The Endless Tunnel

Working on New Videos

I captured a lot of video while in Japan. And I mean a lot! I’m really looking forward to editing together some beautiful things for everyone. There is footage of the snow monkeys, Nikko, Tokyo, Kyoto, and more! In fact, I have so much stuff, I’ll probably release several videos.

You can see existing ones here in the Videos section.

Daily Photo – The Endless Tunnel

There is a long walk in Kyoto called “The Philosophers’ Path”. I’ve now walked on it five times. It’s incredibly peaceful and there are countless opportunities for photography. The path has everything from gentle streams to temples to cherry blossoms to interesting architecture. Near one of the temples, I found this series of arches, which seemed to be all lined up for something just like this!

  • That does look pretty cool. I’ll need to put that on my list of things to see when I’m there in Japan.

  • Food for the spirit as well as the eye. Very nice.

  • Very nice photo, love the colors, Trey!! Sounds like a peaceful place to walk and comtemplate!!!

  • casusan

    Oh wow- what a cool photo – love how you feel you can just reach out and touch the bricks!

  • Texture and perspective in photography especially HDR photography become a good HDR subject.

  • Great photo, I like the texture and contrast.

  • Thanks all!

  • Dan

    The aquaduct at Nanzenji Temple is quite a unique structure within the Temple complex. I, too, enjoy strolling the Philosopher’s Path when I am in Kyoto. The City is one of my favorite photography places, as you have discovered. Since my wife is a Kyoto native, I know where all the hidden treasures are. And, Nara is a not to miss destination just south of Kyoto.

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