Little Update to the Noiseware Review

You guys know I love Noiseware and use it all the time. I added another screenshot to the Noiseware Review so you can see it in action under normal settings.

I have used many different noise-reduction software packages. Many are very good! In fact, it’s almost a push. To me, it comes down to the best UI — and, for me, personally, Noiseware is the easiest to use.

What is your experience? Do you have Noise Reduction software you prefer?

Daily Photo – Riverfall

Even though I know the science inside out, the idea that one hemisphere swings into Autumn while the other turns into Spring always is a very cool concept to me! It’s so strange to go from the southern hemisphere where the colors are just starting to change to the deep oranges and reds — and then arrive in the northern hemisphere where everything is just starting to bloom!

This is a perfect little river down in Argentina. It emptied from a big glacial lake, so there is always a bit of a strange color and tinge to the water… but it is very nice and other-worldly, in a way.

  • Looks to be wide. Probably your much beloved 14-24. I like mine too. Shot more like 24mm is my guess. So no filters. But the question is: do you ever use a polarizing filter on your longer lenses? I this case it might have “looked” deeper into the water where it is more still.

  • I compared Noiseware to Topaz Denoise and I prefer the effect that the Topaz Denoise has. It seems to blur the details less, but it’s not as fast. But I prefer to wait an extra few seconds for a superior result. ymmv imho…

  • Noise Ninja

  • I had the same results as beautox but with Noise Ninja instead of Noiseware. Denoise seems to get rid of more noise than Noise Ninja while retaining just as much details.

  • casusan

    Beautiful scene Trey – looks relaxing!

  • I vastly prefer Noise Ninja to Topaz. Topaz seems to blur too much, while noise ninja will even let you mask it in right from the filter.

  • Beautiful photo of the river, love the reflections and other colors in the water. And you can see the rocks on the bottom. The surrounding foliage and the dead lichen covered remains of a tree add so much to the photo, great job!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks everyone – yes I used Noise Ninja for a while too – I use Portraiture too – same UI! 🙂

  • Great shot!

  • You sir, are one incredibly talented photographer

  • I haven’t had much experience with noise reduction software but I’m currently using Noise Ninja (despite the silly name) and have been quite pleased with the results.

    Great photo as always. Any more info on the Tokyo workshop (location / # of attendees?). Just curious. Looking forward to it next month 🙂

  • A very nice view.

    I’m using Noise Ninja. Very good results, especially for noisy images, though the UI is not so good. Also the UI differs (too much) between the standalone app and the Photoshop plug-in. Though the latter is very stable.

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  • This photo seems to capture something in motion. The river and was it windy? The foliage looks a bit blurry or in motion. Anyways. My impression of Noiseware is that it takes out too much information. I prefer Topaz DeNoise. Maybe I should give Noiseware another try but I am impressed with DeNoise.

  • Excellent Photo! I love Noiseware Pro! its the best for me

  • pk

    I have been following your blog for quite some time and have not commented before. The pictures are amazing. Have a question on what would you suggest to keep in mind while taking HDR of cherry blossoms in DC with monuments.

    Thank you,

  • Thanks all

    Chad – yes there was a bit of wind – I am not always super-precise in cleaning that bit up!

    Pk – Thanks so much! I don’t have much to recommend – just – if it is windy and not bright outside, be sure to get the ISO up a little so that there is no blurring!

  • Dilip Kumar

    seems to be an artificial one..lack of natural feelings..but the
    colour composition is superb…

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