The Royal Entrance

New Print Available – The Mysteries and Adventures of the New Year

Art collectors and fans rejoice! This great new Limited Edition Numbered Print is now available entitled “The Mysteries and Adventures of the New Year“. It’s so pretty and one of my favorites. I took it in Indonesia after patiently waiting through a heck of a bad storm at this ancient temple. Sometimes, if you wait through the storm just long enough, a perfect and dramatic sunset can appear. Even better, you’ll be able to enjoy it by yourself because most everyone else will be huddling inside, trying to avoid the storm.

Also, remember that every print is unique and has its own number. You can purchase now from our partners at Really Big Canvas. You can also shop more around that site — Mother’s Day is quick approaching!

Daily Photo – The Royal Entrance

It took me a long time to get this shot right. In fact, in the upcoming HDR DVD, I try to work on another version of this — a vertical one. No matter what I did, I could not get it quite sharp enough because of some camera shake. This one turned out okay.

This is one of the entry hallways into the amazing Venetian hotel in Las Vegas. Feel free, as with all the photos, to zoom into the maximum resolution version on SmugMug. And yes, I still think SmugMug is very cool and am still using it after three months. For more info, see my SmugMug Review.

  • Gernot

    cool shot – especially the fine structures in the stone and paintings. i visited the “copy” in macao but at that time i had no idea of HDR 😉

  • casusan

    Oh wow – this is so awesome – the floor is mind blowing! Super excellent job – can’t wait to see this in person in June – I still don’t get how’s there’s no people in these shots!!

  • WOW, I feel like I’m in that hotel right now! You captured the floor with its 3D look awesomely and of course the lights on the ceiling are just beautiful and – most importantly – not blown out. Definitely my favourite one of the recent HDRs.

  • Just curious, Trey, were there no people in the shot, or did you remove them in PS, or were they removed because of the f-stop you used?



  • Oh how I love the 3D floor..

    And yes, I remember we worked on the vertical one in your workshop!

  • bob

    nice shot, the floor reminds me of the work of M.C. Escher

  • Very nice!

  • Truly phenomenal, Trey. I’ve been there, but before I had a decent camera. You’ve captured this well.

  • Both photos are grand, Trey!!!! Each is beautiful in it’s own way. The Royal Entrance sure looks like a magnificient place to visit or stay!!!! Thanks for sharing your art once again!!!

  • Thanks!

    Scotty – no – I just waited patiently for people to leave… VERY patiently! 🙂

    Gernot – funny- I did not know there was a copy there!

  • Michael Jardeen

    These two pictures here are perfect examples of what I like and what I do not like about HDR. The entrance is simply amazing in every way. The detail, the sharpness, the colors. On the other hand the 1st picture displays the flatness in the shadows that I think gives many HDR images the kind of dull lack of contrast you see when too much detail is brought out. When doing darkroom work or using the PS dodge tool you see that when an area has been dodged too much. I still love the colors and the content.

  • Richard

    Glorious shot, Trey. I think if I had tried that I’d have security on me pretty quick. How do you get around that?

  • Oops… thats like a 3d image. Well done. This is exactly what HDR is capable of.

  • I can believe you when you said “patiently” waiting for people to leave. I’ve been there many times and no matter what time of day or not, there always seem to be people in the hall.

  • Yes, this one is great and was fun to work on with you, but I count at least 12 people in the shot. (view the original, folks!) Perhaps some other photographers as well. Was this on some type of photowalk? I see a tripod in the doorway on the left. Of course none of these observations take away from the beauty of the final piece.

  • Richard – I think I was just lucky!

    Cliff – no no – I was there by myself!

  • I am still trying to follow up the Master but still long way to go… so far so good:

  • Absolutly Awesome!

    I love this one as much as your Blue Pool image from Hurst Castle..
    Do you find that when shooting for HDR, interior shots are easier than exterior shots?


  • @Michael Hatten – Totally agree; the “Blue Pool” is such a fantastic image but “The Royal Entrance” is pretty well on a par. Great capture Trey.

  • Two of my favorite shots, Trey!

    BTW, I liked your SmugMug Review. I’ve been using their Pro version for 2 years now and have made thousands of dollars from print and stock photo sales. They are awesome people (It’s a family-owned business). Your photos are very safe there (a great “in the cloud” back up for my images).

    See my Na Pali Coast HDR aerial photos from Kauai.

  • All of your cavernous architecture shots take my breath away. Can I ask what lens you were using on this one?

  • Thanks!

    This is a 14-24 lens – the nikon ones – i have a review here on the site on the right!

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