The Incredible Apple Store

Your Favorite Podcasts?

What are some of your favorite podcasts? I’m curious! I have several that I get on a regular basis. On the video side, I get TED Talks, Diggnation, This Week in Tech, Geekbrief TV, and Macbreak Weekly. On the audio side, I get some things from the BBC, This Week in Photography, and the Economist.

Best TED Talks

Speaking of the TED stuff above, I’ve assembled a collection of the Best TED Talks, at least in my opinion.  There are many more — I just have not had time to link them up yet!

Daily Photo – The Incredible Apple Store

I think it would be cool to be an architect that could design these kind of things. These guys are really talented — I love seeing their crazy concepts come into being. As opposed to concept cars, which never make it into production, even the most outlandish buildings seem possible.

This is one of the Apple Stores in New York City. The entire thing is a dreamy glass cube with a floating white Apple logo right in the middle. The actual store is underground.

I have a policy about getting help at the Apple store. When in doubt, talk to the guy with the beard.

  • Trey…I feel like you finally answered my prayers! I’ve been waiting for you to post a shot of supposedly THE most beautiful store on our planet.

  • Max

    mh yea… I reckon that’s a very difficult shot, even in HDR. A glass cube just doesn’t look right in 2D. Nice effort anyway, though!

  • This is so cool, and as soon as you post it to Flickr, I’m going to fave it! Sorry, but “direct to Smugmug” is not doing it for me. I hope your contract with them is not too long. 🙂

  • Hehe thanks!

    Clirff – well I really like how the gallery works in Smug so much better – no worries though, everything still gets posted to Flickr too – just a tad delayed! 🙂

  • I Enjoy all the podcasts you mentioned – did you get a chance to check out my interview with you? – !

  • I love this photo.

  • Richard


    I’m still a PC guy though… 🙂

  • Gail in Montana

    Hope my post shows up. Having trouble posting lately, just doesn’t happen. Love your photos, Trey. Can’t imagine working in that Apple Store,, wow!!! Very neat, nice job!!! 🙂

  • Architecture can be truly amazing. I just wish Apple wasn’t so Apple. Not that I love Bill Gates, but Apple is ridiculously expensive for what you get. Anyways. I usually download the NPR podcasts like Car Talk, since I usually miss hearing them on the radio. I did just buy an iPod Touch, so I guess I am going over to the darkside. 🙂

  • casusan

    Oh wow – this is a super shot Trey!! Love it!

  • If I remember correctly, Trey, this building was originally a toy store.

    On the podcast side, I listen to Lenswork-Photography and the Creative Process and Bruce Percy’s “The Art of Adventure Photography.”

  • Great shot. Very good eye.

  • As predicted, a trip to your blog is indeed a trip well taken 🙂
    Cheers mate!

  • delladolittle

    Hi Trey, I had to chime in here. I LOVE Geekbrief TV and you are the one who turned me on to it. I just don’t have time for those hour+ podcasts but love keeping up with geeky tech stuff. Great photo, I hope to go to that store someday…

  • Very cool – thanks all! 🙂

  • Just loving your pictures as usual. I was trying at the day time to get a nice HDR. You have created as usual a wonderful image – My 2 attempts to show some of my work… Thank you very much for publishing your work Tray. Regards. Michal Dybowski – [email protected]

  • Thanks for the love, Trey and Delladolittle!

    The picture is great – love all the logo reflections. 🙂

  • I love this shot so much, but I have a question. Why is the logo backwards? Is the image reversed?

  • I Love the refelection in the windows. Hey how about a shot from inside B&H Photo??

  • Thanks!

    Neal – I took this from the backside — the lights were better from this angle — but good eye to notice that! 🙂

    Michael – they don’t let you take cameras in there! But I’d like to! 🙂

  • Pat

    I like Geekbrief TV,This Week In Tech, The Tech Guy (last 2 with Leo Laporte) and Cranky Geeks, Design Tools Weekly and Drawing Tutorials Online.

  • Beautiful shot Trey…

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