The Floods of Lago Argentina

Google Talk – Now with Subtitles (Did the Google Engine do it Automatically?)

This  talk seems to be pretty popular – we recently broke 10,000 views, second to Al Gore and Joe MacNally – not bad – thanks again for all your support!  I am glad you find this stuff informative.

Also, I know some of the people in the audience here are hearing-impaired, and so now we have some good news for you! Some nice person there at Google went through my entire talk and added subtitles! I can’t imagine how long that took… or…

Maybe they used one of those automated Google speech recognition engines? It’s a good question — what do you think? I’ve only watched a few bits and pieces and saw some minor mistakes, but nothing major yet. I know I use Google Voice and it does a pretty good job of interpreting English into text. Maybe one of those clever people over at Google can shed some light on this question!

You can see the full [email protected] YouTube Video here.

Daily Photo – The Floods of Lago Argentina

Towards the end of my trip in Argentina, we started exploring around the edges of some of the other towns.  One of them had started growing towards the lake before it started to flood.  There was a whole house community over here that had to be abandoned because of the lake.  It seemed like a great and unusual place for photography.

What you can’t see in this photo is how HARD it was to get to this spot!  I knew it would be a good angle, and the path looked just a little muddy.  But, it was one of those muddy steps where you immediately sink in knee-deep.  You know the kind I mean.  It’s the kind of step when you immediately feel soft dutch-chocolate-mud seep up and over and into your hiking boots.  And then there was, of course, the horrible mud-sucking sound as I tried to yank one leg out while another was quickly sinking.  It was a bad scene, but, priority #1 was keeping the camera safe and tidy!

  • Great shot!

    I saw the video some time ago with subtitles (not that I’m hearing impaired, but I was looking at it in a place where I couldn’t turn up the volume enough), but they were gruesome. Every ‘uhm’ was in the subtitles too! Not so in this version. So I think the subtitles in a previous version were automatically added and now they were revised by hand! Great talk, btw!

  • iWantnext

    I love the way the colors of the sky reflect in the water, especially in the front where you can only imagine how the sky looked by watching at the reflections. Though, I think you arrived a little late on the scene, in my opinion the sun is already “set too much”.
    But I’m once again impressed by the (physical) work you put in to get an optimal shot. I think you deserve a private helicopter or a cool jetpack so you can reach every spot without having to do all that hard and long hiking!

  • Boudou

    Don’t get me wrong I love your work, you’re awesome but again … the video starts with “this is hdr photography” why can’t anybody say “this is tonemapped photography which uses HDR”.
    It may seems dumb for everyone, nobody cares etc… but I work in video games and sometimes I try to explain my work to other people and when I speak about the lighting which uses a true hdri file in the next-gen games, peoples quickly answer :
    “but hdr doesn’t look true” or “it’s the nice images which combines several EV” well it’s not…

    Since it’s just technical, it doesn’t really matter now, but in a near future (3 or 4 year I think (just my opinion there)) HDR screen at reasonable prices will be in the market, they will not be tonemapped video displayer and everyone will get it wrong.

    But again, maybe I’m wrong and still nobody cares. I just know it’s frustrating when you use HDR in your work, somebody else uses it for his work to another end and calls the result “HDR”.

    There are little chances that this post changes anything but since Trey’s marketing is that he is living in “a world in HDR” I can’t blame him.
    And thanks again for your everyday wonderful pics !

  • Oli

    All great art is made from suffering – and so is this.
    It’s a daily pleasure visiting your site, good on you, Tray!

  • @Boudou: I get what you’re saying, but “A World in Tonemapped Images using HDR” doesn’t sound as catchy! ;.)

  • I love the colors of the sunset and the great reflection. Nice story too.

  • casusan

    Wow! This is beautiful Trey! Love the soft colors and reflections – super good!

  • Gail in Montana

    Trey, I can’t connect with facebook. I keep getting an error message that your site is under construction, what’s up with that?? It looks like some are having success unless they are using another social network?
    Anyway, back to the photo of the day, very beautiful. It reminds me of some of the footage I have seen of the Red River flooding in the Dakotas. We saw the tail end of that last spring. The flooding in Lago is much more peaceful as you don’t have any habitation of humanity to muck up the scene!! Love the colors in this one, but keeping my fav. witht the rainbow in southern New Zealand on my desktop 😉 . Thanks so much for sharing your great work with us. I can’t say that enough, lol. Have a wonderful week.

  • Gail in Montana

    🙁 , I see Casusan got connected. I guess facebook just doesn’t like me, lol.

  • Thanks for the comments –

    Boudou – Thank you – I know what you are saying – I hear this from time to time and I know some people get very alarmed whenever improper semantics are used to discuss this area. So – anyway – I will see if we can come up with a better way to talk about it to keep everyone happy without getting overly technical.

    Gail – That is a strange problem – I have my very smart admin a-workin on it!

  • that sky is **FREAKING FABULOUS** Trey, great work as usual, love the reflections and color in the water too, great suffering on your part = wonderful photos for us to see (and glad the camera stayed out of the muck)

  • Yeah, I agree with Jim, the sky is amazing…great capture of a weather event!

  • Great sky Trey, and I guess you are lucky you didn’t lose your boots! That happened to me once trying to walk through that sort of knee deep squelchy mud. I pulled my leg up once to find my shoe wasn’t on it any more, but rather at the bottom of a quickly filling 2 foot deep hole! Never did manage to get it back!

    I think the HDR vs. Tonemapping thing has already gone waaay to far to stop. It is just one of those things that we will have to live with.

  • What a fantastic landscape!
    Every time I see one of your photos I start to wonder what in God’s name am I doing trapped in this office.

  • Another inspiring picture as always, Trey!

    I’m a long time follower (recent book purchaser, and HDR dabbler for a while now) and I’ve finally set up a smugmug account after your reccomendations!

    I know it’s a little late for the smugmug portfolio contest, but I’d really appreciate if you had a moment to take a look and comment on some of my photos 🙂 (even if you’re not Trey himself, all comments are welcome!)

    ps and if anyone has an HDR spotting invite handy, I’d be most thankful!!

  • @Andy – your site is down at the moment.
    If you have not obtained an HDRspotting invite yet, contact me.

  • The issue remains no more… FB connect is back and working great. @Gail in Montana – FB doesn’t hate you as it was a genuine issue 🙂

  • Thanks all ! 🙂

  • Just wanted to say that I’ve been following for a short time but your work is absolutely beautiful! I watched the video yesterday and have to admit, I gained knowledge of “why hdr” and am very encouraged and inspired. I just entered the DSLR world a few short months ago and enjoy learning all that I can.

    Also, VERY excited! Heard about HDR Spotting thru the video and was able to latch a code last night. Looking forward to learning and sharing through the site. Thank you for all you do!

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