The Golden Gate Bridge at Dusk

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Tonight I edited together another video about how I took a photo in New Zealand. I’ll get it uploaded soon to share with everyone!  In the meantime, you can check out others in the Video section of the website.

Daily Photo – The Golden Gate Bridge at Dusk

I had spent the previous night up in Napa, visiting my mom and grandmother. This was a long day with a stop in Petaluma to see Leo’s operation, a fast hike through the Muir Woods, and then a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge to catch its majesty at sunset.

I’m sure locals know this spot very well, but I found it thanks to Google Earth. I knew it would be a cool spot, but driving to these spots is always a bit sketchy when you have never been there before. It appeared to be a simple jog off Highway 1, and it actually was. It’s nice when something that looks easy ends up actually being easy! This isn’t usually the case. Even better, the wind wasn’t howling a mile a minute, which I think can happen around here if you don’t watch out!

After I took this, I could hardly wait to get back home to process the final image. I don’t know about y’all, but I find the post-processing just as fun as the actual shooting… I really get a kick out of it!

  • Jon

    Wow this is an amazing shot.One ofthe best of the Golden Gate I have seen. makes me wanna go there.

  • I only live about 15 minutes away from this beauty, and I have to admit it’s one of the best pictures I have seen on this iconic bridge. Bravissimo

  • S U P E R ! ! ! ! ! !
    I love it !

  • What a pristine photo, Trey!!! I’ve seen this very photo or close to it other times, and your is the best by far!!! You were there at just the right time to capture the reflection of the lighted bridge in the water below. That hill is a popular spot, that’s for sure. Thanks for taking us on another journey!!!

  • Beautiful image, thank you.

    I will be looking forward to your new video.

  • I love the reflection of the bridges lights on the water. Nice capture.

  • Thanks all-

    Gabriella – I am jealous that you live 15 mins away!

  • Breathtaking!!!!! Love it!

  • Harbles

    More tech details please. I know it was a Dx3 but what lens, shutter speed and bracketing did you use?

  • WOW! So amazing, love it! Can’t wait for the video! I too enjoy the post processing a lot, seeing what colors I can bring out, sometimes discovering what I thought was a dull photo can actually turn into something fantastic. And I agree with the others, the reflection on the water is way cool!

  • Looks vaguely familiar……..Not bad…..hehe!


  • casusan

    Oh wow!! This is soooo beautiful! Love the colors and the water looks like glass – super fantastic! New wallpaper again!

  • Nice one Trey!

  • Nelson

    Great job Trey…

    Does anyone know if we have to take 3 15second pictures (like Trey took on this one) to create a similar HDR or just extract the different exposures from a single RAW file? Thanks

  • Thanks very mcuh!

    Nelson – I never recommend using a RAW file to create multiple exposures – it’s best just to pull that raw right into photomatix – saves time for about the same result.

    Harbles – 5 exposures – +2 to -2 !! 🙂

  • Nelson


    Thanks for taking the time to reply to my comment. I’ve never tried to HDR a long exposure picture before so I will give it a try tonight. Keep up the good work.

  • Great shot Trey! Certainly one of the best I have seen! Well done!

  • What a great, sharp image!

    I know you haven’t mentioned ever using filters but I just watched a video about Lee Filters making a system that works for the Nikon 14-24mm lens. There is a video about half-way down this page . And the pricing and more info is here – .

  • I bet you could sell this to the California and San Francisco tourist boards.

  • Jon

    Nice one… and right on my doorstep too!

    What’s with the new fonts on the web site?

  • Thanks!

    Jon – I’m experimenting with some new fonts !

  • this one is perfect Trey!!

  • Great shot Trey. Dude, I was just there last week for the photoshop party. If you ever go back to that spot again, there is a small road that leads down to a camping area. Off the side of this road there is a trail that will take you to these sweet abandoned bunkers that have graffiti all over them. They are about a 5 minute walk from this shot. Its not a very good shot but this is one of the inside of the bunker.[email protected]/4443656574/
    Thanks for the great work Trey.

  • Deverill

    Beautiful photo! Absolutely stunning contrast between the reflections and the clouds – amazing. I love the look of your website too (except for that little cruise ship ad down there following me everywhere I go.) The fonts and colors work wonderfully together.

  • It’s wonderful !!!

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  • Anish


    I know HDR enhances the clouds, but where the clouds that thick when you took the shot?

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