Central Park in the Fall

HyperMac Review

I have a new HyperMac Review here on the site!  It’s an amazing device, and even if you are not a photographer, you will probably find a reason you need one!

Basically, it is an external battery that you can use to power up your Mac laptop and your iPhone.  I keep running into situations where I am running out of battery power on my iPhone and/or computer, and I just am not near a power outlet.

I bought mine from the Hypershop just recently, and I could not be happier! Maybe the worst thing is that all my friends are always using it to charge up their iPhones too… It’s like I’m the guy at the party that brought the beer!

New Version of Woopra Out

You guys probably know how much I love Woopra… I did a little Woopra Video Review here on the site several months ago. The product is even better now… and you can get the basic version for free. If you want all the cool features, you can upgrade, but that’s up to you! Anyway, I continue to make it part of my web-life… and I am lucky enough to be friends with the clever guy behind it. But, I’d use this thing even if I didn’t know the guy… !!

Edit: A Happy Customer Gets a New Print!

John P from OneMansBlog.com recently released this video… I will let it speak for itself!

Daily Photo – Central Park in the Fall

I had spent the afternoon alone while traveling (as usual, it seems) in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the middle of New York City. It sits on the Eastern edge of Central Park. It was a little cold outside, but I decided to walk across the park anyway, just as the sun was setting. As I moved through the trees, I found this little place and thought it would be fun to share.

Central Park in the Fall

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2018-01-05 09:44:38
  • Camera
  • Camera Make
  • Exposure Time
  • Aperturef/11
  • ISO100
  • Focal Length38mm (38mm in 35mm)
  • Flashflash did not fire
  • Exposure Programaperture priority
  • Exposure Bias

  • Night HDR photo if well processed like this can make me envy every time I look at this photo. Its hard to process HDR at night especially where a lot of noise to clean.

    Ameer from
    Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

  • Slah

    How can you get these photos. I really like them.
    Outstanding work!!


  • Spectacular image! I’ve recently been posting up pictures from my trip to NY. I invite you to come and check it out Trey (And everyone else who would like a look)

  • Hi Trey. . .
    You have a great eye for a photo. .
    The path is like a tree surrounded by trees!
    Regards from Cape Town!

  • A very nice one!

  • WOW Awesome shot!

  • Wow, what a beautiful spot to take a walk at Sunset in NYC!!! You can just imagine being there via your photo, Trey!!! Love the colors, leaves on the ground, blue in the background, the lights along the path, and just a touch of the fall colors left on the trees!!! Great job, thanks for sharing!!

  • casusan

    Wow! Love this Trey – beautiful colors – and no people! Amazing!

  • Love the little pockets of light Trey, it’s like a fairy forest lit up for a celebration! Totally rocks!

  • Thanks y’all very much – glad you like it as much as I do! 🙂

    Ameer – yes the noise can be kind of a problem eh? It is our albatross! hehe

  • Very nice. Perfect composition as usual.

  • I’m amazed at your shadows. A great depth to your shot. That is something I’m struggling to keep in my images with HDR.

  • Richard

    Beautiful shot Trey.

    How did you get that angle? You appear to be shooting from above the street lamps.

  • “As I moved through the trees…”

    Hmm, like a monkey? What’s the secret to this angle?

  • Always inspiring as per usual
    Trey, i be in the USA 26th May-8th June 2010 San francisco, Lansing (for work) and New York, also going to Banff National Park in Canada. If your available we can meet up. If you could answer the following that would be great

    This photo you posted, is it a HDR photo of 5 bracketed shots or just one photo that you tweaked with other tools. The main problem i have and i am happy to admit it is that i dont know how to judge when to use the HDR technique and i am always using a tripod to take 5 photos when instead i could just use one photo hand held and get a betetr anagle and tweak it with other tools. Can you guide me on this? Also when will you release a video on post production?

    Many thanks for your help, your an inspiration 🙂

  • Tim

    cool, I was just there yesterday

  • Chuck Sowers

    Hi Trey, Amazing photograph. The light on the pavement is fantastic. Be Well, Chuck

  • This is an amazing photo! I absolutely love it.

    You are the reason that I am becoming so interested in HDR photography. How do you go about actually getting your shot to look like this? A special photoshop, or what exactly?? Well, anyways, well done here. You have a lot of talent, and I enjoy coming to your site.

    Thanks for being an inspiration,

  • Deluxe

    Yeah! Stunning shot! Carefully processed. Compo is great. Like the color transitions. Although lights from the lamps make the image dynamic, it is very relaxing to look at it. I’d say it is sure that Catharsis is there.

  • Very nice… The paths remind me of a “choose your own adventure…” Which way did you end up walking?

  • Thanks everyone.

    Richard & Daniel – this angle was achieved only because I was on a bridge, looking down.

    Maurice – good questions – not sure I can answer all of them in this comment. I am always with a tripod… well, 95% of the time. I shoot -2 to +2 most of the time. I hope the DVD is out soon!

    Brittani – Thanks so much – I am glad you are having fun with HDR! There is a lot that goes into this… maybe my upcoming HDR DVD will help out!

    Chris – hehe – well I was on a bridge… so I did not take any of those paths – I took the bridge one!

  • Wow, this image really struck a chord in me! I love these little isles of light and vibrant colors in a pool of blue! Also the reflections in the lane is great! Awesome shot!

  • Hey Trey
    Well if you could try and answer them that would be sweet
    What about this photo here, can you tell us how it was done
    Will the DVD cost anything if so how much
    Btw, you can now get a gigapan for the D3x like we have

  • Hehe – well it can’t really be described in words…. really… the DVD – we are not sure yet – it will be cheaper than the $1000+ workshops for sure

  • THIS is gorgeous and perfect and I want to hang it in my living room, no shit!

    Outstanding, Trey. Wondering what your vantage point was!

  • Hi guys

    Fantastic shot. I love how the different colours create a mysterious atmosphere in the setting. Withing having seen this shot, I created this one a few days ago:

    I think there a certain similarities C-:

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  • msn

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  • HOW did you hang it? I didn’t see any wire on the back.

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