The Endless Rows of Arlington Cemetery

Thanks John P!

John P from One Man’s Blog recommended that I go try to get some proper shots of Arlington Cemetery… so, you have him to thank for these photos. Thank him by visiting his blog… he’s got a whole potpourri of goodies on there; I’m sure you’ll find something you like!

OpenCamp Dallas

Speaking of John P – he’s putting together a mega-blogging conference in Dallas called Open Camp. I recommend it! Whether you have a small blog or a big blog… for fun or for money… I think you will learn a lot, meet interesting people, and have a good time!

I’ve gotten some questions – wondering if I am going too. I do not know yet! My schedule is up in the air… But I do have it penciled in and would like to make it happen.

Daily Photo – The Endless Rows of Arlington Cemetery

Not too far from the capitol in DC is the sprawling expanse of Arlington Cemetery. It is a very somber place… It was just my son and I, walking around for quite a while together. I think it all made an impression on him.

We stayed so long into the evening — we were the last ones there! Except for the security guards, who walked with us as we were leaving, since they locked up behind us. It was nice, however — they took their time and let me set up for a few final shots with the tripod as the light was falling behind the storm clouds.

  • perspective in Photography is one important things which can give impact to photo..and of course..HDR photo..

  • It is because of them we are who we are.

  • bob

    thank you.

  • Thanks a lot


  • Gail

    Somber photo, Trey. Thanks for sharing. My last post until my hard drive is replaced. I have to be sure and add the photos I have saved to facebook so I don’t loose them. So that’s what I’m doing next!!!! See you when I’m back inline. In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful season!!!!

  • casusan

    Impressive and sobering shot Trey – the sky captures the mood!

  • Bless you Trey for this image. I was there recently and shot many photos. Both my Dad and brother are buried there and the experience of being there and remembering all that these men and women have sacrificed for us is an incredible blessing. The entirety of the experience including changing of the guard is something everyone should see. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt image which you have captured so well in all aspects.

  • Stunning work Trey. As always, great job capturing the mood and emotion of the place.

  • Thanks for the OpenCamp shoutout (FYI — it’s one word without the space). 🙂

  • Nice work Trey!

    Good to here they were accomodating over there, I was up in DC earlier this week for work and had some time to shoot in the evening. Very excited to do some night shots but couldn’t believe they do not allow tripods in the Lincoln memorial and open air monument – incredibly rude as well – I still got some keepers -;0)



  • Don

    Lest we forget……

  • Thank you everyone 🙂

  • Our freedoms are not with out sacrifice… Thank you to all the men and women who have the ultimate. Thnks Trey!

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