The Lime Couches

Daily Photo – The Lime Couches

One of my favorite sites for finding boutique hotels is Tablet Hotels.  They are not an advertiser or anything…  I just wanted to thank them for having an awesome service!  I quite like staying at boutique hotels.  These are usually smaller, quaint, with unexpected interiors.  Often times, I like them better than the huge hotels because they seem more intimate and I sometimes get more personalized services.

This hotel is The Magnolia in Houston.  At least, I am 95% sure that is the name of the place!  It was one of those I found on Tablet…  give it a try next time you travel and let me know if you like it too!

  • Wow…another great shot!
    Loved the colors and atmosphere.

  • I love the photo. There is a lot of depth, I really want to walk through the door towards the lifts !

    Thanks for the inspiration. I’m off to Dubai soon on hols so will be annoying my girlfriend by taking endless photos!

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Lime couches is right! What a great place!!

  • beautiful reflections

  • another WOW – Picture – amazing colours

  • Indoors shot like this a good start for newbie HDR like me..but what I did nothing than this..:)

  • nice shot, a lil bit too gloomy for my taste though 😉

  • Killian

    Love the sumptuous colors. What a neat place!

    I’ll apologize ahead of time for this, but the English teacher in me can’t let it go. You misspelled “Magnolia.” =)

  • Linda Castellani

    This wonderful shot makes the hotel look like a magical place where anything can happen and probably will.

  • Most impressive.

  • I’ll be honest, this photo seems a bit over the top as HDR images go.

    It doesn’t have the halo effect, but it does have the dirty surface effect. It seems like the light smoothing option was really low in Photomatix and the shadows on the walls, floor and couches seem over pronounced to the point they look dirty.

  • Thanks everyone – for all your feedback – thanks too Gary – I hear ya brotha! 🙂

  • I like the colors

  • Wow, what a neat photo. Looks like a nice place to stay!!! Thanks for sharing. Couldn’t connect to facebook again. I need a new computer 🙁 . But if wishes were fishes, lol.

  • LOL, I am on facebook, surprise, surprise, rofl!!

  • awesome – love the colors!

  • Tom in Vancouver

    It’s like a Twin Peaks episode on the Starship Enterprise.

  • Wow, is all I can say to this.
    It is such a unique, beautiful photo! Looks like something out of a story book, but for big kids! I would love to see this place in real life. It’s a gorgeous photo.
    Loving the colors, by the way.

  • Wow, I didn’t know we had a hotel like that in Houston! They seem to be more prominent in the Dallas area. It’s a beautiful, moody picture.

  • Very cool! I love boutique hotels too. Big hotels seem to lack local character…

  • Ryan


    How do you get that glossy look in all of your interior photos?

    LOVE your work.

  • latoga

    I thought that lobby looked familiar…yes, it’s called the Magnolia Houston. Stayed there a few weeks ago and agree that it’s a great hotel. Nicely captured lighting and mood!

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