Join me in Tokyo!

The Tokyo Workshop

Get all the information on the Tokyo Workshop page — it will take place over the weekend of April 10 and 11 and will be an HDR blast! Note that the workshop will be in English — I know this is disappointing to a few of our regulars who are not too strong in English, so sorry about that.

Helping me out in the class and in many other ways will be the great Alfie from Japanorama. If you all ever go to Tokyo and want some good one-on-one lessons, I certainly recommend Alfie!

The Spaceship of Tokyo

Maybe after the workshop Alfie will take us over to this place! The architecture inside is amazing and It’s a dream come true for hundreds of interesting compositions. Alfie took me here the first time because he thought I would like it — I think he regretted it later because I stayed so long to take too many photos!

  • Unbelievable!!!! Wicked Photograph!!

  • Very cool. Love that place! (got some funky fonts going on now. I dig it) Tokyo workshop sounds very cool!!!

  • Jon

    Not sure about the fonts but I love the image, Trey.

  • Cool photograph 🙂

  • Richard

    Wow… that must have been a blast getting in there with your camera.

    Masterfully done!

    BTW, put me down as “not a fan of the new fonts.”

  • I would love to be in this place. Great photo.

  • Wow, what an interesting place, Trey. Amazing photo. I love you bold fonts!! It’s always fun to experiment with fonts and find your favorites. We were just talking about this last night at our church counsel meeting, to funny. Thanks for sharing once again!!! Have a great weekend that will soon be upon us :-0 !! Time flies!!!

  • Fantastic shot!

  • great shot indeed!

  • Thanks again! I do like the fonts… I will keep switching them and playing with them… and glad you like the shot too! 🙂

  • Chase

    Stunning Trey as always. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Killian

    What amazing color and texture! I could look at this one for an hour and not see it all.

    As for your fonts; I like the bold/burgundy one, but the lighter, smaller one is a little tougher to read.

  • Hey Trey! Great Shot! Where is this in Tokyo? I want to check it out as well

  • casusan

    Oh wow! What a cool shot – reminds me of a spaceship!

  • Antonio

    Sweet HDR awesome shot

  • Sweet HDR Awesome shot

  • Perfect shot… best use of wide angle (I guess)

  • I don’t know what to comment to this photo..speechless..I stop breathing for few second looking at this magnificent HDR

  • Agustin – I forget the exact name – but it is very close to where the convention center is – unless I am mistaken.

    HDR Photography Blog – thanks – that is nice of you — you see a lot of HDR so that is cool!

  • Too cool for school. Wonderful example where HDR is integral to the picture.

  • The building is the Tokyo International Forum (near Tokyo station). It also has an excellent bookshop.

  • Your latest uploads are of an astounding quality Trey, keep the good work up! You are a true inspiration for me and have changed the way I view photography

  • Catherine

    one word:

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