The Artist’s Palette in Rotorua

The World in HDR, now on the Kindle

I found out that my HDR Book is now on the Kindle. That is kinda cool! Although, frankly, in all honesty, I would recommend you get it on the iPad rather than the Kindle when it is available. It will just look so much better in color. Anyway, I thought you guys would like to know that little update… I have no date yet on the iPad version. I did talk to my editor on the phone, and everything is moving forward!

Daily Photo – The Artist’s Palette in Rotorua

Isn’t this spot awesome? I did not expect all this geothermal activity in New Zealand — it was just as impressive as Yellowstone.

This area of the north island is called Rotorua. This, specifically is the Champagne Pool at the Artist’s Palette at the Wai-o-tapu Thermal Wonderland. The term “Wonderland” always makes me think of a cheap attraction on the side of the road where you can buy rubber snakes after the kids have had a great time and the parents are bored out of their skulls. But this Wonderland really was a Wonderland for all ages! I made a few videos here as well… I need to get around to editing these things together for y’all!

  • Ben Palmer

    Buy the Kindle version and use the iPad Kindle app. It will be in colour then.

  • Wonder if or when Amazon will bring out a color screen Kindle to compete with the iPad?

  • Thanks for the suggestion – I bet you are right about that! πŸ™‚

  • Richard

    That’s a keeper… πŸ™‚

  • I think, looking at the pic briefly, one can’t really say that this is one of your very best pics, just a very good one. BUT, would everybody please look at the clouds once again, more closely this time?! It looks like all of New Zealand’s clouds have gathered over the Artist’s Palette to form one giant storm starting with a fierce lightning bolt, doesn’t it. I believe Trey is one of the very very few people in the world to capture moments like this appropriately, so thank you for that Trey!
    The bad thing about it: You make me (and I think I can speak for the community here -> us) want to go to those beautiful places you photograph so much, way too much. πŸ˜‰ Where to take the time from? πŸ™

  • Those that have and iPad could download the “Kindle for iPad” app from the AppStore and read your book on their iPad. I would imagine it’s in color, no? Otherwise waiting for the book to show up on the iBook store makes perfect sense.

  • Cool shot! I have also photographed the Champagne Pool – mine’s an HDR too πŸ™‚

  • Ed

    Wow, that is a spectacular image. It’s really, really atmospheric and ominous, especially with the steam rising and the clouds above. one day I will get to NZ.

    Played with a friend’s iPad yesterday, nice, and had the same thought regarding Kindle App as the others.

  • Doug M

    Fantastic and dynamic photo making. Would someone decipher what the heck iWantnext is talking about?

  • You get such nice colors without over doing it. It’s powerful and subtle. Nice job.

  • Thanks very much for the comments — appreciate them and the time you take to make them!

  • Brad

    Love the Shot! So Trey, when you take a shot like this do you use a polarized filter to reduce the glair off the water or do you take the shot as is? You may consider this a philosophical question.

  • I visited this sulfured place 5 years ago… an amazing geothermal park! Thanks for this colourful shot with this dramatic sky!

  • Wow…. The color of the pool just pops out!!!!… Awesome picture Trey. I always wonder how you make those clouds look so realistic and sometimes fearsome!!!!

  • Fantastic capture of all the colors and textures of the clouds.

  • casusan

    Awesome shot Trey!! Super!

  • Fantastic shoot. You still keep me amazed. I have just started to work over interiors in HDR. Thank you very much for all info and for publishing your pictures. This is so amazing. Thanks a lot. #hdr

  • Phil

    Wonderful image. One my recent favorites.

  • ON regards to the Kindle. I’m holding out for the iPad as well. I mean I already have the book though…

  • Joseph

    You can also read the Kindle version on the Kindle for Mac or PC apps, everything will be color…

  • Wow, this is really super!

  • zav

    Mmmmm I can spell the sulfur.

  • A breathtaking image – at least as breathtaking as my memories of the champagne pool when I was standing there in 2007.
    Awesome to see, but awful to smell ;-]

  • Tom

    I see someone has used this image………..with permission I hope!

  • Darci

    very nice picture. I live in NZ these days and have had an opportunity to visit this beautiful place a few times. The name Wai O Tapu is Maori for sacred waters and I think your beautiful picture did it justice.

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