The Chemical Pool – the Abandoned Family Inns of America

Golden Ratio Video

Some of you that have heard me speak (or maybe from the Google Speech) know that I rant on and on about Composition, Phi, and the Golden Ratio. One of my New Zealander friends sent me this beautiful video below about numbers, math, Fibonacci, Phi, and all that good stuff.

Daily Photo – The Chemical Pool

I was driving from Tampa, Florida up to Washington, DC. Along the way, about halfway through North Carolina, near a little town called Rowland, I found an abandoned motel. It was called the “Family Inns of America”.

It looked like every roadside hotel you’ve ever seen, except it looked like it had run through about 20 different horror movies. Every room was completely gutted and scary, almost all the windows were broken, and the playground was rusted and creaked. I jumped out of the car with Ethan and we walked around, exploring the place. At one point, we found a bunch of old pink insulation pouring out of a split wall. My son had never seen insulation before and he asked what it was. I said, “I think it’s a pig skin.” That freaked him out big time. Oh yeah.

We stopped momentarily at the central pool, located right in the middle of the dilapidated complex.

The Chemical Pool

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  • Somehow you made that place beautiful. Not sure how you did it!

  • gypman

    Loved the video. Numbers are beautiful!
    The pool is scary

  • charles

    Love the pig skin bit 🙂 and I hope you have more cool picture of the place. Great shot!

  • Very cool video Trey. Abandoned buildings are always an awesome find. That pool looks like breeding grounds for malaria.

  • I’m sorry to say this, but I think this is one of your weaker sunset HDRs. The sun doesn’t pop as much as in most of your other sunsets and in my opinion the composition is a little too “boring”. I’m not sure how you could have improved that since I wasn’t there/have never been to that motel, maybe just cutting off the right half of the picture (and therefore converting it to a vertical format) would enhance this photo.

    For about pretty much any other HDR guy, this would be a real good picture, but your standard is set so high by yourself, that this pic just can’t live up to my expectations…

  • You did a great job capturing a sad scene, Trey. These places could have been put to good use at one time. I don’t know how big the town was, but that would have made a good community center/senior center and pool. Remodeling would have been necessary, but it could have been done. I think of our pool here and how much trouble they are having trying to keep it open due to finances. Anyway, thanks for sharing!!

  • P.S. I just watched the video!!!! That was so beautiful and way cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What would have MADE this a cool picture would have been a person, dressed in a bathing suit, with goggles, maybe holding a towel, standing on the edge of the pool..looking around like “WTF”???

  • casusan

    Wow! That video is so beautiful!! Love this shot of the neglected pool too – that would cure you from wanting to go for a swim!

  • Excellent video – many thanks for sharing it!

  • I’ve seen that video before, amazing stuff. Even more amazing that some people think it’s all just a big “accident” and it all “happened by chance.”

    Love the reflection of the clouds in the cest pool. Maybe needed 7 exposures here instead of 5? Who cares, you put a photo out every day, they can’t all be drop dead gorgeous. Keep ’em coming.

  • Steve

    There is an eerie similarity between this hotel and the hotel in the Dark Carnival campaign in Left 4 Dead 2.

  • Richard

    Wow.. loved the video. It’s inspiring and I’m not even really sure how. I feel like I need to go take come pictures. I’m reminded there is magic in the world and I need to go find it.

  • Bennet

    Awesome! And credit to you for taking the time to stop. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve kicked myself for not stopping to get an image. Of course, here in Central Florida, you would find an alligator somewhere in or near that pool.

  • So I have driven through this town a bazillion times and never noticed this place. Now I will have to pay closer attention!!

  • Beautiful and sick at the same time 🙂

  • Sweetness. Great details in the whispy clouds…The serenity of the dilapitated compound is beautiful. Great shot!

  • Love it man

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  • I like this shot Trey, I really do. However, I feel that the glow emanating from the sun should have been avoided. I would have preferred just seeing the circle of the sun as opposed to this bright glow, which I feel is a tad bit distracting. In that case, the sun would have harmonized with the rest of the photo and fit right in. Otherwise an excellent shot. Cheers.

  • Paris

    The Problem with the surreal effect of the HDR is that you don’t really know what you are looking for, for instance this toxic pool is pretty much like a normal swimming pool…

    its surreal…

    But any how well done Trace

  • John

    Please come back to NC and visit Asheville. While I like this picture I believe you will find better subjects here. You could do your next walk here.

  • I can’t believe that you don’t have pix of the Smokies! Most beautiful place ever. And you should do some photos in Tennessee….not west Tennessee, but east Tennessee. You’ll find some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere. Chattanooga has a lot of historic sites there, especially Civil War battlegrounds such as Lookout Mountain where a battle they called the Battle Above the Clouds. Chickamauga battlefield is another…it is right on the Tennessee/Georgia border. I more than love your photographs. I am so jealous! I always wanted to become a professional photographer, but life interfered. You are truly blessed to be able to do something you so obviously love. You are amazing.

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