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Internet Trust and Sharing

I catch a lot of flak from other photographers for my views on sharing photography and art on the Internet. That’s okay… by now, most of you know that I don’t mind going against the grain (especially when I am right). This new way of sharing art on the Internet has been expounded upon by Matt Brandon from Digital Trekker – click to see his article. Matt is a really nice guy, and I enjoyed my conversation with him.

Of my many points, I am convinced that legitimate companies do not steal. And just because my stuff is Creative Commons, it does not mean they have commercial rights to it. They simply contact [email protected] and work out a deal — our licensing team entertains dozens of emails per week. It clearly works in our situation.

I have put a little video before that I found on Matt’s site on Creative Commons, in case you are not familiar with it…

Daily Photo – Beyond the Dome

This was one of those perfect days where I woke up and had no real responsibilities. I was able to drive aimlessly around Yellowstone to explore places I had never been. I took the road up north and went down as many side-roads as I could. After a bit of driving, and listening to some good audio books, I found this remarkable place.

I have a bunch of other images from Yellowstone. As always, you can just click on that link or the category at the bottom to see more from that location.

  • Great capture! I’m actually entertaining the idea of heading to Yellowstone in January and your images give good insight into various locations

  • Jonnyboy

    Err, isn’t that a tripod lurking at the base of the ‘Dome’?

  • Trey, I completely agree with your view on sharing. I never understood why people are so protective of there work. The way I see it, when I’m dead, my work won’t mean anything to me anyways. The only thing I’m worried about is someone trying to claim ownership of my work and then turning around and trying to sue me for it.

  • Excellent shot. Great colors balance. Love clouds details.

  • Ha, that is a lonely tripod. BTW I love the NIN on the Creative Commons vid.

  • Great photo, Trey. All of your Yellowstone photos are nothing but the best. I just put this one on my desktop!!! A classmate of mine and her hubby are going to be hosts in Yellowstone park this season and are there already!!!! We hope to get down and see them sometime this summer!! I haven’t seen her since I graduated!! We are looking forward to visiting Yellowstone again and seeing them. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  • Richard

    The texture of the grass and water in the foreground is what caught my eye. Love that.

    And thanks for the info on Creative Commons. I’d wanted to learn more about how that works.

  • casusan

    Oh wow – the green of the grass and the blue of the mountains is beautiful Trey!

  • Scot

    Were was the family while you were cruising around? (isn’t that a better way than asking how you ditched them for a few hours???)

    Not that I like to ditch mine but they probably don’t have the same tolerance for aimless cruising and careful picture taking that I have.

    And yes, great picture. It really seems to capture the open, laid-back wildness of Yellowstone!!!!

  • Thanks all

    Jonnyboy – that is indeed a tripod – good eye! 🙂

    Scot – that trip I was alone… I had just spent a nice week up at a private ranch in Yellowstone and this was the same morning I left… so I was already alone! 🙂 Just me, a bunch of drinks, trailmix, and a ton of empty memory cards! 🙂

  • Trey wonderful photo as usual, but really like the Creative Commons Video and your take on sharing your work. I have heard you speak on this in more detail and IMO those photographers who are unwilling to adapt are stuck in a business model that is failing. If they do not adapt they too will fail. It is not about giving away work for free and or having folks steal images without permisssion it is about how the greater commons can share and learn from one another and in the end everyone benefits.

  • Wow. Love this shot in particular. Did you use the 70 – 200mm? Thanks for sharing your photos!

  • At last! Someone who udensrtands! Thanks for posting!

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