadgets, games, robotics, toys, and scantily-clad-women. The streets are filled with girls that dress in… hmmm… how do I explain it? Imagine a grown woman wearing little-girl clothes, with puffy-laced mini-skirts, giant bows, and comely dispositions. They stand around, handing out little flyers, trying to get you to come into a shop, a cafe, or something in between.

There is even a cafe there with monitors built into the table. When you order a drink, your waitress goes over to the soda fountain, where a camera lies in the floor pointing upward. Upon pressing a special button, an extra blast of air is strategically blasted to increase your viewing cone.

  • Really cool shot Trey! I like all the vibrant colors. Have a great weekend!

  • Wow, very colorful shot, Trey. I bet you were in 7th heaven strolling along all those geek stores, lol. Sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  • Posts are coming up crazy, lost my profile pic. Hope to get caught up on posting your photos in my second Trey Ratcliff file this morning!!!

  • Great colours but I love the angles more, the building versus the angle of the shot/lens distortion …

  • I miss the Akihabara girls with their polite poses, expressions and cute voices. But then again, I really miss the streets of Akihabara, especially the shopping. Interesting angle here. Makes me feel they are bigger than they really are.

  • casusan

    Love this Trey – colorful place and your descriptions are great!

  • Sounds amazing! I need to go back to this place – Japan. Although I was born there I do not have enough memories of the place. The first 2 years of my life are not long enough for me to remember! Ahh.. Keep up with the images though – absolutely fantastic!

    I’m striving for the, travel the world and take photo job that you have!! Keep up the good work!

  • Incredible work, Trey. I’ve been to Akihabara many times – this is it!!!

  • Richard

    I see the ubiquitous facebook “like” button has made its way here.

  • I agree. One of my favorite districts in Tokyo! Some of the very best temples are right nearby as well.

  • Chris

    Trey, That’s another great image. It’s been several years since I’ve been to Akihabara. Wasn’t your composition especially a challenge with all the moving cars and people? Just like your other Tokyo pic and Times Square pic.

  • Thanks!

    Chris – yes that is a constant problem… always seems to be there! 🙂

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