Tokyo from a Window

Two Slots Left for Tokyo

We had some cancellations, so there are two openings for the Tokyo Workshop available. Inquire therein. It’s just in a few weeks, so you still have time to make it to Japan before all the beautiful blossoms fall off the cherry trees!

Daily Photo – Tokyo from a Window

Tokyo is one of those cities that looks incredible from every angle and from every window!

If you are like me, whenever you see a window, you sometimes act a bit like a dork and move your body and head in strange ways to “frame a photo”. Do you do that? Maybe it’s just me. And it’s not just windows… it’s everything that forms some kind of a square or rectangular frame on the world.

This time, I happened to have my camera with me and I set up the shot so it was just exactly what I saw out the window.

  • Richard

    I’m first! I’m first!!

    Cool shot. I think the window frames gives it a Magritte kind of feel.

    Well done..:)

  • Nice shot ! Congratulations

  • Great shot with a very nice frame (simple idea, excellent outcome). The clouds look threatening.

  • nice view and cool shot!

    the signs at the bottom say: no photographs! haha 😉

    where is this at? a hotel room?


  • I agree, Trey!! The window looks like a frame especially for your photo of the cityscape. All the colors of Tokyo show up brightly. And yes, those clouds do look ominous. We get a lot of those here, but, unfortunately, they don’t produce moisture most of the time. I even saw one sigh I could read, VISA, lol. Thanks for sharing another great photo! Happy weekend, everyone.

  • casusan

    Cool shot Trey – love this one! Your musings are also interesting!

  • Nice photo

  • Thanks!

    Phillipp – You saw it! I was wondering if anyone would zoom in.

    Gail – thanks as always!

  • john parkes

    What’s with the ‘No Photographs’ sign in the window? I get ‘Don’t touch the glass’ they don’t want to clean it eight times a day, but photographs? Thats not a military base out there, just a city.

  • Cool shot Trey! Congratulations

  • John – hehe – I don’t know – annoying eh? I’m glad you agree with me!

  • little homesick and miss everything in Japan, thanks for nice pics, they’re so beautiful.

  • Nice shot! I’ve seen some great views of Tokyo from office windows but usually it’s because I’m there for a business meeting and I can’t just whip out my GF1 and pop off a few shots…especially since most companies prohibit photos 🙁 Too bad. Looking forward to the workshop!!

  • Anthony

    Any idea why they don’t want you to touch the window or take a photograph through / of it?

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