Video Interview: Alfie Goodrich

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Today’s video is hosted over at SmugMug (I have a SmugMug Review) here on the site. What do you think of the embedding? Does it play smooth for you? Can you see it in HD when you go to full screen mode? Is it easy to use compared to YouTube videos? Let me know your feedback!

Daily Surprise: Video Interview with Alfie Goodrich

While I was in Tokyo, I had the good fortune of getting to work with Alfie. It’s a very short talk, but we get to find out more about digital medium format cameras, Alfie, and some of Alfie’s amazing work. You can find out more about him on

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Great video – Alfie is major cute and so articulate – am going to check out his site – am impressed with that camera he has too! Seems like a genuinely nice guy – like you Trey!

  • Damien

    Great Video Trey. The embedding sits well and opened up without a glitch.I take it you will be putting you D3x up here for sale before you go medium format? ha-ha

  • Rich H

    The embed played fine Trey – no hiccups. Full screen played fine too, but was a bit soft (on a 24″ monitor).

  • Alfie’s photos are amazing. Street photography is a talent I wish I had. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Jon

    Wow thats a cool camera he has there. A very nice and informative interview thanks ::@)

  • Very cool! Thanks for the link.

  • Excellent interview! I’m keen to get an FX camera to replace my DX before I get a medium-format… but I might need some lessons from Alfie first to make it worthwhile 😉

  • Travis

    Nice interview. Alfie didn’t mention just how expensive those medium format cameras are though…
    The only word I have is TRIPOD. At full screen the camera shake made me a little woozie.

  • A digital Hasselblad starts at about $20,000!

  • NittWitt

    Liked the interview. The embedded hosting worked well. I ‘snuck’ in a watching in while at work and we have a notoriously bad internet connection, but even at HD it worked well. (It took a moment or two to cache, but then was fine.) I wouldn’t hesitate to use SmugMug to do your video.

    Did you shoot that interview with your Nikon? If so, it seems as though it has the same downside as my Canon in that the audio is less than ideal without an external microphone. Still, it was an enjoyable interview.

  • Trey,

    What camera are you shooting the video with? D3s? The video looks great full screen on my 24in 1080 monitor.

  • Jeez, my hair looks grey! Thanks a lot for this Trey. Great to see you again, great to work with you on your workshop. Just to clarify: the lens is a Hasselblad. It’s not cheap, but the whole camera is not a Hasselblad and would – in the configuration you see there in the video – set you back about $3500 for the back, maybe another $3-4000 for the lens, about $1000 for the body. So, not quite as expensive as you may think. It has its pros and cons. Yes, its heavy but I never use it on a tripod unless I am wanting to shoot with the lens stopped-down or in the studio. I grew up shooting Mamiya’s RB67 hand-held… so this camera is not a problem. Great for street, fun for all kinds of work.

    A set on Flickr from the camera here:

  • Very cool – grey is good Alfie!! I do like the frameless presentation – the video was choppy this evening -;0)



  • Great video. Thanks for explaining what a Medium Format Camera is! That camera looks very solid/rugged…

  • Love this interview – thank you for posting it! Alfie, may I please ask which digital back you are using? I am researching the Mamiya backs versus Phase One and wondered if you had an opinion. Thank you!

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