Under the Ancient Skies

Processing Photos Out of Order

Some of you that have heard me talk have heard my discussions of why you should process photos out of chronological order. I was reminded of this because of these Cambodia photos, like the one below.

Boiled down, here are some reasons:
1) It is silly to feel “overwhelmed” by processing one group of photos before you can process the next.
2) If you process them all right away, then you will not know all the processing tricks you will learn in the next few years
3) There is a lot of excitement in going back to revisit places you have been… it keeps all memories in a constant tumble-dry.

Daily Photo – Under the Ancient Skies

Sometimes, an HDR image of a cool place can come out a little boring, even in an interesting place such as this.  So, often times I will run the image through a black and white treatment which can help take a boring photo and make it more interesting.

As I begin the processing, I sometimes discover a photo is more about shape, line, and contrast than it is about color, light, and saturation.  It’s all still there, in all it’s HDR glory, but the emphasis has had a bit of a correction.

  • Simply amazing.

  • Oh that’s so difficult. I love the idea of being surprised by discovering old photos but I simply can’t wait to see what I have. It would be like waking up on Christmas and only opening one gift per day or week over the next few months.

    As for technique, I personally view photos taken from a location or trip as a collection. With the ever changing processing technologies and evolving techniques I wish to keep the collection together and consistently processed. Now this doesn’t mean I can’t revisit them later to apply new techniques. And it seems that I have a new approach for every location. And it depends on content, lighting, color, texture etc.

  • Gail

    A very stark photo, depressing in a way, but it was a cloudy day there. You did a great job bringing out that feeling!! It does look like ancient skies!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Fabulous atmosphere!

    I don’t know how you manage your unprocessed shots but I set aside 3 of the colour labels in Lightroom, one renamed “Unprocessed HDRs”, one “Unprocessed Panos” and the other “Review Required”. On import, everything gets marked “Review Required” then, as I do my initial keyword pass, I remove this and recode with the “Unprocessed HDR” or “Unprocessed Pano” colours if necessary. When I have time to process something, I can find all the unprocessed shots of a given type using a couple of smart filters that show all the HDR or Panorama shots I need to work on.

  • Is this B&W HDR photography or Sephia HDR Photo…whatever it is..damn nice

  • casusan

    Love this Trey! Super job – that’s one wierd Palm tree!

  • Fascinating!

    This is my first visit here, I shall be back to learn more about the way you process your pictures.
    And yes, I agree, processing pictures all at once robs one of many joys and insights!

  • Bigmarry

    Dramatic scenery. Congrats!

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