What is Isabella Watching?

I hope you all have a great week!

Since we are just starting out a new one together, I thought I would share a rare personal video that is a bit mysterious in nature… I know we have a lot of creative people that can imagine all sorts of crazy things, so let’s see what you can come up with from the video below! This is Isabella… She is my 2nd child, four years old, and quite a sensitive little flower, as all girls certainly can be…

You can see my son Ethan, leaning over from time to time, watching Isabella’s reaction.  He’s hardly the paragon of brotherly support in times like this.  You can also see Tina there holding my sweet backup camera and grabbing some shots of her own.

So…. what could Isabella possibly be watching?

EDIT – Answer – #8 commenter below Jeremy nailed it! We were watching a sheep get sheared in Hobbiton !
What we realized later was that we told Isabella what these people were, and she heard “Sheephurters”. After, she asked, “Mom, why would anyone want to be a sheep hurter?”

  • Gary

    Veggie Tales, Larry the Cucumber doing Barbara Manatee.
    Riveting, I’m sure.

  • Some sort of puppet show.

  • I’m guessing a magic show or something with big scary costumes.

  • Ralph Thomas

    She is watching her Dad perform.

  • casusan

    Cute video Trey! Poor Isabella!

  • This is great, my daughter and son love Veggie Tales, and watch them any chance they get,

  • Lisa Bradley

    No idea what she’s watching, but enjoyed hearing a Veggie Tales song! We have most of the videos although my kids have long grown out of them. My personal favorites are the Cheeseburger song and the Hairbrush song. Maybe Larry the cucumber came to visit her?? That was always the look my kids had when someone dressed up as the Easter bunny, for example, would approach and try to engage them.

  • Jeremy

    I’m going to be very specific and say that she is watching a sheep shearing demonstration at the Hobbington tour in New Zealand.

    I’m probably WAAYYY off! =)

  • I am going to as… a reptile show!

  • Awe, poor girl – whatever it is must be very scary! She’s adorable though, your family is lovely, Trey!

  • This video is from when you took your family to the circus. She was very concerned for the lion tamer.

  • Todd Walker

    “Isabella’s Birth Video” 😉

  • I didn’t have the sound turned on, but the wall looks like its an ice fishing cabin

  • No idea, Trey, as I’ve never watched any Veggie Tales. They came out after my kids were young. But whatever it was seemed to be scaring poor Isabella. Your family is adorable!!! Just ask your Mom, lol. Have a great week.

  • Peggy

    Watching veggies sing can be very traumatic to a 4 year old.

  • I love Silly Songs with Larry the Cucumber! I used to listen to them even before I had kids. The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything is also a favorite with my kids. No idea what she is watching. Thanks for sharing. What were you using to record the video?

  • john parkes

    I haven’t got a clue as to what is traumatizing that child, but I’ll admit I have the same reaction to clowns and old ladies wearing too much makeup! They still scare me!

  • Veggie Tails “LIVE”… See not so cute when they are human sized, won’t make that mistake again…. Perhaps the arms and legs threw her off? If she wasn’t affraid to eat her vegetables before she certainly is affraid to eat her veggietails now…poor thing LOL I have no idea. She is adorable though! Our daughter is 5, when she makes that face our 7 year old son is normally the instigator. 😉

  • Tales… not tails… maybe I am the one making my daughter make those same faces Haha!

  • Jon

    Someone’s taking a hammer to your beloved D3X… no wait… that would be YOUR reaction 🙂

  • The O’Reilly Factor with Bill O’Reilly?

  • Carl
  • She’s watching a cow giving birth.

  • Bruce

    She is watching President Obama explaining the new health care bill — sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  • Alex

    Paranormal Activity? Her reaction is similar to mine whilst watching that!

  • Has to be Harry Reed.

  • Wow Trey.!
    Some time ago U blew me away with your pic’s…….
    But lately there’s a lot of lame stuff creeping in. I think.
    Why not go easy on yourself and ease up on the 1 pic every day and
    give us quality 1 ce a week..?

  • She is watching the sponge bob episode where he and patrick adopt a scallop and try to raise it together. Bob became the mother and Patrick the father – it was heinous

  • Susan Watts

    The look on her face is PRECIOUS! Your children are beautiful as is your wife. Are you going to tell us. Let us see what she is looking at too!

  • @Frank: It’s Trey’s blog – he can do whatever the heck he wants to.

  • I’ve got three guesses: 1) a cow being milked, 2) a pretty pony being shoed, or 3) a preacher giving a rather bad sermon.

  • Hehe great guesses everyone – very funny!

    #8 Jeremy nailed it! We were watching a sheep get sheared in Hobbiton !

    What we realized later was that we told Isabella what these people were, and she heard “Sheephurters”. After, she asked, “Mom, why would anyone want to be a sheep hurter?”

  • Dane

    I would have to guess a reptile or insect show of some sort.

  • Is she at a slaughterhouse?

  • That’s great Trey…I like your son’s reaction…classic!! BTW, is Tina your wife?

  • Thelonious Gonzo

    I was going to guess that she was trying to figure out how her generation was going to survive the debt they will burdened with by our generation.

  • hehe

    Jeff – we would not take her there haha
    Scotty – yes that is her! 🙂
    Gonzo – right about that!

  • Chris Pokorny

    Couldn’t see the video… did you take it down?

  • Tom in Vancouver

    Alright, the music and other comments might suggest Veggie Tales. But would anyone be taking pictures of a television show? Furthermore, would they be watching it in a room with corrugated steel walls? I like the sheep-shearing idea so I’ll put my money on Jeremy’s idea.

  • Killian

    Hey Frank — the door is over there if you don’t like it. No one is forcing you to be here. Some of us look forward to seeing Trey’s work and learning from his experience.

    Trey — Hmm. She definitely has a rapt expression on her face! My guess is that she is watching Scarlett doing something.

  • Hehe thanks – I am making an edit to the post and putting the answer up there!

    Thanks again for the comments!

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